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01.11.2011 | Journal Club | Ausgabe 6/2011

What’s new on the dental scene?

Browsing through the dental literature1
Prof. Dr. U. Fritz
01.11.2011 | Review article | Ausgabe 6/2011

Gingival invagination—a systematic review

Dr. L. Gölz, C. Reichert, A. Jäger
01.11.2011 | Original article | Ausgabe 6/2011

Orthodontic treatment need in a representative adult cohort

Dr. J.J. Bock, J. Czarnota, C. Hirsch, R. Fuhrmann
01.11.2011 | Original article | Ausgabe 6/2011

Neuromuscular adaptations with flexible fixed functional appliance – a 2-year follow-up study

MDS Dr. S. Sood, O.P. Kharbanda, R. Duggal, M. Sood, S. Gulati
01.11.2011 | Original article | Ausgabe 6/2011

Comparison of estimated and actual changes in gap widths of expansion screws in plate appliances with 7- and 14-day activation

Dr. T.C. Schott, L. Engelhard, D. Gómez-Serrano, H. Meyer-Gutknecht
01.11.2011 | Original article | Ausgabe 6/2011

Expression of osteoprotegerin and receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand in root resorption induced by heavy force in rats

J.P. Zhou, G. Feng, W.W, Zhou, A.S. Ren, Y. Wu, D.M. Zhang, Dr. H.W. Dai
01.11.2011 | Original article | Ausgabe 6/2011

Myogenic differentiation factor 1 and myogenin expression not elevated in regenerated masticatory muscles of dystrophic (mdx) mice

PD Dr. A. Spassov, T. Gredes, C. Lehmann, T. Gedrange, S. Lucke, D. Pavlovic, C. Kunert-Keil
01.11.2011 | Informationen | Ausgabe 6/2011


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