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Abdominal Radiology

Abdominal Radiology 3/2018

Ausgabe 3/2018

Special Section: CT Colonography

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

19.02.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

CT colonography: the ideal colorectal cancer screening test

David H. Kim

07.03.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

CT colonography: over two decades from discovery to practice

Perry J. Pickhardt, Judy Yee, C. Daniel Johnson

15.02.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

CTC technique: methods to ensure an optimal exam

Kevin J. Chang, David H. Kim

05.02.2018 | Invited article | Ausgabe 3/2018

CT colonography interpretation: how to maximize polyp detection and minimize overcalling

Seong Ho Park, David H. Kim

15.02.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Extracolonic findings and radiation at CT colonography: what the referring provider needs to know

Judy Yee, Elizabeth McFarland

01.02.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Structured reporting and quality control in CT colonography

Abraham H. Dachman, Matthew A. Barish

10.07.2017 | Pictorial essay | Ausgabe 3/2018

Pre- and neonatal imaging of gastrointestinal complications in congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Katharina Minkner, Leonor Alamo

04.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Gastrointestinal tract complications after hepatic radiofrequency ablation: CT prediction for major complications

Yun Soo Jeong, Se Hyung Kim, Jeong Min Lee, Jae Young Lee, Jung Hoon Kim, Dong Ho Lee, Hyo-Jin Kang, Chang Jin Yoon, Joon Koo Han

08.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Variable refocusing flip angle single-shot fast spin echo imaging of liver lesions: increased speed and lesion contrast

Robert M. Hicks, Andreas M. Loening, Michael A. Ohliger, Shreyas S. Vasanawala, Thomas A. Hope

21.08.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Does intravoxel incoherent motion reliably stage hepatic fibrosis, steatosis, and inflammation?

Kumaresan Sandrasegaran, Paul Territo, Reem M. Elkady, Yuning Lin, Pauley Gasparis, Gitasree Borthakur, Chen Lin

20.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Glucose as a stimulation agent in the BOLD functional magnetic resonance imaging for liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma: a feasibility study

Fang Yuan, Bin Song, Zixing Huang, Xijiao Liu, Chunchao Xia

04.07.2017 | Pictorial Essay | Ausgabe 3/2018

Tumor thrombosis: a peculiar finding associated with pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms. A pictorial essay

Riccardo De Robertis, Salvatore Paiella, Nicolò Cardobi, Luca Landoni, Paolo Tinazzi Martini, Silvia Ortolani, Giulia De Marchi, Stefano Gobbo, Alessandro Giardino, Giovanni Butturini, Giampaolo Tortora, Claudio Bassi, Mirko D’Onofrio

10.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Preoperative CT in patients with surgically resectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma: does the time interval between CT and surgery affect survival?

Gerard M. Healy, C. E. Redmond, S. Murphy, H. Fleming, A. Haughey, R. Kavanagh, N. Swan, K. C. Conlon, D. E. Malone, E. R. Ryan

28.06.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Quantitative MRI of kidneys in renal disease

Timothy L. Kline, Marie E. Edwards, Ishan Garg, Maria V. Irazabal, Panagiotis Korfiatis, Peter C. Harris, Bernard F. King, Vicente E. Torres, Sudhakar K. Venkatesh, Bradley J. Erickson

28.06.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Follow-up of acute pyelonephritis: what causes the diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging recovery to lag clinical recovery?

Riccardo Faletti, Marco Gatti, Serena Bassano, Daniela Finocchietti, Stefano Fiore, Loredana Colla, Laura Bergamasco, Maria Carla Cassinis, Paolo Fonio

04.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Morphologic analysis with computed tomography may help differentiate fat-poor angiomyolipoma from renal cell carcinoma: a retrospective study with 602 patients

Yong Hee Kim, Kyunghwa Han, Young Taik Oh, Dae Chul Jung, Nam Hoon Cho, Sung Yoon Park

04.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Application of noninvasive functional imaging to monitor the progressive changes in kidney diffusion and perfusion in contrast-induced acute kidney injury rats at 3.0 T

