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Work Disability Management Communication Bottlenecks Within Large and Complex Public Service Organizations: A Sociotechnical Systems Study

Purpose Within large and complex organizations work disability (WD) communication bottlenecks emerge and contribute to avoidable disability days. Our study utilized soft systems methods to better understand communication problems in WD management.


Predictors of Return to Work for Occupational Rehabilitation Users in Work-Related Injury Insurance Claims: Insights from Mental Health

Purpose This study evaluates the Occupational Rehabilitation (OR) initiatives regarding return to work (RTW) and sustaining at work following work-related injuries. This study also identifies the predictors and predicts the likelihoods of RTW and …

04.03.2019 Open Access

Risk Markers for Not Returning to Work Among Patients with Acquired Brain Injury: A Population-Based Register Study

Purpose The aim of this study is to investigate person-related, injury-related, activity-related and rehabilitation-related risk markers for not return to work among patients with acquired brain injury (ABI). Methods Retrospective data from the …


Factors Associated with Employer Support for Injured Workers During a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Purpose The employer/worker relationship can be an important catalyst for—or obstacle to—successful return to work (RTW). An understanding of factors associated with an injured worker’s relationship with their employer, and employer involvement in …


Impact of Functional Capacity Evaluation on Patient-Reported Functional Ability: An Exploratory Diagnostic Before–After Study

Introduction Work capacity in patients with orthopedic trauma and long-lasting inactivity is significantly reduced. Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a diagnostic approach for developing recommendations for a return to work and further …

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The Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation is an international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original papers on the rehabilitation of the disabled worker. The journal offers investigations of clinical and basic research; theoretical formulations; literature reviews; case studies; discussions of public policy issues and book reviews. Papers, both clinical and theoretical, derive from a broad array of fields: rehabilitation medicine, physical and occupational therapy, health psychology, orthopedics, neurology, and social work, ergonomics, biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, disability management, law and more. A single multidisciplinary source for information on work disability rehabilitation, the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation helps to advance the scientific understanding, management, and prevention of work disability.

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