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Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy

Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 10/2019

Ausgabe 10/2019

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10.09.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 10/2019

Moving forward in hip arthroscopy and related research

Olufemi R. Ayeni, Mikael Sansone

13.02.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Isolated focal cartilage and labral defects in patients with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome may represent new, unique injury patterns

Ashley L. Kapron, Stephen K. Aoki, Jeffrey A. Weiss, Aaron J. Krych, Travis G. Maak

07.04.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Athletes experience a high rate of return to sport following hip arthroscopy

Muzammil Memon, Jeffrey Kay, Philip Hache, Nicole Simunovic, Joshua D. Harris, John O’Donnell, Olufemi R. Ayeni

11.04.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Postoperative alpha angle not associated with patient-centered midterm outcomes following hip arthroscopy for FAI

Karen K. Briggs, Eduardo Soares, Sanjeev Bhatia, Marc J. Philippon

25.04.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Danish Hip Arthroscopy Registry: predictors of outcome in patients with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)

Bjarne Mygind-Klavsen, Bent Lund, Torsten Grønbech Nielsen, Niels Maagaard, Otto Kraemer, Per Hölmich, Søren Winge, Martin Lind

03.05.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Accelerated rehabilitation results in good outcomes following acute repair of proximal hamstring ruptures

Benjamin Léger-St-Jean, Zylyftar Gorica, Robert A. Magnussen, W. Kelton Vasileff, Christopher C. Kaeding

06.06.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Age and sex-related distribution of alpha angles and the prevalence of the cam morphology of the hip in Asians do not differ from those of other ethnicities

Kee Hyung Rhyu, Young Soo Chun, Gwang Young Jung, Yoon Je Cho

02.06.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019 Open Access

Hip and groin injury is the most common non-time-loss injury in female amateur football

Rob Langhout, Adam Weir, Wendy Litjes, Maarten Gozeling, Janine H. Stubbe, Gino Kerkhoffs, Igor Tak

06.06.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Professional soccer is associated with radiographic cam and pincer hip morphology

Guilherme Guadagnini Falotico, Gustavo Gonçalves Arliani, André Fukunishi Yamada, Artur da Rocha Correa Fernandes, Benno Ejnisman, Moises Cohen

07.06.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019 Open Access

Adolescent elite skiers with and without cam morphology did change their hip joint range of motion with 2 years follow-up

Josefin Abrahamson, Anna Swärd Aminoff, Carl Todd, Cecilia Agnvall, Olof Thoreson, Pall Jónasson, Jón Karlsson, Adad Baranto

29.06.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019

Positive FABER distance test is associated with higher alpha angle in symptomatic patients

Christiano A. C. Trindade, Karen K. Briggs, Lorenzo Fagotti, Kiyokazu Fukui, Marc J. Philippon

11.07.2018 | Hip | Ausgabe 10/2019 Open Access

Virtual reality hip arthroscopy simulator demonstrates sufficient face validity

Jonathan D. Bartlett, John E. Lawrence, Vikas Khanduja

18.09.2017 | Shoulder | Ausgabe 10/2019

Anatomic ligament consolidation of the superior acromioclavicular ligament and the coracoclavicular ligament complex after acute arthroscopically assisted double coracoclavicular bundle stabilization

S. Jobmann, J. Buckup, C. Colcuc, P. P. Roessler, E. Zimmermann, K. F. Schüttler, R. Hoffmann, F. Welsch, T. Stein

25.01.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019

Double-row rotator cuff repairs lead to more intensive pain during the early postoperative period but have a lower risk of residual pain than single-row repairs

Yuzhou Chen, Hong Li, Yang Qiao, Yunshen Ge, Yunxia Li, Yinghui Hua, Jiwu Chen, Shiyi Chen

09.02.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019

Psychometric properties of patient-reported outcome questionnaires for patients with musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulder

Ertan Şahinoğlu, Gülbin Ergin, Bayram Ünver

26.03.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019

Humeral head resurfacing is associated with less pain and clinically equivalent functional outcomes compared with stemmed hemiarthroplasty at mid-term follow-up

Mitchell S. Fourman, Andrea Beck, Gregory Gasbarro, James J. Irrgang, Mark W. Rodosky, Albert Lin

15.04.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019

No healing improvement after rotator cuff reconstruction augmented with an autologous periosteal flap

C. Holwein, B. von Bibra, P. M. Jungmann, D. C. Karampinos, K. Wörtler, M. Scheibel, A. B. Imhoff, S. Buchmann

06.02.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019

Insufficient consensus regarding circle size and bone loss width using the ratio—“best fit circle”—method even with three-dimensional computed tomography

Lucca Lacheta, Elmar Herbst, Andreas Voss, Sepp Braun, Pia Jungmann, Peter J. Millett, Andreas Imhoff, Frank Martetschläger

22.02.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019 Open Access

Intraoperative graft-related complications are a risk factor for recurrence in arthroscopic Latarjet stabilisation

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz, Konrad Małachowski, Maciej Kiciński, Sławomir Chaberek, Andrzej Boszczyk, Dariusz Marczak, Stanisław Pomianowski

15.02.2019 | Shoulder | Ausgabe 10/2019

An intact subscapularis tendon and compensatory teres minor hypertrophy yield lower failure rates for non-operative treatment of irreparable, massive rotator cuff tears

Tae-Hwan Yoon, Sung-Jae Kim, Chong-Hyuk Choi, Soon-Phil Yoon, Yong-Min Chun

27.02.2019 | SHOULDER | Ausgabe 10/2019

Arthroscopic repair of HAGL lesions yields good clinical results, but may not allow return to former level of sport

