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Sport Sciences for Health

Founded by the Faculty of Exercise Science - University of Milan, official journal of the Italian Society of Exercise and Sport Sciences

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09.07.2020 | Original Article

Effect of mate tea consumption on rapid force production after eccentric exercise: a randomized, controlled, crossover study

Exercise involving unaccustomed muscle eccentric actions may result in transient ultrastructural, metabolic, and functional disturbances, such as ruptures of myofibril filaments, efflux of myocellular proteins, inflammation, and a typical muscle …

30.06.2020 | Original Article

Effect of carbohydrate supplementation on strength parameters during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu simulated tournament

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a combat sport based in grappling, sweeps, takedowns, chokeholds, and joint locks [ 1 ], which has greatly increased the number of practitioners, both amateurs and professionals. To execute these movements efficiently …

28.06.2020 | Original Article

Effect of fatigue on postural sway in sport-specific positions of young rhythmic gymnasts

Rhythmic gymnastics is a discipline that combines artistic elements derived from ballet and modern dance with complex technical maneuvers, while having full control of apparatuses, such as hoops, balls, clubs, ribbons, and ropes. Thus, potentially …

27.06.2020 | Original Article

Visio-spatial skills in athletes: comparison of rugby players and non-athletes

In order to perform fundamental movement activities, such as walking, running, catching and jumping, individuals, and especially athletes, need to be able to use motor skills [ 1 ]. These motor skills are stable, long-lasting and are essential for …

25.06.2020 | Original Article

Multicomponent intervention effect on cardiometabolic risk factors among overweight/obese Brazilian children: a mediation analysis

Cardiometabolic dysfunction and childhood obesity have been identified as important determinants of health, in early ages and adulthood. Research has indicated several related risk factors, such as dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, and …

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The journal Sport Sciences for Health publishes reports of experimental and clinical research on the physiology and pathophysiology of physical exercise. The journal places a special focus on mechanisms through which exercise can prevent or treat chronic-degenerative disease, contributing to better health maintenance in the population.

Coverage includes biochemical, physiological, pathophysiological and clinical aspects of research on physical exercise in the prevention of diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and some cancers. The journal also presents studies identifying the "dose" of physical exercise suitable for prevention and the "dose" suitable for treatment of specific diseases, for the different sport activities.

A special section, Pharmaeconomics Forum, offers contributed items on the effects of prevention and exercise programs on health maintenance costs.

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