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Journal of Urban Health

Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine

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The Interaction of Race and Gender as a Significant Driver of Racial Arrest Disparities for African American Men

The mass incarceration of African Americans is both a driver of racial health inequalities in the USA. Systemic social biases which associate African American men with criminality, violence, and as a particular threat to white women may partially …


Alcohol Outlet Density and Area-Level Heavy Drinking Are Independent Risk Factors for Higher Alcohol-Related Complaints

Alcohol outlet density has well-documented associations with social and health indicators such as crime and injury. However, significantly less is known about the relationships among alcohol-related complaints. Bayesian hierarchical Poisson …


Perceptions of Neighborhood Environment, Sense of Community, and Self-Rated Health: an Age-Friendly City Project in Hong Kong

To examine the relationships between perceptions of neighborhood environment, sense of community, and self-rated heath, we recruited 1798 people aged 60 years and older living in Hong Kong. With reference to the checklist of the essential features …


Separate and Sick: Residential Segregation and the Health of Children and Youth in Metropolitan Statistical Areas

The purpose of this study was to better understand residential segregation and child/youth health by examining the relationship between a measure of Black-White residential segregation, the index of dissimilarity, and a suite of child and youth …


High-Effort Coping and Cardiovascular Disease among Women: A Systematic Review of the John Henryism Hypothesis

African-American women living in the United States experience higher cardiovascular disease risk (CVD) mortality compared to White women. Unique mechanisms, including prolonged high-effort coping in the face of discriminatory stressors might …

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The Journal of Urban Health is a bimonthly peer-reviewed publication that focuses on the emerging fields of urban health and epidemiology. The Journal provides for multidisciplinary exploration of the evidence base for the broader determinants of urban health and health inequities, presenting examples of evidence-based action to strengthen programs, policies, and governance of cities worldwide to improve health. In addition to original articles, the Journal publishes urban health data, book reviews, selected reports, and proceedings from important global meetings and more, bridging scholars, practitioners, and policy makers from the multiple sectors influencing urban health.

5-Year Impact Factor: 2.597 (2014)
Section "Public, Environmental & Occupational Health": Rank 67 out of 162
Section "Medicine, General & Internal": Rank 55 out of 153

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