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01.12.2017 | Commentary | Sonderheft 2/2017 Open Access

Health Research Policy and Systems 2/2017

Learning by doing in practice: a roundtable discussion about stakeholder engagement in implementation research

Health Research Policy and Systems > Sonderheft 2/2017
Said Habib Arwal, Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh, Ahmed Bumba, Akshita Siddula



Researchers and policy-makers alike increasingly recognise the importance of engaging diverse perspectives in implementation research. This roundtable discussion presents the experiences and perspectives of three decision-makers regarding the benefits and challenges of their engagement in implementation research.


The first perspective comes from a rural district medical officer from Uganda and touches on the success of using data as evidence in a low-resource setting. The second perspective is from an Afghani Ministry of Health expert who used a community-based approach to improving healthcare services in remote regions. Finally, the third perspective highlights the successes and trials of a policy-maker from India who offers advice on how to grow the relationship between decision-makers and researchers.


Overall, the stakeholders in this roundtable discussion saw important benefits to their engagement in research. In order to facilitate greater engagement in the future, they advise on closer dialogue between researchers and policy-makers and supporting the development of capacity to stimulate and facilitate engagement in research and the use of evidence in decision-making.
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