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Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 1/2022
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (16 Artikel)

02.02.2022 | Editorial

Tackling vaccine refusal
Bert Gordijn, Henk ten Have

Open Access 30.10.2021 | COVID-19 | Scientific Contribution

Listening to vaccine refusers
Kaisa Kärki

Open Access 25.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Responsible nudging for social good: new healthcare skills for AI-driven digital personal assistants
Marianna Capasso, Steven Umbrello

17.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Controversies between regulations of research ethics and protection of personal data: informed consent at a cross-road
Eugenijus Gefenas, J. Lekstutiene, V. Lukaseviciene, M. Hartlev, M. Mourby, K.Ó Cathaoir

Open Access 12.09.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Explaining rule of rescue obligations in healthcare allocation: allowing the patient to tell the right kind of story about their life
Sean Sinclair

Open Access 30.08.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Wherein is the concept of disease normative? From weak normativity to value-conscious naturalism
M. Cristina Amoretti, Elisabetta Lalumera

Open Access 04.09.2021 | COVID-19 | Scientific Contribution

Chatbot breakthrough in the 2020s? An ethical reflection on the trend of automated consultations in health care
Jaana Parviainen, Juho Rantala

Open Access 15.09.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Dying like a dog: the convergence of concepts of a good death in human and veterinary medicine
Felicitas Selter, Kirsten Persson, Johanna Risse, Peter Kunzmann, Gerald Neitzke

Open Access 16.09.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Feminist approach to geriatric care: comprehensive geriatric assessment, diversity and intersectionality
Merle Weßel

Open Access 25.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

The concept of social dignity as a yardstick to delimit ethical use of robotic assistance in the care of older persons
Nadine Andrea Felber, Félix Pageau, Athena McLean, Tenzin Wangmo

05.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

The “Medical friendship” or the true meaning of the doctor-patient relationship from two complementary perspectives: Goya and Laín
Roger Ruiz-Moral

06.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Mechanisms of defense in clinical ethics consultation
Robert M. Guerin

Open Access 16.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Health and disease as practical concepts: exploring function in context-specific definitions
Rik van der Linden, Maartje Schermer

17.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

When the universal is particular: a re-examination of the common morality using the work of Charles Taylor
Michelle C. Bach

20.11.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Professionalism, Organizationalism and Sur-moralism: Three ethical systems for physicians
Jonathan Bolton

Open Access 16.09.2021 | Short Communication

Climate change and the different roles of physicians: a critical response to "A Planetary Health Pledge for Health Professionals in the Anthropocene"
Urban Wiesing