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Journal of Medicine and the Person 3/2014
Journal of Medicine and the Person

Ausgabe 3/2014


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

01.12.2014 | Editorial

Information and communication technology in chronic diseases: a patient’s opportunity
Simonetta Scalvini, Doriana Baratti, Giuliano Assoni, Margherita Zanardini, Laura Comini, Palmira Bernocchi

01.12.2014 | Editorial

Practice guidelines that may kill
Lodovico Balducci

01.12.2014 | Issues in International Public Health

From evidence-based medicine to patient-centered medicine: legal medicine considerations about professional responsibility
Francesco Massoni, Pasquale Ricci, Ugo Redi, Lidia Ricci, Serafino Ricci

01.12.2014 | Original Article

Trisomy 21: research for a cure and rediscovery of the thought of Jérôme Lejeune
Pierluigi Strippoli

Open Access 01.12.2014 | Original Article

We are all angels: acting, reclaiming and moving beyond survivorship
Ariane B. Anderson

01.12.2014 | Original Article

“The part too often left out involves the perspectives of patients”: helping health-care providers understand the material reality of the every day for individuals with eating disorders
Janelle Applequist

01.12.2014 | Review

Recipe for cancer education: a novel integrated cooking and nutrition education curriculum for medical students and physicians in dietary preventive and supplemental treatment for pancreatic cancer
Dominique J. Monlezun, Patricia Tsai, Leah Sarris, Timothy S. Harlan

01.12.2014 | Case Report

Complicated and complex: the management of older cancer patients, a frame of reference to approach clinical complexity
Lodovico Balducci, Riccardo Audisio, Matti Aapro

01.12.2014 | Original Article

Narrative and ethics education for nurses
Negri Marina, Recagno Tamara

01.12.2014 | Case Report

A penile prosthesis for a sex offender
Lodovico Balducci

01.12.2014 | Original Article

Pediatric euthanasia in Belgium: some ethical considerations
Francesca Giglio, Antonio G. Spagnolo

01.12.2014 | Case Report

A view from the other side: the hope in the eyes of the healer
Mario Melazzini