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19.03.2020 | Commentary Open Access

Psoriasis Vulgaris Successfully Treated with Goeckerman Treatment at Home: A Patient and Physician’s Experience

Dermatology and Therapy
Vidhatha Reddy, Shawn Thomas, Quinn Thibodeaux, Bridget Myers, Tina Bhutani, Wilson Liao
Wichtige Hinweise
The article is part of the Topical Collection on Patient.

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Goeckerman therapy is a highly effective treatment regimen for moderate-to-severe psoriasis. It involves regular exposure to ultraviolet B radiation and the application of crude coal tar. To our knowledge, only three centers in the USA currently offer a formal Goeckerman therapy treatment program; thus, access to this therapy is geographically limited. In this article, a motivated patient discusses his experience with generalized plaque psoriasis. This patient, while living in a Goeckerman-inaccessible area, deferred treatment with biologics and outpatient phototherapy to develop a modified Goeckerman regimen for at-home use. This home regimen, which did not involve the use of prescription-strength medications, resulted in full clearance of his psoriasis. We also discuss the patient’s case from the perspective of a dermatology treatment team that has reviewed his experience.
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