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01.12.2018 | Research | Ausgabe 1/2018 Open Access

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 1/2018

Related factors of quality of life of type 2 diabetes patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes > Ausgabe 1/2018
Xiyue Jing, Jiageng Chen, Yanan Dong, Duolan Han, Haozuo Zhao, Xuying Wang, Fei Gao, Changping Li, Zhuang Cui, Yuanyuan Liu, Jun Ma
Wichtige Hinweise
Xiyue Jing and Jiageng Chen contributed equally to this work.



Diabetes is a chronic disease, and it could affect both health and quality of life (QOL). A lot of studies have reported some predictors of QOL of type 2 diabetes patients. While their results were not completely consistent. So the aim of our study was finding out the related factors (including characteristics related to the disease, life styles and mental health factors) of QOL of type 2 diabetes patients.


We searched Cochrane library, EmBase, PubMed and CNKI databases for published studies that evaluated the related factors of QOL of type 2 diabetes patients by using a proper statistic method and had effect sizes (OR or β) and 95% confidence intervals from January 1st 2000 to May 31st 2016. Any study types were acceptable, and we excluded the reviews, letters, editorials and pooled analyses. The data were analyzed using STATA software (Version 12.0; Stata Corporation). Effect sizes and 95% confidence intervals were calculated to evaluate the relationship between these factors and QOL.


Eighteen studies were included into our systematic review and meta-analysis, totaling 57,109 type 2 diabetes patients. Do more physical exercises (The pooled ORs ranged from 0.635 to 0.825 for different scales, less than 1.00), glucose check more frequently [pooled OR (95%CI): 0.175 (0.041, 0.756)] were associated with a better QOL. Presence of complications (The pooled ORs ranged from 1.462 to 3.038 for different scales, more than 1.00), presence of hypertension [pooled OR (95%CI): 1.389 (1.173, 1644)], longer duration of diabetes [pooled OR (95%CI): 1.865 (1.088, 3.197)], diet with more red meat [pooled OR (95%CI): 2.085 (1.063, 4.089)] and depression (The pooled ORs ranged from 3.003 to 11.473 for different scales, higher than 1.00) were associated with a worse QOL.


The results of this study show that physical exercise, glucose check frequently, complications, hypertension, duration of diabetes, diet with more red meat, and depression were associated with the QOL of type 2 diabetes patients.
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