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Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology 1/2020

Ausgabe 1/2020

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30.10.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

What is Left Ventricular Strain in Healthy Neonates? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Umael Khan, Tom R. Omdal, Knut Matre, Gottfried Greve

01.01.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Genetic Contribution to Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)

NA Shabana, Saleem Ullah Shahid, Uzma Irfan

08.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Orthostatic and Exercise Effects in Children Years After Kawasaki Disease

Yoshihiro Nakamura, Takehiro Hama, Yoshie Nakamura, Hideki Tsukada, Yoichiro Oda, Shoichi Awa

25.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020 Open Access

Neoaortic Regurgitation in Patients with Transposition Long Term After an Arterial Switch Operation and Its Relation to the Root Diameters and Surgical Technique Used

Krzysztof W. Michalak, Katarzyna Sobczak-Budlewska, Jacek J. Moll, Konrad Szymczyk, Jadwiga A. Moll, Monika Łubisz, Maciej Moll

24.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Residual Shunts Following Isolated Surgical Ventricular Septal Defect Closure: Risk Factors and Spontaneous Closure

Xicheng Deng, Peng Huang, Jinwen Luo, Renwei Chen, Guangxian Yang, Wenjuan Chen, Qianjun Liu, Cheng He

07.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Parents of Very Young Children with Congenital Heart Defects Report Good Quality of Life for Their Children and Families Regardless of Defect Severity

J. S. Lee, N. Cinanni, N. Di Cristofaro, S. Lee, R. Dillenburg, K. B. Adamo, T. Mondal, N. Barrowman, G. Shanmugam, B. W. Timmons, P. W. Longmuir

31.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Impact of Transcatheter Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect on Atrial Arrhythmias Propensity in Young Adults

Michel Cabrera Ortega, Dunia Bárbara Benítez Ramos, Juan Carlos Ramiro Novoa, Francisco Javier Ozores Suarez, Francisco Díaz Ramírez, Mabel Domínguez González

31.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

The Utility of Echocardiography in Pediatric Patients with Structurally Normal Hearts and Suspected Endocarditis

Patrick Kelly, Nancy Hua, Erin J. Madriago, Kathryn W. Holmes, Robin Shaughnessy, Christina Ronai

28.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Comparison of Semi-Automated Versus Manual Quantitative Right Ventricular Assessment in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Jamie Penk, Shireen Mukadam, S. Javed Zaidi, Vivian Cui, Robert Metzger, David A. Roberson, Yi Li

22.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Trends in Infant Mortality After TAPVR Repair over 18 Years in Texas and Impact of Hospital Surgical Volume

Subhrajit Lahiri, Yunfei Wang, Christopher A. Caldarone, Shaine A. Morris

02.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Technical Performance Score Predicts Perioperative Outcomes in Complex Congenital Heart Surgery Performed in a Small-to-Medium-Volume Program

Entela B. Lushaj, Heather L. Bartlett, Luke J. Lamers, Shannon Arndt, Joshua Hermsen, J. Carter Ralphe, Petros V. Anagnostopoulos

25.10.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Potential Value of Native T1 Mapping in Symptomatic Adults with Congenital Heart Disease: A Preliminary Study of 3.0 Tesla Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Yumi Shiina, Kei Inai, Kota Taniguchi, Tatsunori Takahashi, Michinobu Nagao

03.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Left Ventricular Layer-Specific Myocardial Strains in Children with Recovered Primary Dilated Cardiomyopathy: What Lies Beneath the Iceberg?

Enas Maher, Waleed Elshehaby, Doaa El Amrousy, Osama El Razaky

15.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

ChyloBEST: Chylothorax in Infants and Nutrition with Low-Fat Breast Milk

Lisa Neumann, Tina Springer, Kathleen Nieschke, Martin Kostelka, Ingo Dähnert

01.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Early Integration of Palliative Care in Families of Children with Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Defects: A Quality Improvement Project to Enhance Family Support

Jo Ann M. Davis, Alice Bass, Lisa Humphrey, Karen Texter, Amy Garee

11.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Frequent Ventricular Premature Beats in Children and Adolescents: Natural History and Relationship with Sport Activity in a Long-Term Follow-Up

Giulio Porcedda, Alice Brambilla, Silvia Favilli, Gaia Spaziani, Giuseppe Mascia, Marzia Giaccardi

16.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Valve Replacement in Children with Single Ventricle Physiology

Noor Alshami, Amber Leila Sarvestani, Amanda S. Thomas, James St. Louis, Lazaros Kochilas, Geetha Raghuveer

