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Journal of Public Health

Journal of Public Health 2/2020

Ausgabe 2/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

18.03.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

The regular consumption of coffee and development of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Muneera Q. Al-Mssallem

25.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Risk factors for fear of falling in older adults in India

Snehal Kulkarni, Rashmi Gadkari, Aarti Nagarkar

23.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders: a 12-year epidemiological and clinical analysis in a metropolitan region of northeastern Brazil

Bianca Mendes Hóstio, Ítalo de Macedo Bernardino, Jozinete Vieira Pereira, Patrícia Meira Bento, Gustavo Pina Godoy, Daliana Queiroga de Castro Gomes

21.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Healthcare needs of vulnerable patient groups: available data and existing gaps in Germany with respect to long-term mechanical ventilation

Susanne Stark, Michael Ewers

23.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Studying the effect of a supportive communication techniques program on the quality gap among women who gave birth in local childbirth outposts, south-east Iran

Zahra Moudi, Behnaz Talebi, Mahbobeh Faramarzi, Hossein Ansari

23.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Development, validity and reliability of a questionnaire to measure children’s psychosocial factors related to healthy meal preparation

Choon Ming Ng, Hui Chin Koo, Firdaus Mukhtar, Roseline Wai Kuan Yap, Pei Nee Chong, Satvinder Kaur

12.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Association between dietary patterns and overweight/obesity: a Brazilian national school-based research (ERICA 2013–2014)

Mariane de Almeida Alves, Anabelle Retondario, Liliana Paula Bricarello, Ricardo Fernandes, Amanda de Moura Souza, Lucia Andréia Zanette Ramos Zeni, Erasmo Benicio Santos de Moraes Trindade, Francisco de Assis Guedes de Vasconcelos

22.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

The effect of organizational and individual factors on health and safety practices: results from a cross-sectional study among manufacturing industrial workers

Getnet Abat Tafere, Getahun Kebede Beyera, Sintayehu Daba Wami

21.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Knowledge and attitudes on HIV/AIDS and HIV testing among basic school students in Tamale Metropolis, Ghana

Alfred Brown Kwarteng, Yulia Skokova, Williams Agyemang-Duah

12.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Evaluation and analysis of hospital efficiency in China based on macro- and micro-level analyses

Lin Zhao, Lan Wang, Shu Li, Yao Zhang

21.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Modelling the risk factors for injury severity in motorcycle users in Ghana

Eric Nimako Aidoo, Richard Amoh-Gyimah

22.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2020

Obesity and overweight—their impact on individual and corporate health

Hima Gupta, Shweta Garg

14.03.2019 | Comment | Ausgabe 2/2020

Mental health first aid and exciting opportunities for peer-support networks within universities with prospects of influencing public health and treatment

Michail Mantzios

02.03.2019 | Overview | Ausgabe 2/2020

A unique e-health and telemedicine implementation: European Reference Networks for rare diseases

Ibrahim Gulhan

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