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Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 4/2021
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

Ausgabe 4/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (24 Artikel)

22.10.2021 | Editorial

Gentle medicine
Henk ten Have, Bert Gordijn

20.08.2021 | COVID-19 | Review Article Zur Zeit gratis

The need for “gentle medicine” in a post Covid-19 world
Gabriel Andrade, Maria Campo Redondo

Open Access 16.08.2021 | COVID-19 | Scientific Contribution

Resource allocation in the Covid-19 health crisis: are Covid-19 preventive measures consistent with the Rule of Rescue?
Julian W. März, Søren Holm, Michael Schlander

26.06.2021 | COVID-19 | Scientific Contribution Zur Zeit gratis

Relational autonomy: lessons from COVID-19 and twentieth-century philosophy
Carlos Gómez-Vírseda, Rafael Amo Usanos

Open Access 06.05.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Dying as an issue of public concern: cultural scripts on palliative care in Sweden
Axel Agren, Ann-Charlotte Nedlund, Elisabet Cedersund, Barbro Krevers

03.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

To be alive when dying: moral catharsis and hope in patients with limited life prognosis
Oscar Vergara

Open Access 25.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Shades of hope: Marcel’s notion of hope in end-of-life care
Marta Szabat, Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

30.07.2021 | Short Communication

Authenticity and physician-assisted suicide: a reply to Ahlzén
Jesper Ahlin Marceta

Open Access 27.07.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Taking the principle of the primacy of the human being seriously
Joanna Różyńska

Open Access 14.07.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Chronic pain patients’ need for recognition and their current struggle
D. Koesling, C. Bozzaro

Open Access 01.07.2021 | Review Article

Empathy in patient care: from ‘Clinical Empathy’ to ‘Empathic Concern’
Clarissa Guidi, Chiara Traversa

22.05.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Toward a phenomenology of congenital illness: a case of single-ventricle heart disease
Pat McConville

Open Access 09.06.2021 | Editorial

Phenomenological and existential contributions to the study of erectile dysfunction
Chris A. Suijker, Corijn van Mazijk, Fred A. Keijzer, Boaz Meijer

Open Access 16.08.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Philosophers in research ethics committees—what do they think they’re doing? An empirical-ethical analysis
Charlotte Gauckler

Open Access 31.05.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Epistemologies of evidence-based medicine: a plea for corpus-based conceptual research in the medical humanities
Jan Buts, Mona Baker, Saturnino Luz, Eivind Engebretsen

Open Access 19.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Ethical issues in biomedical research using electronic health records: a systematic review
Jan Piasecki, Ewa Walkiewicz-Żarek, Justyna Figas-Skrzypulec, Anna Kordecka, Vilius Dranseika

Open Access 19.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

The case for biotechnological exceptionalism
Jan-Hendrik Heinrichs

20.07.2021 | Review Article

Commodification of biomaterials and data when funding is contingent to transfer in biobank research
Mantombi Maseme

06.07.2021 | Scientific Contribution

An ethical exploration of pregnancy related mHealth: does it deliver?
Seppe Segers, Heidi Mertes, Guido Pennings

Open Access 18.05.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Decision-making approaches in transgender healthcare: conceptual analysis and ethical implications
Karl Gerritse, Laura A. Hartman, Marijke A. Bremmer, Baudewijntje P. C. Kreukels, Bert C. Molewijk

Open Access 12.05.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Premature consent and patient duties
Andrew P. Rebera, Dimitris Dimitriou

24.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Offering more without offering compensation: non-compensating benefits for living kidney donors
Kyle Fruh, Ege K. Duman

Open Access 16.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Enhancing the collectivist critique: accounts of the human enhancement debate
Tess Johnson

Open Access 28.06.2021 | Scientific Contribution

Bringing disgust in through the backdoor in healthy food promotion: a phenomenological perspective
Bas de Boer, Mailin Lemke