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Journal of Urban Health

Journal of Urban Health 6/2019

Ausgabe 6/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

02.12.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

What do Social Determinants of Health Determine?

Judith Salerno, Kimber Bogard

29.10.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Systematic Surveys in Informal Settlements: Challenges in Moving Toward Health Equity

David Vlahov

19.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

High Burden of Non-communicable Diseases among a Young Slum Population in Haiti

Margaret L. McNairy, Olga Tymejczyk, Vanessa Rivera, Grace Seo, Audrey Dorélien, Mireille Peck, Jacky Petion, Kathleen Walsh, Anna Bolgrien, Denis Nash, Jean Pape, Daniel W. Fitzgerald

03.09.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Infant Mortality in Moscow: the Perils of Progress in Russia’s World City

Irina B. Grafova, Michael K. Gusmano, Karen Martirosyan, Daniel Weisz, Victor G. Rodwin

14.11.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Neighborhood Physical Disorder and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Women in Chicago: a Cross-Sectional Analysis of Electronic Health Record Data

Stephanie L. Mayne, Bernard F. Pellissier, Kiarri N. Kershaw

04.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

The Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Continuum of Care and Correlates to Initiation Among HIV-Negative Men Recruited at Miami Gay Pride 2018

Angel B. Algarin, Cho Hee Shrader, Chintan Bhatt, Benjamin T. Hackworth, Robert L. Cook, Gladys E. Ibañez

01.11.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Improving Timely Linkage to Care among Newly Diagnosed HIV-Infected Youth: Results of SMILE

Robin Lin Miller, Danielle Chiaramonte, Trevor Strzyzykowski, Dhruv Sharma, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, J. Dennis Fortenberry

04.09.2018 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Relationship of Racial Residential Segregation to Newly Diagnosed Cases of HIV among Black Heterosexuals in US Metropolitan Areas, 2008–2015

Umedjon Ibragimov, Stephanie Beane, Adaora A. Adimora, Samuel R. Friedman, Leslie Williams, Barbara Tempalski, Ron Stall, Gina Wingood, H. Irene Hall, Anna Satcher Johnson, Hannah L. F. Cooper

11.09.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Factors Associated with HIV Antiretroviral Therapy among Men Who Have Sex with Men in 20 US Cities, 2014

Renee Stein, Songli Xu, Weston Williams, Mariette Marano, Adanze Eke, Teresa Finlayson, Gabriela Paz-Bailey, Cyprian Wejnert, for the NHBS study group

13.09.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

HIV Stigma, Mental Health, and Alcohol Use Disorders among People Living with HIV/AIDS in New Orleans

Erica A. Felker-Kantor, Maeve E. Wallace, Aubrey Spriggs Madkour, Dustin T. Duncan, Katherine Andrinopoulos, Katherine Theall

03.12.2018 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Alcohol Outlet Density and Area-Level Heavy Drinking Are Independent Risk Factors for Higher Alcohol-Related Complaints

Yusuf Ransome, Hui Luan, Xun Shi, Dustin T. Duncan, S. V. Subramanian

12.09.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Population Thinking Instruction in High Schools: a Public Health Intervention with Triple Benefits

Emily M. D’Agostino, Nicholas Freudenberg

26.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Assessing Research Activity and Capacity of Community-Based Organizations: Refinement of the CREAT Instrument Using the Delphi Method

Debbie Humphries, Maria Ma, Nicole Collins, Natasha Ray, Eric Wat, Jill Bazelon, Jim Pettinelli, David A. Fiellin

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