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11.12.2018 Open Access

Three Out of Ten Working Patients Expect No Clinical Improvement of Their Ability to Perform Work-Related Knee-Demanding Activities After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Multicenter Study

Purpose Three out of ten patients do not return to work after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Patient expectations are suggested to play a key role. What are patients’ expectations regarding the ability to perform work-related knee-demanding …


A Systematic Scoping Review of Work Interventions for Hospitalised Adults with an Acquired Neurological Impairment

Purpose Addressing return to work early after neurological impairment from stroke or moderate and severe traumatic brain injury may improve likelihood of returning to employment, yet little is known about how best to organize work interventions …

30.11.2018 Open Access

Do Differences in Work Disability Duration Between Men and Women Vary by Province in Canada?

Purpose Research has shown that there are important sex and gender-based differences in the work disability duration of men and women. This research is often limited to single jurisdictions, using different outcome measures, and therefore has …

22.11.2018 Open Access

Barriers to and Facilitators of Implementing Programs for Return to Work (RTW) of Cancer Survivors in Four European Countries: A Qualitative Study

Purpose Implementation of return to work (RTW) programs for cancer survivors has proved to be challenging. The purpose of our study was to gather experiences about barriers to and facilitators of implementing RTW programs for cancer survivors in …

07.11.2018 Open Access

Longitudinal Associations Between Fatigue and Perceived Work Ability in Cancer Survivors

Purpose To examine the associations between changes of fatigue and changes of perceived work ability in cancer survivors. Furthermore, to examine the effects of physical job demands on these associations. Methods Data from a feasibility study on a …

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The Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation is an international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original papers on the rehabilitation of the disabled worker. The journal offers investigations of clinical and basic research; theoretical formulations; literature reviews; case studies; discussions of public policy issues and book reviews. Papers, both clinical and theoretical, derive from a broad array of fields: rehabilitation medicine, physical and occupational therapy, health psychology, orthopedics, neurology, and social work, ergonomics, biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, disability management, law and more. A single multidisciplinary source for information on work disability rehabilitation, the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation helps to advance the scientific understanding, management, and prevention of work disability.

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