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Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy

Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 9/2018

Ausgabe 9/2018

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25.07.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 9/2018

Is post-surgical rehabilitation sufficient? Would it be better to rehabituate?

John Nyland

08.11.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Smoking and obesity influence the risk of nonunion in lateral opening wedge, closing wedge and torsional distal femoral osteotomies

Franz Liska, Bernhard Haller, Andreas Voss, Julian Mehl, Florian B. Imhoff, Lukas Willinger, Andreas B. Imhoff

15.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

The clinical and radiological results of individualized surgical treatment depending on pathologic abnormalities in recurrent patellar dislocation: low recurrence rate, but unintended patella baja

Do Kyung Lee, Joon Ho Wang, Seung Hoon Kang, Jun Ho Kim, Russel Haque, Byung Hoon Lee

03.03.2018 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Bone–patellar tendon–bone autograft could be recommended as a superior graft to hamstring autograft for ACL reconstruction in patients with generalized joint laxity: 2- and 5-year follow-up study

Sung-Jae Kim, Chong Hyuk Choi, Sung-Hwan Kim, Su-Keon Lee, Wonyong Lee, Taeyup Kim, Min Jung

28.11.2016 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

The orientation of the surgical epicondylar axis varies in varus and non-varus knees in the coronal plane

Yunjie Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang, Yunchao Shao, Qing Xia

16.02.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Females, younger patients and patients with high BMI have the highest pre-operative knee awareness measured using the Forgotten Joint Score

Dana Li, A. Troelsen, L. Ingelsrud, H. Husted, K. Gromov

31.03.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Satisfactory outcomes following combined unicompartmental knee replacement and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Andrea Volpin, S. G. Kini, D. E. Meuffels

26.04.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Early patellar dislocation can lead to tibial tubercle lateralization in rabbits

Yingzhen Niu, Pengkai Cao, Chang Liu, Jinghui Niu, Xu Yang, Fei Wang

26.04.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Quadriceps muscle weakness is related to increased risk of radiographic knee OA but not its progression in both women and men: the Matsudai Knee Osteoarthritis Survey

Shigeru Takagi, Go Omori, Hiroshi Koga, Kazuo Endo, Yoshio Koga, Atsushi Nawata, Naoto Endo

19.05.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Two cycles of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF-Endoret) intra-articular injections improve stiffness and activities of daily living but not pain compared to one cycle on patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis

Víctor Vaquerizo, Sabino Padilla, José Javier Aguirre, Leire Begoña, Gorka Orive, Eduardo Anitua

09.05.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Lateral displacement, sulcus angle and trochlear angle are associated with early patellofemoral osteoarthritis following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Erin M. Macri, Adam G. Culvenor, Hayden G. Morris, Timothy S. Whitehead, Trevor G. Russell, Karim M. Khan, Kay M. Crossley

20.05.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018 Open Access

High wear resistance of femoral components coated with titanium nitride: a retrieval analysis

Christian Fabry, Carmen Zietz, Axel Baumann, Reinhard Ehall, Rainer Bader

31.05.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Trochleoplasty techniques provide good clinical results in patients with trochlear dysplasia

Umile Giuseppe Longo, Candela Vincenzo, Nicholas Mannering, Mauro Ciuffreda, Giuseppe Salvatore, Alessandra Berton, Vincenzo Denaro

11.07.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Favourable alignment outcomes with MRI-based patient-specific instruments in total knee arthroplasty

Martijn G. M. Schotanus, Elke Thijs, Marion Heijmans, Rein Vos, Nanne P. Kort

14.08.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

The role of isolated posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in knees with combined posterior cruciate ligament and posterolateral complex injury

Dong-Yeong Lee, Young-Jin Park, Dong-Hee Kim, Hyun-Jung Kim, Dae-Cheol Nam, Jin-Sung Park, Sun-Chul Hwang

07.08.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Successful adaption of the Banff Patella Instability Instrument (BPII) 2.0 into German

Christoph Becher, René Attal, Peter Balcarek, Florian Dirisamer, Michael Liebensteiner, Geert Pagenstert, Philip Schöttle, Gerd Seitlinger, Daniel Wagner

28.08.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

The shape and orientation of the trochlea run more parallel to the posterior condylar line than generally believed

C. Vercruysse, H. Vandenneucker, J. Bellemans, L. Scheys, T. Luyckx

05.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Sweet’s syndrome: a clinical entity need to discriminate against acute haematogenous periprosthetic joint infection

Ju Hong Lee, Ki Bum Kim, Ju Rang Lee, Myougn Ja Chung, Sung Il Wang

09.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

High tibial slope correlates with increased posterior tibial translation in healthy knees

Imke Schatka, Andreas Weiler, Tobias M. Jung, Thula C. Walter, Clemens Gwinner

14.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018 Open Access

A multilayer biomaterial for osteochondral regeneration shows superiority vs microfractures for the treatment of osteochondral lesions in a multicentre randomized trial at 2 years

Elizaveta Kon, Giuseppe Filardo, Mats Brittberg, Maurizio Busacca, Vincenzo Condello, Lars Engebretsen, Stefan Marlovits, Philipp Niemeyer, Patrik Platzer, Michael Posthumus, Peter Verdonk, Renè Verdonk, Jan Victor, Willem van der Merwe, Wojciech Widuchowski, Claudio Zorzi, Maurilio Marcacci

