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Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 4/2020
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

Ausgabe 4/2020

Special Issue Title: Knowledge repositories. In digital knowledge we trust


Inhaltsverzeichnis (17 Artikel)

17.09.2020 | Editorial

Knowledge repositories. In digital knowledge we trust
Tsjalling Swierstra, Sophia Efstathiou

Open Access 18.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Fair trade in building digital knowledge repositories: the knowledge economy as if researchers mattered
Giovanni De Grandis

Open Access 30.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

«If you give them your little finger, they’ll tear off your entire arm»: losing trust in biobank research
Lars Ursin, Borgunn Ytterhus, Erik Christensen, John-Arne Skolbekken

Open Access 04.09.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Personalized medicine, digital technology and trust: a Kantian account
Bjørn K. Myskja, Kristin S. Steinsbekk

Open Access 31.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Emerging viral threats and the simultaneity of the non-simultaneous: zooming out in times of Corona
Hub Zwart

Open Access 05.08.2020 | COVID-19 | Scientific Contribution

COVID-19 and the ethics of quarantine: a lesson from the Eyam plague
Giovanni Spitale

28.08.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Global bioethics and respect for cultural diversity: how do we avoid moral relativism and moral imperialism?
Mbih Jerome Tosam

Open Access 14.09.2020 | Review Article

Regulating the international surrogacy market:the ethics of commercial surrogacy in the Netherlands and India
Jaden Blazier, Rien Janssens

04.09.2020 | Scientific Contribution

New perspectives on person-centered care: an affordance-based account
Juan Toro, Kristian Martiny

07.09.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Heideggerian structures of Being-with in the nurse–patient relationship: modelling phenomenological analysis through qualitative meta-synthesis
Janice Gullick, John Wu, Cindy Reid, Agness Chisanga Tembo, Sara Shishehgar, Lisa Conlon

Open Access 31.08.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Embodiment and personal identity in dementia
Thomas Fuchs

Open Access 08.08.2020 | Scientific Contribution

An analytic framework for conceptualisations of disease: nine structuring questions and how some conceptualisations of Alzheimer’s disease can lead to ‘diseasisation’
Kristin Zeiler

Open Access 16.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Against Ulysses contracts for patients with borderline personality disorder
Antoinette Lundahl, Gert Helgesson, Niklas Juth

14.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Indeterminacy of identity and advance directives for death after dementia
Andrew Sneddon

24.07.2020 | Scientific Contribution

What is suicide? Classifying self-killings
Suzanne E. Dowie

Open Access 21.06.2020 | Scientific Contribution

Better in theory than in practise? Challenges when applying the luck egalitarian ethos in health care policy
Joar Björk, Gert Helgesson, Niklas Juth

Open Access 23.07.2020 | Short Communication

The value of doing philosophy in mental health contexts
Sophie Stammers, Rosalind Pulvermacher