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Acta Diabetologica

Acta Diabetologica 7/2019

Ausgabe 7/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

23.05.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 7/2019

Diabetes in pregnancy

Marina Scavini, Antonio Secchi

20.05.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Maternal height and risk of gestational diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ahmed Arafa, Jia-Yi Dong

06.04.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Maternal diabetes mellitus and risk of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome: a meta-analysis

Yan Li, Weijing Wang, Dongfeng Zhang

16.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Baseline neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio is associated with long-term T2D remission after metabolic surgery

Aldo Bonaventura, Luca Liberale, Federico Carbone, Alessandra Vecchié, Alice Bonomi, Nicola Scopinaro, Giovanni Bruno Camerini, Francesco Saverio Papadia, Davide Maggi, Renzo Cordera, Franco Dallegri, Giovanni Adami, Fabrizio Montecucco

12.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

CETP activity is not associated with carotid intima-media thickness in patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

Benjamin Bouillet, T. Gautier, B. Terriat, L. Lagrost, B. Verges, J. M. Petit

15.05.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Minimal effect of walking before dinner on glycemic responses in type 2 diabetes: outcomes from the multi-site E-PAraDiGM study

Jordan L. Rees, Courtney R. Chang, Monique E. François, Alexis Marcotte-Chénard, Adeline Fontvieille, Nika D. Klaprat, Rebecca A. Dyck, Deanna R. Funk, Gary Snydmiller, Kent Bastell, Florence E. Godkin, Marie-Christine Dubé, Eléonor Riesco, Jon M. McGavock, Jane E. Yardley, Ronald J. Sigal, Martin J. Gibala, S. John Weisnagel, Carla M. Prado, Mary Jung, Ralph Manders, Terry Lee, Joel Singer, Normand G. Boulé, Jonathan P. Little

03.04.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Dementia complicating type 2 diabetes and the influence of premature mortality: the Fremantle Diabetes Study

David G. Bruce, Timothy M. E. Davis, Wendy A. Davis

22.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019 Open Access

Real-world outcomes of observation and treatment in diabetic macular edema with very good visual acuity: the OBTAIN study

Catharina Busch, Samantha Fraser-Bell, Dinah Zur, Patricio J. Rodríguez-Valdés, Zafer Cebeci, Marco Lupidi, Adrian T. Fung, Pierre-Henry Gabrielle, Ermete Giancipoli, Voraporn Chaikitmongkol, Mali Okada, Inês Laíns, Ana Rita Santos, Paradee Kunavisarut, Anna Sala-Puigdollers, Jay Chhablani, Malgorzata Ozimek, Assaf Hilely, Jan Darius Unterlauft, Anat Loewenstein, Matias Iglicki, Matus Rehak, For the International Retina Group

11.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Hyperinsulinemia impairs functions of circulating endothelial progenitor cells

Qiang Tan, Yang Li, Xuan Li, Shuangyue Zhang

25.03.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2019

Comprehensive analysis of vitreous humor chemokines in type 2 diabetic patients with and without diabetic retinopathy

Yunkao Zeng, Dan Cao, Honghua Yu, Yunyan Hu, Miao He, Dawei Yang, Xuenan Zhuang, Liang Zhang

21.03.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 7/2019

Normoglycaemic control with a selfmade fully closed-loop insulin delivery system during emergency surgery: an extemporaneous stress test

Andreas Holstein, Bruno Bolli

15.03.2019 | Short Communication | Ausgabe 7/2019

Effect of night shift work on risk of diabetes in healthy nurses in Albania

Erinda Zoto, Fabian Cenko, Pranvera Doci, Stefano Rizza

06.04.2019 | Short Communication | Ausgabe 7/2019 Open Access

Clinical practice of diabetic pregnancy screening in Asia-Pacific Countries: a survey review

Ling-Jun Li, Qi Yu, Kok Hian Tan, IPRAMHO-INTERNATIONAL Study Group

28.03.2019 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 7/2019

DPP-4 inhibitors: meeting the needs of the very old population

Virginia Boccardi, Patrizia Mecocci

08.04.2019 | Correction | Ausgabe 7/2019

Correction to: Agonistic autoantibodies against adrenergic receptors correlating with antihypertensive therapy in long-standing diabetes type 2

Christoph Werner, Nicolle Müller, Ulrich Alfons Müller

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