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Journal of Urban Health

Journal of Urban Health 1/2019

Sonderheft 1/2019

Supplemental Issue: Resilience and Allostatic Load: A Paradigm Shift for African American Women

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23.01.2019 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Understanding African American Women’s Resilience in the Face of Allostatic Load

22.01.2019 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Allostatic Load: Importance, Markers, and Score Determination in Minority and Disparity Populations

30.11.2018 | Sonderheft 1/2019

High-Effort Coping and Cardiovascular Disease among Women: A Systematic Review of the John Henryism Hypothesis

11.01.2019 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Neighborhood Environment and DNA Methylation: Implications for Cardiovascular Disease Risk

07.01.2019 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Social Integration and Quality of Social Relationships as Protective Factors for Inflammation in a Nationally Representative Sample of Black Women

28.11.2018 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Resilience in African American Women at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease: an Exploratory Study

28.11.2018 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Environmental Exposures, the Epigenome, and African American Women’s Health

13.02.2019 | Sonderheft 1/2019

Application of the Public Health Exposome Framework to Estimate Phenotypes of Resilience in a Model Ohio African-American Women’s Cohort

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