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Metabolic Brain Disease

Metabolic Brain Disease 4/2019

Ausgabe 4/2019

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08.03.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Exploring the multifaceted neuroprotective actions of Emblica officinalis (Amla): a review

Ibraheem Husain, Saima Zameer, Tushar Madaan, Akram Minhaj, Wasim Ahmad, Asif Iqubaal, Abuzer Ali, Abul Kalam Najmi

21.03.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Association between polymorphisms of NOS1, NOS2 and NOS3 genes and suicide behavior: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Thelma Beatriz González-Castro, Alma Delia Genis-Mendoza, Carlos Alfonso Tovilla-Zárate, Isela Esther Juárez-Rojop, María Lilia López-Narvaez, Nonanzit Pérez-Hernández, José Manuel Rodríguez-Pérez, José Jaime Martínez-Magaña

04.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Cortico-hippocampal memory enhancing activity of hesperetin on scopolamine-induced amnesia in mice: role of antioxidant defense system, cholinergic neurotransmission and expression of BDNF

Ismail O. Ishola, Abosi A. Jacinta, Olufunmilayo O. Adeyemi

16.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Neuro-pharmacological evaluation of anticonvulsant and neuroprotective activity of Cocculus laurifolius leaves in wistar rats

Sidra Maqbool, Ishrat Younus, Rafia Sadaf, Anab Fatima

23.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Nigella sativa and thymoquinone attenuate oxidative stress and cognitive impairment following cerebral hypoperfusion in rats

Sahar Fanoudi, Mohaddeseh S. Alavi, Mahmoud Hosseini, Hamid R. Sadeghnia

30.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Association of long noncoding RNA H19 polymorphisms with the susceptibility and clinical features of ischemic stroke in southern Chinese Han population

Jiao Huang, Jialei Yang, Jinhong Li, Zhaoxia Chen, Xiaojing Guo, Siyun Huang, Lian Gu, Li Su

01.06.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Autosomal dominant optic atrophy plus due to the novel OPA1 variant c.1463G>C

Josef Finsterer, Franco Laccone

01.06.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Dorsolateral striatal miR-134 modulates excessive methamphetamine intake in self-administering rats

Jing-Jing Shi, Dan-Ni Cao, Hui-Fen Liu, Zhi-Yuan Wang, Guan-Yi Lu, Ning Wu, Wen-Hua Zhou, Jin Li

10.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Metabolic stroke in a patient with bi-allelic OPA1 mutations

Ayelet Zerem, Keren Yosovich, Yael Cohen Rappaport, Stephanie Libzon, Lubov Blumkin, Liat Ben-Sira, Dorit Lev, Tally Lerman-Sagie

30.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Determination of neuroinflammatory biomarkers in autistic and neurotypical Saudi children

Najat O. Hamed, Laila-Al-Ayadhi, Mohamed A. Osman, Abdalla O. Elkhawad, Geir Bjørklund, Hanan Qasem, Naima Zayed, Afaf El-Ansary

29.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Neuroprotective effects of lovastatin in the pilocarpine rat model of epilepsy according to the expression of neurotrophic factors

Pooyan Moradi, Mahin Ganjkhani, Iraj Jafari Anarkooli, Alireza Abdanipour

14.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Cerebral water content mapping in cirrhosis patients with and without manifest HE

Michael Winterdahl, Zaheer Abbas, Ove Noer, Karen Louise Thomsen, Vincent Gras, Adjmal Nahimi, Hendrik Vilstrup, Nadim Joni Shah, Gitte Dam

13.06.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Mitochondrial oxidative stress-induced brain and hippocampus apoptosis decrease through modulation of caspase activity, Ca2+ influx and inflammatory cytokine molecular pathways in the docetaxel-treated mice by melatonin and selenium treatments

Zeki Serdar Ataizi, Kemal Ertilav, Mustafa Nazıroğlu

22.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Protective effect of gallic acid against arsenic-induced anxiety−/depression- like behaviors and memory impairment in male rats

Noreen Samad, Sadia Jabeen, Imran Imran, Iqra Zulfiqar, Kainat Bilal

27.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Soya bean rich diet is associated with adult male rat aggressive behavior: relation to RF amide-related peptide 3-aromatase-neuroestrogen pathway in the brain

Ghada A. Abdel-Aleem, Noha M. Shafik, Mohammed A. El-Magd, Darin A. Mohamed

04.06.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Schwann cell transplantation exerts neuroprotective roles in rat model of spinal cord injury by combating inflammasome activation and improving motor recovery and remyelination

Mahboubeh Mousavi, Azim Hedayatpour, Keywan Mortezaee, Yousef Mohamadi, Farid Abolhassani, Gholamreza Hassanzadeh

25.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Melatonin-pretreated adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells efficeintly improved learning, memory, and cognition in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease

Ebrahim Nasiri, Akram Alizadeh, Amaneh Mohammadi Roushandeh, Rouhollah Gazor, Nasrin Hashemi-Firouzi, Zoleikha Golipoor

22.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Maple syrup urine disease mutation spectrum in a cohort of 40 consanguineous patients and insilico analysis of novel mutations

Maryam Abiri, Hassan Saei, Maryam Eghbali, Razieh Karamzadeh, Tina Shirzadeh, Zohreh Sharifi, Sirous Zeinali

01.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

The effects of exercise on hippocampal inflammatory cytokine levels, brain oxidative stress markers and memory impairments induced by lipopolysaccharide in rats

Zahra Jahangiri, Zahra Gholamnezhad, Mahmoud Hosseini

21.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Electrical stimulation mPFC affects morphine addiction by changing glutamate concentration in the ventral tegmental area

Asal Keramatian, Hojjatallah Alaei, Akram Eidi, Maryam Radahmadi

10.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Rutin alleviates cadmium-induced neurotoxicity in Wistar rats: involvement of modulation of nucleotide-degrading enzymes and monoamine oxidase

Ganiyu Oboh, Adeniyi A. Adebayo, Ayokunle O. Ademosun, Olanike G. Olowokere

04.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Neuroprotective effect of diclofenac on chlorpromazine induced catalepsy in rats

Sadaf Naeem, Rahila Najam, Saira Saeed Khan, Talat Mirza, Bushra Sikandar

02.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Hepatocellular carcinoma up-regulated long non-coding RNA: a putative marker in multiple sclerosis

Arezou Sayad, Mohammad Taheri, Shahram Arsang-Jang, Mark C. Glassy, Soudeh Ghafouri-Fard

04.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation can prevent changes in mitochondrial energy metabolism and oxidative stress caused by chronic administration of L-tyrosine in the brain of rats

Milena Carvalho-Silva, Lara M. Gomes, Maria L. Gomes, Bruna K. Ferreira, Patricia F. Schuck, Gustavo C. Ferreira, Felipe Dal-Pizzol, Jade de Oliveira, Giselli Scaini, Emilio L. Streck

29.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Magnesium sulfate protects blood–brain barrier integrity and reduces brain edema after acute ischemic stroke in rats

Javad Shadman, Nooshin Sadeghian, Alireza Moradi, Shahab Bohlooli, Hamdollah Panahpour

06.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2019 Open Access

Clinical, biochemical, neuroradiological and molecular characterization of Egyptian patients with glutaric acidemia type 1

Hatem Zayed, Hamed El Khayat, Hoda Tomoum, Ola Khalifa, Ehab Siddiq, Shaimaa A. Mohammad, Radwa Gamal, Zumin Shi, Ahmed Mosailhy, Osama K. Zaki

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