Bin Zhang, Yuhao Dong, Baoliang Guo, Wenbo Chen, Fusheng Ouyang, Zhouyang Lian, Jing Liu, Shuixing Zhang

04.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Bladder cancer diagnosis with CT urography: test characteristics and reasons for false-positive and false-negative results

Tony W. Trinh, Daniel I. Glazer, Cheryl A. Sadow, V. Anik Sahni, Nina L. Geller, Stuart G. Silverman

18.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Differentiation of renal cell carcinoma subtypes with different iodine quantification methods using single-phase contrast-enhanced dual-energy CT: areal vs. volumetric analyses

Chenchen Dai, Yingli Cao, Yan Jia, Yuqin Ding, Ruofan Sheng, Mengsu Zeng, Jianjun Zhou

12.09.2017 | Pictorial essay | Ausgabe 3/2018

A systematic approach to adnexal masses discovered on ultrasound: the ADNEx MR scoring system

Elizabeth A. Sadowski, Jessica B. Robbins, Andrea G. Rockall, Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara

04.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Incidental findings on multiparametric MRI performed for evaluation of prostate cancer

Rachael L. Sherrer, Win Shun Lai, John V. Thomas, Jeffrey W. Nix, Soroush Rais-Bahrami

18.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

New prostate cancer prognostic grade group (PGG): Can multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) accurately separate patients with low-, intermediate-, and high-grade cancer?

Jamie N. Holtz, Rachel Kloss Silverman, Kae Jack Tay, Jill T. Browning, Jiaoti Huang, Thomas J. Polascik, Rajan T. Gupta

24.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Success and complications of percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage are influenced by liver entry segment and level of catheter placement

Yi-Sheng Liu, Chia-Ying Lin, Ming-Tsung Chuang, Yi-Shan Tsai, Chien-Kuo Wang, Ming-Ching Ou

01.08.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Safety and efficacy of transcatheter embolization with Glubran®2 cyanoacrylate glue for acute arterial bleeding: a single-center experience with 104 patients

Gilles Abdulmalak, Olivier Chevallier, Nicolas Falvo, Lucy Di Marco, Aurélie Bertaut, Benjamin Moulin, Célina Abi-Khalil, Sophie Gehin, Pierre-Emmanuel Charles, Marianne Latournerie, Marco Midulla, Romaric Loffroy

29.06.2017 | Pictorial essay | Ausgabe 3/2018

Documentation, coding, and billing: what abdominal radiologists need to know

Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, Andrew J. Degnan, Richard Duszak Jr.

04.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Poly-energetic and virtual mono-energetic images from a novel dual-layer spectral detector CT: optimization of window settings is crucial to improve subjective image quality in abdominal CT angiographies

Jonas Doerner, Julian A. Luetkens, Andra-Iza Iuga, Jonathan Byrtus, Stefan Haneder, David Maintz, Tilman Hickethier

04.07.2017 | Classics in Abdominal Imaging | Ausgabe 3/2018

The “windsock” sign

Thomas E. Pendergrast, Raymond B. Dyer

06.07.2017 | Classics in Abdominal Imaging | Ausgabe 3/2018

The hooked proximal celiac artery

Kam Ho Lee, Man Leung Yu, Michelle Cheung

06.07.2017 | Classics in Abdominal Imaging | Ausgabe 3/2018

The “fish hook” sign of retrocaval ureter

Cane F. Hoffman, Raymond B. Dyer

15.07.2017 | Classics in Abdominal Imaging | Ausgabe 3/2018

The crescent sign in pneumatic reduction of intussusception

Man Leung Yu, Kam Ho Lee, Yan Lin Li

28.07.2017 | Erratum | Ausgabe 3/2018

Erratum to: Hepatocellular carcinoma detection: diagnostic performance of a simulated abbreviated MRI protocol combining diffusion-weighted and T1-weighted imaging at the delayed phase post gadoxetic acid

Cecilia Besa, Sara Lewis, Pari V. Pandharipande, Jagpreet Chhatwal, Amita Kamath, Nancy Cooper, Ashley Knight-Greenfield, James S. Babb, Paolo Boffetta, Norma Padron, Claude B. Sirlin, Bachir Taouli

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