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Insight into Selecting Adolescents for Drinking Intervention Programs: a Simulation Based on Stochastic Actor–Oriented Models

Adolescent drinking remains a prominent public health and socioeconomic issue in the USA with costly consequences. While numerous drinking intervention programs have been developed, there is little guidance whether certain strategies of …


A Qualitative Study of Mothers’ Perspectives on Enrolling and Engaging in an Evidence-Based Nurse Home Visiting Program

Prevention programs like Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP) must enroll and retain clients of the intended population to maximize program impact. NFP is an evidence-based nurse home visitation program shown in randomized trials to improve maternal …


Can Policy Promote Adoption or Outcomes of Evidence-based Prevention Programming?: a Case Illustration of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

This study examined the impact of a state policy requiring that any school with a habitual truancy rate of 8% or higher to be trained in Tier 1 school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SW-PBIS). A regression discontinuity (RD) …


Long-term Consequences of Criminal Justice System Intervention: The Impact of Young Adult Arrest on Midlife Health Behaviors

While there is a growing literature on the relationship between incarceration and health, few studies have expanded the investigation of criminal justice system involvement and health to include the more common intervention of arrest. This study …


A National Cost Analysis of Community Interventions to Prevent Underage Drinking and Prescription Drug Misuse

This prospective cost analysis addresses a gap in the prevention literature by providing estimates of the typical real-world costs to implement community interventions focused on preventing underage drinking and prescription drug misuse. The study …

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Prevention sciences encompassing etiology, epidemiology and intervention are represented through peer-reviewed original research articles on a variety of health and social problems, including but not limited to substance abuse, mental health, HIV/AIDS, violence, accidents, teenage pregnancy, suicide, delinquency, STD's, obesity, diet/nutrition, exercise, and chronic illness. The journal also publishes literature reviews, theoretical articles, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, brief reports, and papers concerning new developments in methodology.

Prevention Science is the official publication of the Society for Prevention Research.

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