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18.12.2018 | Philosophical Exploration

Defining and Operationalizing Chaplain Presence: A Review

Presence is a vaguely defined word often used by chaplains to describe their work with patients, families, and staff. The current literature defines presence as a process of creating a trusting atmosphere for nonjudgmental and compassionate …

18.12.2018 | Original Paper

The Influence of Religiosity on the Emotional–Behavioral Health of Adolescents

Religion is a multidimensional structure. Former studies examined only one or a few dimensions of the religion and the study that has looked comprehensively to the topic was not found. Considering this feature, the impact of religion on the …

17.12.2018 | Original Paper

Women’s Narratives of Marital and Divorce Issues and Impact on their Health

This research is an ethnographic study focused on the women’s narratives about their marital and divorce issues and impact on their health. Women’s narratives about their issues, starting with deliberating in what way narrative explanation is a …

15.12.2018 | Original Paper

Religiosity and Beliefs About the Transmission of Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Radiation Through Physical Contact in Saudi Arabia

We examined relationships between religiosity and Saudi cancer patients’ beliefs about the spread of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy through close physical contact. Surveyed were 64 patients seen in university oncology clinics.

07.12.2018 | Original Paper

Understanding the Diverse Forms of Spiritual Expression of Older People in Residential Aged Care in Australia

The ability of older people to express their spirituality is an important component of aged care. Spirituality is not specifically religiousness although, for some, religion offers a means for spiritual expression. This paper aimed to explore what …

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Journal of Religion and Health explores the most contemporary modes of religious and spiritual thought with particular emphasis on their relevance to current medical and psychological research. Taking an eclectic approach to the study of human values, health, and emotional welfare, this international interdisciplinary journal publishes original peer-reviewed articles that deal with mental and physical health in relation to religion and spirituality of all kinds. Founded in 1961 by the Blanton-Peale Institute, which joins the perspectives of psychology and religion, the journal provides a scholarly forum for the discussion of topical themes on both a theoretical and practical level for scholars and professionals of all religious faiths and backgrounds.

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