06.12.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Outcomes of the Warden Procedure for Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage

Hongyuan Lin, Jun Yan, Qiang Wang, Shoujun Li, Haining Sun, Yajuan Zhang, Liang Zhang, Wenchao Liu

13.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

The Progress and Significance of QRS Duration by Electrocardiography in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Yaa Karikari, Mubeena Abdulkarim, Yi Li, Rohit S. Loomba, Frank Zimmerman, Tarek Husayni

18.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020 Open Access

Indirect Calorimetry Overestimates Oxygen Consumption in Young Children: Caution is Advised Using Direct Fick Method as a Reference Method in Cardiac Output Comparison Studies

Theodor S. Sigurdsson, Lars Lindberg

25.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Risk Factors and Outcomes of Tetralogy of Fallot: From Fetal to Neonatal Life

Joana A. Silva, Ana L. Neves, Filipa Flor-de-Lima, Paulo Soares, Hercília Guimarães

11.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Identification of Gene Mutations in Primary Pediatric Cardiomyopathy by Whole Exome Sequencing

Kitiwan Rojnueangnit, Boonchu Sirichongkolthong, Ratthapon Wongwandee, Thanitchet Khetkham, Saisuda Noojarern, Arthaporn Khongkraparn, Duangrurdee Wattanasirichaigoon

23.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Neonatal Non-compacted Cardiomyopathy: Predictors of Poor Outcome

Javier Rodriguez-Fanjul, Sheila Tubio-Gómez, Juan Manuel Carretero Bellón, Carles Bautista-Rodríguez, Joan Sanchez-de-Toledo

19.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Placement of Reveal LINQ Device in the Left Anterior Axillary Position

Heather Anderson, Joseph Dearani, M. Yasir Qureshi, Kimberly Holst, Patrick O’Leary, Bryan Cannon, Philip Wackel

09.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Two-Dimensional Strain is more Precise than Conventional Measures of Left Ventricular Systolic Function in Pediatric Patients

Meghna D. Patel, Craig Myers, Kazuaki Negishi, Gautam K. Singh, Shafkat Anwar

12.11.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2020 Open Access

Non-surgical Risk Factors for the Development of Chylothorax in Children after Cardiac Surgery-Does Fluid Matter?

Tanya Perry, Kelly Bora, Adnan Bakar, David B. Meyer, Todd Sweberg

03.12.2019 | Correction | Ausgabe 1/2020

Correction to: Non-surgical Risk Factors for the Development of Chylothorax in Children after Cardiac Surgery-Does Fluid Matter?

Tanya Perry, Kelly Bora, Adnan Bakar, David B. Meyer, Todd Sweberg

25.07.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Border Medicine: The Pediatric Cardiology Perspective

Ashutosh Agrawal, Sethuraman Swaminathan, Suvarna L. Guvvala, Sudheer R. Gorla

03.09.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Ascending Aortic Aneurysm After Repair of Aortico–Left Ventricular Tunnel

Hong-Jie Jhou, Liang-Ying Ke, Jiunn-Ren Wu, Ying-Fu Chen

14.09.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Diagnosis and Management of Anomalous Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery in an Asymptomatic Infant

Aditi Gupta, Nazia Husain, Paul Tannous, Amanda Hauck

18.09.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Development of a Ductal Aneurysm in a Patient with Williams Syndrome, and Subsequent Interventional Closure

Gert van den Berg, Willem A. Helbing, Ingrid van Beynum, Thomas B. Krasemann

01.01.2020 | Images in Pediatric Cardiology | Ausgabe 1/2020

Echocardiographic Diagnosis of Anomalous Single Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery: Use of Bubble Contrast Echocardiography

Nikhil Thatte, Manouk Kirakosian, Aditya Kaza, Kevin Friedman

01.01.2020 | Images in Pediatric Cardiology | Ausgabe 1/2020

Spontaneous “Coronary Bypass” in a Paediatric Transplanted Heart

Elisabet Camprubí-Tubella, Dimpna C. Albert-Brotons, Pedro Betrián-Blasco

04.11.2019 | Correction | Ausgabe 1/2020

Correction to: Phases and Mechanisms of Embryonic Cardiomyocyte Proliferation and Ventricular Wall Morphogenesis

Yaacov Barak, Myriam Hemberger, Henry M. Sucov

01.01.2020 | Upcoming Events | Ausgabe 1/2020

Upcoming Events in Pediatric Cardiology

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