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Journal of Urban Health

Journal of Urban Health 2/2019

Ausgabe 2/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

30.11.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Separate and Sick: Residential Segregation and the Health of Children and Youth in Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Jack A. Kotecki, Keith P. Gennuso, Marjory L. Givens, David A. Kindig

04.06.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Using Index of Concentration at the Extremes as Indicators of Structural Racism to Evaluate the Association with Preterm Birth and Infant Mortality—California, 2011–2012

Brittany D. Chambers, Rebecca J. Baer, Monica R. McLemore, Laura L. Jelliffe-Pawlowski

18.07.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Childbearing Motivations and Desires, Fertility Beliefs, and Contraceptive Use among Urban African-American Adolescents and Young Adults with STI Histories

Kamila A. Alexander, Nancy Perrin, Jacky M. Jennings, Jonathan Ellen, Maria Trent

19.07.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Personal Versus Group Experiences of Racism and Risk of Delivering a Small-for-Gestational Age Infant in African American Women: a Life Course Perspective

Jaime C. Slaughter-Acey, Lloyd M. Talley, Howard C. Stevenson, Dawn P. Misra

29.08.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019 Open Access

Reducing Inequity in Urban Health: Have the Intra-urban Differentials in Reproductive Health Service Utilization and Child Nutritional Outcome Narrowed in Bangladesh?

Gustavo Angeles, Karar Zunaid Ahsan, Peter Kim Streatfield, Shams El Arifeen, Kanta Jamil

04.06.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Using a Birth Center Model of Care to Improve Reproductive Outcomes in Informal Settlements—a Case Study

Jacqueline Wallace

26.11.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Demographic Inequities in Health Outcomes and Air Pollution Exposure in the Atlanta Area and its Relationship to Urban Infrastructure

Joseph L. Servadio, Abiola S. Lawal, Tate Davis, Josephine Bates, Armistead G. Russell, Anu Ramaswami, Matteo Convertino, Nisha Botchwey

23.10.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Urban Heat Island and Future Climate Change—Implications for Delhi’s Heat

Richa Sharma, Hans Hooyberghs, Dirk Lauwaet, Koen De Ridder

15.01.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Individual and Neighborhood Factors Associated with Undiagnosed Asthma in a Large Cohort of Urban Adolescents

Jean-Marie Bruzzese, Sharon Kingston, Katherine A. Falletta, Emilie Bruzelius, Lusine Poghosyan

19.10.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

The Risk of Tuberculosis among Populations Living in Slum Settings: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Ekaterina Noykhovich, Sangeeta Mookherji, Amira Roess

03.12.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Perceptions of Neighborhood Environment, Sense of Community, and Self-Rated Health: an Age-Friendly City Project in Hong Kong

Ruby Yu, Moses Wong, Jean Woo

06.01.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Understanding Embodiment in Place-Health Research: Approaches, Limitations, and Opportunities

Ryan Petteway, Mahasin Mujahid, Amani Allen

11.02.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2019

Social Network Structures in African American Churches: Implications for Health Promotion Programs

Soohyun Nam, Sunyoung Jung, Robin Whittemore, Carl Latkin, Trace Kershaw, Nancy S. Redeker, Sangchoon Jeon, David Vlahov

21.11.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2019 Open Access

Building a Data Platform for Cross-Country Urban Health Studies: the SALURBAL Study

D. Alex Quistberg, Ana V. Diez Roux, Usama Bilal, Kari Moore, Ana Ortigoza, Daniel A. Rodriguez, Olga L. Sarmiento, Patricia Frenz, Amélia Augusta Friche, Waleska Teixeira Caiaffa, Alejandra Vives, J. Jaime Miranda, the SALURBAL Group

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