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Osteoporosis International 6/2015

Ausgabe 6/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

01.06.2015 | Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2015

The ABC of writing a grant proposal

E. Seeman

01.06.2015 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2015

The position of strontium ranelate in today’s management of osteoporosis

J.-Y. Reginster, M.-L. Brandi, J. Cannata-Andía, C. Cooper, B. Cortet, J.-M. Feron, H. Genant, S. Palacios, J. D. Ringe, R. Rizzoli

01.06.2015 | Short Communication | Ausgabe 6/2015

Vitamin D deficiency among physicians: a comparison between hospitalists and community-based physicians

G. Munter, T. Levi-Vineberg, N. Sylvetsky

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

A longitudinal study of bone area, content, density, and strength development at the radius and tibia in children 4–12 years of age exposed to recreational gymnastics

S. A. Jackowski, A. D. G. Baxter-Jones, R. Gruodyte-Raciene, S. A. Kontulainen, M. C. Erlandson

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Age-related differences in volumetric bone mineral density, microarchitecture, and bone strength of distal radius and tibia in Chinese women: a high-resolution pQCT reference database study

V. W. Y. Hung, T. Y. Zhu, W.-H. Cheung, T.-N. Fong, F. W. P. Yu, L.-K. Hung, K.-S. Leung, J. C. Y. Cheng, T.-P. Lam, L. Qin

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Targeted assessment of fracture risk in women at midlife

S. R. Davis, A. Tan, R. J. Bell

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Living near a freeway is associated with lower bone mineral density among Mexican Americans

Z. Chen, M. T. Salam, R. Karim, C. M. Toledo-Corral, R. M. Watanabe, A. H. Xiang, T. A. Buchanan, R. Habre, T. M. Bastain, F. Lurmann, M. Taher, J. P. Wilson, E. Trigo, F. D. Gilliland

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Risk and adverse outcomes of fractures in patients with Parkinson’s disease: two nationwide studies

Y.-F. Huang, Y.-G. Cherng, S. P. C. Hsu, C.-C. Yeh, Y.-C. Chou, C.-H. Wu, T.-L. Chen, C.-C. Liao

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Education, marital status, and risk of hip fractures in older men and women: the CHANCES project

V. Benetou, P. Orfanos, D. Feskanich, K. Michaëlsson, U. Pettersson-Kymmer, L. A. Ahmed, A. Peasey, A. Wolk, H. Brenner, M. Bobak, T. Wilsgaard, B. Schöttker, K.-U. Saum, A. Bellavia, F. Grodstein, E. Klinaki, E. Valanou, E.-M. Papatesta, P. Boffetta, A. Trichopoulou

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Decreased bone cortical density at the forearm in subjects with subclinical peripheral arterial disease

A. Gaudio, F. Muratore, V. Fiore, R. Rapisarda, S. S. Signorelli, C. E. Fiore

01.06.2015 | Case Report | Ausgabe 6/2015

Atypical femur fracture during bisphosphonate drug holiday: a case series

A. J. Lovy, S. M. Koehler, A. Keswani, D. Joseph, R. Hasija, R. Ghillani

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Cortical thinning and progressive cortical porosity in female patients with systemic lupus erythematosus on long-term glucocorticoids: a 2-year case-control study

T. Y. Zhu, J. F. Griffith, L. Qin, V. W. Y. Hung, T.-N. Fong, S.-K. Au, X.-L. Tang, E. W. Kun, A. W. Kwok, P.-C. Leung, E. K. LI, L.-S. Tam

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

The impact of glucocorticoid therapy on trabecular bone score in older women

M. A. Paggiosi, N. F. A. Peel, R. Eastell

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015 Open Access

Changes in quality of life associated with fragility fractures: Australian arm of the International Cost and Utility Related to Osteoporotic Fractures Study (AusICUROS)

J. Abimanyi-Ochom, J. J. Watts, F. Borgström, G. C. Nicholson, C. Shore-Lorenti, A. L. Stuart, Y. Zhang, S. Iuliano, E. Seeman, R. Prince, L. March, M. Cross, T. Winzenberg, L. L. Laslett, G. Duque, P. R. Ebeling, K. M. Sanders

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

A novel 3D-printed device for localization and extraction of trabeculae from human femoral heads: a comparison with traditional visual extraction

H. Lv, L. Zhang, F. Yang, M. Li, P. Yin, X. Su, P. Yin, L. Zhang, P. Tang

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Bone marrow fat is increased in chronic kidney disease by magnetic resonance spectroscopy

R. N. Moorthi, W. Fadel, G. J. Eckert, K. Ponsler-Sipes, S. M. Moe, C. Lin

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) reveals low bone mineral density in adolescents with motor difficulties

B. Hands, P. Chivers, F. McIntyre, F. C. Bervenotti, T. Blee, B. Beeson, F. Bettenay, A. Siafarikas

01.06.2015 | Case Report | Ausgabe 6/2015

Normal bone mass and normocalcemia in adulthood despite homozygous vitamin D receptor mutations

F. M. Damiani, R. M. Martin, A. C. Latronico, B. Ferraz-de-Souza

01.06.2015 | Short Communication | Ausgabe 6/2015

Dietary patterns and risk of hip fractures in postmenopausal women and men over 50 years

T. T. Fung, D. Feskanich

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015 Open Access

Long-term persistence with anti-osteoporosis drugs after fracture

C. Klop, P. M. J. Welsing, P. J. M. Elders, J. A. Overbeek, P. C. Souverein, A. M. Burden, H. A. W. van Onzenoort, H. G. M. Leufkens, J. W. J. Bijlsma, F. de Vries

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Trabecular bone score may improve FRAX® prediction accuracy for major osteoporotic fractures in elderly Japanese men: the Fujiwara-kyo Osteoporosis Risk in Men (FORMEN) Cohort Study

M. Iki, Y. Fujita, J. Tamaki, K. Kouda, A. Yura, Y. Sato, J.-S. Moon, R. Winzenrieth, N. Okamoto, N. Kurumatani

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Increased risk of coronary heart disease in patients with hip fracture: a nationwide cohort study

C.-H. Tsai, C.-L. Lin, H.-C. Hsu, W.-S. Chung

01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Prevention of bone loss with risedronate in breast cancer survivors: a randomized, controlled clinical trial

S. L. Greenspan, K. T. Vujevich, A. Brufsky, B. C. Lembersky, G. J. van Londen, R. C. Jankowitz, S. L. Puhalla, P. Rastogi, S. Perera

01.06.2015 | Erratum | Ausgabe 6/2015

Erratum to: Association between fat mass, lean mass, and bone loss: the Dubbo osteoporosis epidemiology study

S. Yang, J. R. Center, J. A. Eisman, T. V. Nguyen

01.06.2015 | Letter | Ausgabe 6/2015

Variations in parathyroid hormone concentration in patients with low 25 hydroxyvitamin D and its correction in patients with hip fracture

T. Alarcón, J. I. González-Montalvo, D. Ariza, A. Pardo

01.06.2015 | Letter | Ausgabe 6/2015

Platelet indices can relate to bone mineralization: response to comments by Varol

A. Akbal, H. Reşorlu

01.06.2015 | Letter | Ausgabe 6/2015

The relationship between platelet indices and postmenopausal osteoporosis

E. Varol

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