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Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 3/2020
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

Ausgabe 3/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (21 Artikel)

25.07.2020 | Editorial

Bert Gordijn, Henk ten Have

Open Access 28.08.2019 | Scientific Contribution

To die well: the phenomenology of suffering and end of life ethics
Fredrik Svenaeus

06.09.2019 | Scientific Contribution

Death without distress? The taboo of suffering in palliative care
Nina Streeck

Open Access 13.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Suffering, authenticity, and physician assisted suicide
R. Ahlzen

Open Access 07.03.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Neonatology in Austria: ethics to improve practice
Michal Stanak

Open Access 13.03.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Striking the balance with epistemic injustice in healthcare: the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Eleanor Alexandra Byrne

31.03.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Can reproductive genetic manipulation save lives?
G. Owen Schaefer

31.03.2020 | Scientific Contribution

A critical perspective on guidelines for responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence
Banu Buruk, Perihan Elif Ekmekci, Berna Arda

Open Access 03.04.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Experiencing objectified health: turning the body into an object of attention
Bas de Boer

17.04.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Defensive practice is indefensible: how defensive medicine runs counter to the ethical and professional obligations of clinicians
Johan Christiaan Bester

23.05.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Vampires 2.0? The ethical quandaries of young blood infusion in the quest for eternal life
Andrea Lavazza, Mirko Garasic

25.04.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Ubuntu philosophy and the consensus regarding incidental findings in genomic research: a heuristic approach
Cornelius Ewuoso

Open Access 09.05.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Doctors that “doctor” sickness certificates: cunning intelligence as an ability and possibly a virtue among Swedish GPs
Mani Shutzberg

20.05.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Untangling fear and eudaimonia in the healthcare provider-patient relationship
Brenda Bogaert

Open Access 28.05.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Silencing trust: confidence and familiarity in re-engineering knowledge infrastructures
Rune Nydal, Gaymon Bennett, Martin Kuiper, Astrid Lægreid

28.05.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Compassionate use of psychedelics
Adam Greif, Martin Šurkala

Open Access 10.06.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Openness and trust in data-intensive science: the case of biocuration
Ane Møller Gabrielsen

16.04.2020 | Review Article

Medical conspiracy theories: cognitive science and implications for ethics
Gabriel Andrade

13.06.2020 | Review Article

Autonomy in HIV testing: a call for a rethink of personal autonomy in the HIV response in sub-Saharan Africa
Kasoka Kasoka

Open Access 15.07.2019 | Letter to editor

Letter to Editor
Lars Ehlers

18.05.2020 | Short Communication

Letter to the editor
Thomas Ploug, Søren Holm, John Brodersen