19.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Modern synthetic material is a safe and effective alternative for medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction

Paul Y. F. Lee, David Golding, Sam Rozewicz, Amit Chandratreya

16.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Focal metallic inlay resurfacing prosthesis for the treatment of localized cartilage defects of the femoral condyles: a systematic review of clinical studies

Andreas Fuchs, Helge Eberbach, Kaywan Izadpanah, Gerrit Bode, Norbert P. Südkamp, Matthias J. Feucht

16.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Current evidence advocates use of a new pathologic tibial tubercle–posterior cruciate ligament distance threshold in patients with patellar instability

Nickolas Boutris, Domenica A. Delgado, John S. Labis, Patrick C. McCulloch, David M. Lintner, Joshua D. Harris

20.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Double-bundle anatomical medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction with lateral retinaculum plasty can lead to good outcomes in patients with patellar dislocation

Yingzhen Niu, Xinmin Wang, Chang Liu, Xiaomeng Wang, Zhenyue Dong, Jinghui Niu, Fei Wang

20.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Effective patellofemoral joint stabilization and low complication rates using a hardware-free MPFL reconstruction technique with an intra-operative adjustment of the graft tension

Lars V. von Engelhardt, Torsten Fuchs, Pia Weskamp, Joerg Jerosch

22.09.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Tibial shaft anatomy differs between Caucasians and East Asian individuals

Hongyi Shao, Chilung Chen, Daniel Scholl, Ahmad Faizan, Antonia F. Chen

03.10.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Customized post-operative alignment improves clinical outcome following medial open-wedge osteotomy

Lisa Hohloch, Suchung Kim, Julian Mehl, Jörn Zwingmann, Matthias J. Feucht, Helge Eberbach, Philipp Niemeyer, Norbert Südkamp, Gerrit Bode

11.10.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Implant strategy affects scaffold stability and integrity in cartilage treatment

M. Drobnic, Francesco Perdisa, E. Kon, F. Cefalì, M. Marcacci, G. Filardo

27.10.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Neglected patella nonunion successfully treated after 8 years by quadriceps distractive lengthening with a spanning unilateral external fixation system

Odysseas Paxinos, Athanasios Karamitros, Panagiotis Douras, Nikolaos Kouris

25.10.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

No improvement in reducing outliers in coronal axis alignment with patient-specific instrumentation

Uwe Maus, Carlos J. Marques, David Scheunemann, Frank Lampe, Djordje Lazovic, Hagen Hommel, Dennis Vogel, Martin Haunschild, Tilman Pfitzner

04.12.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018 Open Access

The trochlear isometric point is different in patients with recurrent patellar instability compared to controls: a radiographical study

Tulio Campos, Akash Soogumbur, Iain R. McNamara, Simon T. Donell

08.11.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Unusual combined PCL and PLC pediatric multiligamentous knee injury treated with ligament repair procedure

Travis S. Roth, Daryl C. Osbahr, Stanley J. Kupiszewski

24.08.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

No bias for developer publications and no difference between first-generation trochlear-resurfacing versus trochlear-cutting implants in 15,306 cases of patellofemoral joint arthroplasty

Birgit Reihs, Florian Reihs, Gerold Labek, Markus Hochegger, Andreas Leithner, Nikolaus Böhler, Patrick Sadoghi

03.01.2018 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Bone morphology and morphometry of the lateral femoral condyle is a risk factor for ACL injury

Sebastiano Vasta, Renato Andrade, Rogério Pereira, Ricardo Bastos, Antonino Giulio Battaglia, Rocco Papalia, João Espregueira-Mendes

02.11.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Increased extrusion and ICRS grades at 2-year follow-up following transtibial medial meniscal root repair evaluated by MRI

Daniel J. Kaplan, Erin F. Alaia, Andrew P. Dold, Robert J. Meislin, Eric J. Strauss, Laith M. Jazrawi, Michael J. Alaia

14.10.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

The diagnostic reliability of the quantitative pivot-shift evaluation using an electromagnetic measurement system for anterior cruciate ligament deficiency was superior to those of the accelerometer and iPad image analysis

Toshikazu Tanaka, Yuichi Hoshino, Nobuaki Miyaji, Kazuyuki Ibaragi, Kyohei Nishida, Yuichiro Nishizawa, Daisuke Araki, Noriyuki Kanzaki, Takehiko Matsushita, Ryosuke Kuroda

05.12.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018 Open Access

Trochleoplasty procedures show complication rates similar to other patellar-stabilizing procedures

Jordy D. P. van Sambeeck, Sebastiaan A. W. van de Groes, Nico Verdonschot, Gerjon Hannink

11.10.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Individualizing the tibial tubercle to trochlear groove distance to patient specific anatomy improves sensitivity for recurrent instability

Mark J. Heidenreich, Thomas L. Sanders, Mario Hevesi, Nicholas R. Johnson, Isabella T. Wu, Christopher L. Camp, Diane L. Dahm, Aaron J. Krych

29.11.2017 | Knee | Ausgabe 9/2018

Poly-traumatic multi-ligament knee injuries: is the knee the limiting factor?

Jarret M. Woodmass, Nick R. Johnson, Rohith Mohan, Aaron J. Krych, Bruce A. Levy, Michael J. Stuart

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