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Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery

Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery 1/2000

Ausgabe 1/2000

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000


H. G. Berger

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Inflammatory response after laparoscopic and conventional colorectal resections – results of a prospective randomized trial

W. Schwenk, C. Jacobi, U. Mansmann, B. Böhm, J. M. Müller

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Role of octreotide in the treatment of external pancreatic pure fistulas: a single-institution prospective experience

C. Bassi, M. Falconi, R. Salvia, E. Caldiron, G. Butturini, P. Pederzoli

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Prognostic factors in the operative treatment of ductal pancreatic carcinoma

Christoph Gebhardt, Willibald Meyer, Markus Reichel, Peter H. Wünsch

01.01.2000 | original article | Ausgabe 1/2000

Sequential (domino) transplantation of the liver in a transthyretin-50 familial amyloid polyneuropathy

Special reference to cardiological diagnosis and complications
Markus Golling, Reinhard Singer, Gunther Weiß, Arianeb Mehrabi, Christina Zapletal, Thomas Kraus, Christian Herfarth, Ernst Klar

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Simultaneous treatment of thoracic and infrarenal aortic aneurysm using a combination of conventional surgery and endoluminal stent grafting

Tina U. Cohnert, Ajay Chavan, Thorsten Wahlers, Frank Oelert, Matthias Karck, Michael Galanski, Axel Haverich

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Reconstruction after total pharyngolaryngoesophagectomy

Comparison of elongated stomach roll with microvascular anastomosis with gastric pull up reconstruction or something like that
Noriaki Sagawa, Shunichi Okushiba, Koichi Ono, Kiyotaka Ito, Toshiaki Morikawa, Satoshi Kondo, Hiroyuki Katoh

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Lipoma of the liver: a differential-diagnostic problem

Károly Szentpáli, András Petri, Tibor Oláh, Vilmos Szendrényi, Béla Iványi, Ádáe Balogh

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Postoperative necrotizing soft-tissue infections of the abdominal wall

P. Bertram, K. -H. Treutner, M. Stumpf, V. Schumpelick

01.01.2000 | How to do it | Ausgabe 1/2000

Short-bowel syndrome – surgical treatment with long-term benefit?

Peter F. Heeckt, Dorothea Klein, Hans G. Beger

01.01.2000 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 1/2000

Acceleration of wound healing by topical drug delivery via liposomes

Frank Roesken, Eberhard Uhl, Sergio B. Curri, Michael D. Menger, Konrad Messmer

01.01.2000 | EVIDENCE-BASED SURGERY | Ausgabe 1/2000

Laparoscopic fundoplication for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease – a consensus development conference and the evidence-based benefit

Ernst Eypasch, Burkhard Thiel, Stefan Sauerland

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