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17.01.2017 | Case Report

Artifacts on temporomandibular joint MR images caused by mascara used as hair dye

We report the case of a patient who used mascara in an unusual manner, as hair dye, causing artifacts on magnetic resonance (MR) images. A 60-year-old woman was referred to our hospital because of discomfort and mastication difficulty as a result …

30.12.2016 | Rapid Communication

Unusual bifid crista galli in a patient with cleft lip and palate

One of the most common craniofacial malformations observed in newborn babies is cleft lip and palate (CLP). This syndrome presents with some anatomic variations. The aim of this study was to understand an anatomic variation of the crista galli …

30.12.2016 | Case Report

Diagnostic value of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and scintigraphy in diagnosing actinomycosis of the mandible

Mandibular actinomycosis is an uncommon disease caused by Actinomyces israelii. Actinomycosis infection typically manifests as a chronic disease resulting in multiple abscesses, firm soft tissue mass, and presence of sulfur granules in exudates or …

26.12.2016 | Original Article

Application of fractal analysis of the midpalatal suture for estimation of pubertal growth spurts

Growth in facial width is completed before the pubertal growth spurt period, while growth in facial length and height continues throughout adolescence. Completion of growth in maxillary width is represented by fusion of the maxillary midpalatal …

24.12.2016 | Case Report

Oxalosis with oral manifestations in a patient with chronic renal failure

Oxalosis resulting from hyperoxaluria caused by chronic renal failure can be speculated in rare cases among patients with multiple alveolar bone resorption and tooth root resorption events in the oral cavity.

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