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Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology 6/2002

Ausgabe 6/2002

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 21 Artikel )

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

A Multicenter Analysis of the Choice of Initial Surgical Procedure in Tetralogy of Fallot

T.J. Mulder, L.A. Pyles, A. Stolfi, A.S. Pickoff, J.H. Moller

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Test Characteristics of a Level I or II Fetal Ultrasound in Detecting Structural Heart Disease

M. Skeels, D. Taylor, J. Park, M. Parrish, M. Choy

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

QT Dispersion in Infants with Apparent Life-Threatening Events Syndrome

E.I. Goldhammer, G. Zaid, Y. Tal, M. Jaffe, E.G. Abinader

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Successful Combined Orthotopic Liver Transplant and Transcatheter Management of Atrial Septal Defect, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, and Peripheral Pulmonic Stenosis in a Small Infant with Alagille Syndrome

M. Harris, Q.-L. Cao, D. Waight, Z.M. Hijazi

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Immunologic Profile of Patients with Protein-Losing Enteropathy Complicating Congenital Heart Disease

Y.F. Cheung, H.Y.H. Tsang, J.S.Y. Kwok

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Physical Fitness of Urban American Children

R. Chatrath, R. Shenoy, M. Serratto, D.G. Thoele

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

The Incidence of Arrhythmias in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

T.M. Hoffman, G. Wernovsky, T.S. Wieand, M.I. Cohen, A.C. Jennings, V.L. Vetter, R.I. Godinez, J.W. Gaynor, T.L. Spray, L.A. Rhodes

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Functional Pulmonary Atresia in a Newborn with Normal Intracardiac Anatomy

O.C. Almeida-Filho, A. Schmidt, J.A. Marin-Neto, B.C. Maciel

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

A National Survey on the Pediatric Cardiologist's Clinical Approach for Patients with Kawasaki Disease

I.Y. Kahwaji, D.M. Connuck, N. Tafari, N.S. Dahdah

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Effect of Dobutamine on a Doppler Echocardiographic Index of Combined Systolic and Diastolic Performance

K. Harada, M. Tamura, M. Toyono, K. Yasuoka

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Afterload Reduction Therapy in Patients Following Intraatrial Baffle Operation for Transposition of the Great Arteries

B. Robinson, C.T. Heise, J.W. Moore, J. Anella, M. Sokoloski, E. Eshaghpour

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Unusual Cardiac Malformations in Conjoined Twins: Thoracopagus Twins with Conjoined Pentalogy of Cantrell and an Omphalopagus Twin with Atretic Ventricles

R. Spencer, W.H. Robichaux, D.W. Superneau, V.W. Lucas

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Perioperative Care of the Adult with Congenital Heart Disease in a Free-Standing Tertiary Pediatric Facility

A.R. Mott, C.D. Fraser, E.D. McKenzie, L.I. Bezold, D.B. Andropoulos, G.J. Reul, C.H. Miranda, S.L. Bedford, T.F. Feltes

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Ambiguity and Mistakes in the Pediatric Cardiology Vernacular

M.S. Sklansky, J.-C. Loo, A. Rothman

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Pulmonary Varix Secondary to Pulmonary Vein Obstruction

I. Balfour, S.C. Chen, A. Luisiri

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Fetal Diagnosis and Postnatal Follow-Up of an Asymptomatic Congenital Left Ventricular Diverticulum

A. Brachlow, C. Sable, S. Smith, M. Slack, G. Martin

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

An Aberrant Umbilical Vein Draining into the Coronary Sinus

A. Chi, C. Sable, S. Cummings, G. Martin

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

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01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

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01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

Upcoming Events in Pediatric Cardiology

01.12.2002 | Ausgabe 6/2002

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