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27.02.2018 | Research Article

Image-Based 2D Re-Projection for Attenuation Substitution in PET Neuroimaging

Quantitatively accurate positron emission tomography (PET) necessitates, among other things, correction for attenuation and scatter. To effect such a correction requires information about the attenuation properties of the subject being imaged. In …

21.02.2018 | Research Article

Evaluation of Pancreatic VMAT2 Binding with Active and Inactive Enantiomers of [18F]FP-DTBZ in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

The radiotracer [ 18 F]fluoropropyl-(+)-dihydrotetrabenazine ([ 18 F]FP-(+)-DTBZ) is a positron emission tomography (PET) imaging agent for the vesicular monoamine transporter type 2 (VMAT2). In addition to the brain, VMAT2 is expressed within the …

20.02.2018 | Letter to the Editor

Response to Notter and Meyer’s Letter to the Editor Regarding Increased Expression of Translocator Protein (TSPO) Marks Pro-inflammatory Microglia but Does Not Predict Neurodegeneration

20.02.2018 | Research Article

Tumor Targeting via Sialic Acid: [68Ga]DOTA-en-pba as a New Tool for Molecular Imaging of Cancer with PET

Cancer diagnosis has significantly been improved over the past decades, due to novel imaging agents that enable earlier detection. Recently, the development of tailored therapies to perform personalized treatment of cancer is under intense …

15.02.2018 | Research Article

MHI-148 Cyanine Dye Conjugated Chitosan Nanomicelle with NIR Light-Trigger Release Property as Cancer Targeting Theranostic Agent

Nanotherapeutics loaded with anti-cancer drugs, such as Abraxane or Doxil, have been used for clinical application for more than a decade. To improve drug release and delivery to the tumor region, stimuli responsive systems (pH, light …

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Molecular Imaging and Biology presents original research contributions on the utilization of molecular imaging in problems of relevance in biology and medicine. The primary objective of the journal is to provide a forum for the discovery of molecular mechanisms of health and disease through the use of imaging techniques.

Among the topics covered are molecular imaging investigations of macromolecular targets involved in significant biological processes; design and evaluation of molecular probes used to investigate macromolecular targets and their functions; and study of in vivo animal models of disease for the development of new molecular diagnostics and therapeutics.

The overall goal is to translate basic science discoveries into molecular imaging of disease in patients, both to investigate the biological nature of disease in actual patients and to establish new molecular imaging diagnostic procedures.

Molecular Imaging and Biology is the official journal of the World Molecular Imaging Society and the European Society for Molecular Imaging.

The 2014 h5 Index for Molecular Imaging and Biology is 35, i.e. there were 35 articles published between 2009 and 2013 that have each been cited at least 35 times.

Google Ranking: #11 in the Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, and Molecular Imaging category.

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