Uli Schmiddem, Adam Watson, Diana Perriman, Emmanouil Liodakis, Richard Page

23.08.2018 | Elbow | Ausgabe 10/2019 Open Access

Locating the ulnar nerve during elbow arthroscopy using palpation is only accurate proximal to the medial epicondyle

Nick F. J. Hilgersom, Davide Cucchi, Francesco Luceri, Michel P. J. van den Bekerom, Luke S. Oh, Paolo Arrigoni, Denise Eygendaal, ESSKA Elbow and Wrist Study Collaborative

03.10.2018 | ELBOW | Ausgabe 10/2019

Ultrasonography has high positive predictive value for medial epicondyle lesions among adolescent baseball players

Yan-Yuh Lee, Tsung-Hsun Yang, Chung-Cheng Huang, Yu-Chi Huang, Po-Cheng Chen, Chia-Hao Hsu, Lin-Yi Wang, Wen-Yi Chou

14.02.2019 | ELBOW | Ausgabe 10/2019

Repair and augmentation of the lateral collateral ligament complex using internal bracing in dislocations and fracture dislocations of the elbow restores stability and allows early rehabilitation

Stefan Greiner, Matthias Koch, Maximilian Kerschbaum, Pushkar P. Bhide

12.03.2019 | ELBOW | Ausgabe 10/2019

Modified anteromedial and anterolateral elbow arthroscopy portals show superiority to standard portals in guiding arthroscopic radial head screw fixation

Davide Cucchi, Paolo Arrigoni, Francesco Luceri, Alessandra Menon, Enrico Guerra, Lars Peter Müller, Christof Burger, Denise Eygendaal, Kilian Wegmann, ESSKA Elbow and Wrist Committee 2016–2018

07.05.2019 | ELBOW | Ausgabe 10/2019

Dual reconstruction of lateral collateral ligament is safe and effective in treating posterolateral rotatory instability of the elbow

Hyoung Seok Jung, Jae Sung Lee, In Hyeok Rhyou, Ho Won Lee, Min Jong Park

24.06.2019 | ELBOW | Ausgabe 10/2019

Encouraging mid-term outcomes for arthroscopic autologous osteochondral transplant (OAT) in capitellum osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

Luigi Adriano Pederzini, Matteo Bartoli, Andrea Cheli, Fabio Nicoletta, Gabriele Severini

28.09.2018 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Achilles tendinosis does not always precede Achilles tendon rupture

Young Hwan Park, Tae Jin Kim, Gi Won Choi, Hak Jun Kim

02.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Arthroscopic irrigation and debridement is associated with favourable short-term outcomes vs. open management: an ACS-NSQIP database analysis

Mhamad Faour, Assem A. Sultan, Jaiben George, Linsen T. Samuel, Gannon L. Curtis, Robert Molloy, Carlos A. Higuera, Michael A. Mont

03.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

No dynamic extrusion of the medial meniscus in ultrasound examination in patients with confirmed root tear lesion

Katrin Karpinski, Theresa Diermeier, Lukas Willinger, Andreas B. Imhoff, Andrea Achtnich, Wolf Petersen

02.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Tibiofemoral bone bruise volume is not associated with meniscal injury and knee laxity in patients with anterior cruciate ligament rupture

Ricardo Bastos, Renato Andrade, Sebastiano Vasta, Rogério Pereira, Rocco Papalia, Willem van der Merwe, Scott Rodeo, João Espregueira-Mendes

18.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Immediate arthroscopy following ORIF for tibial plateau fractures provide early diagnosis and treatment of the combined intra-articular pathologies

Jae-Jung Jeong, Seung-bae Oh, Jong-Hun Ji, Seok-Jae Park, Myung-Sup Ko

11.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Anterolateral ligament injury has a synergic impact on the anterolateral rotatory laxity in acute anterior cruciate ligament-injured knees

Yong-Beom Park, Han-Jun Lee, Du-Hyun Ro, Geun Young Lee, Sujin Kim, Seong Hwan Kim

17.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

What are the prevalence and risk factors for repeat ipsilateral knee arthroscopy?

Omar A. Behery, Kelly I. Suchman, Albit R. Paoli, Tyler A. Luthringer, Kirk A. Campbell, Joseph A. Bosco

22.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

The development of the anterior cruciate ligament in the paediatric population

Fernando M. Lima, Pedro Debieux, Diego C. Astur, Marcus V. M. Luzo, Moises Cohen, Fabiano N. Cardoso, André Y. Aihara, Alexandre Grimberg, Artur R. C. Fernandes

17.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Morphological structure and variations of fetal lateral meniscus: the significance in convenient diagnosis and treatment

Anıl Didem Aydın Kabakçı, Mustafa Büyükmumcu, Duygu Akın, Onur Bilge

17.01.2019 | Knee | Ausgabe 10/2019

ACL degeneration after an excessive increase in the medial proximal tibial angle with medial open wedge high tibial osteotomy

Hiroyasu Ogawa, Kazu Matsumoto, Haruhiko Akiyama

28.01.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Slope-reducing tibial osteotomy decreases ACL-graft forces and anterior tibial translation under axial load

Florian B. Imhoff, Julian Mehl, Brendan J. Comer, Elifho Obopilwe, Mark P. Cote, Matthias J. Feucht, James D. Wylie, Andreas B. Imhoff, Robert A. Arciero, Knut Beitzel

19.03.2019 | KNEE | Ausgabe 10/2019

Discoid lateral meniscus: a simple horizontal tear was associated with less articular cartilage degeneration compared to other types of tear

Won-Joon Cho, Jong-Min Kim, Bum-Sik Lee, Hyo-June Kim, Seong-Il Bin

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