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Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 3/2016

Ausgabe 3/2016

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14.05.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016

Updated 2013 College of American Pathologists/American Society of Clinical Oncology (CAP/ASCO) guideline recommendations for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) testing increase HER2 positive and HER2 equivocal breast cancer cases; retrospective study of HER2 FISH results of 836 invasive breast cancers

Kamaljeet Singh, Umadevi Tantravahi, Michele M. Lomme, Terese Pasquariello, Margaret Steinhoff, C. James Sung

18.05.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016

A longitudinal analysis of chronic arm morbidity following breast cancer surgery

Virginia M. Boquiren, Thomas F. Hack, Roanne L. Thomas, Anna Towers, Winkle B. Kwan, Andrea Tilley, Elizabeth Quinlan, Baukje Miedema

20.05.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016 Open Access

Utilization and impact of 21-gene recurrence score assay for breast cancer in clinical practice across the United States: lessons learned from the 2010 to 2012 National Cancer Data Base analysis

Amila Orucevic, Robert E. Heidel, John L. Bell

24.05.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016 Open Access

Biological subtyping of early breast cancer: a study comparing RT-qPCR with immunohistochemistry

Ralph M. Wirtz, Harri Sihto, Jorma Isola, Päivi Heikkilä, Pirkko-Liisa Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, Päivi Auvinen, Taina Turpeenniemi-Hujanen, Sirkku Jyrkkiö, Sotiris Lakis, Kornelia Schlombs, Mark Laible, Stefan Weber, Sebastian Eidt, Ugur Sahin, Heikki Joensuu

01.06.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016

Validation of an oligo-gene signature for the prognostic stratification of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

Joseph Geradts, Jeffrey Groth, Yuan Wu, Genglin Jin

01.06.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016

Human breast cancer biopsies induce eosinophil recruitment and enhance adjacent cancer cell proliferation

Gabriela Szalayova, Aleksandra Ogrodnik, Brianna Spencer, Jacqueline Wade, Janice Bunn, Abiy Ambaye, Ted James, Mercedes Rincon

01.06.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016

Selective activity of deguelin identifies therapeutic targets for androgen receptor-positive breast cancer

Andrew J. Robles, Shengxin Cai, Robert H. Cichewicz, Susan L. Mooberry

01.06.2016 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2016

Therapeutic inhibition of breast cancer bone metastasis progression and lung colonization: breaking the vicious cycle by targeting α5β1 integrin

Hongren Yao, Donna M. Veine, Donna L. Livant

17.05.2016 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2016

Great tumour burden in the axilla may influence lymphatic drainage in breast cancer patients

Wenbin Zhou, Yansheng Zhao, Hong Pan, Qin Li, Xiuqing Li, Lin Chen, Xiaoming Zha, Qiang Ding, Cong Wang, Xiaoan Liu, Shui Wang

25.05.2016 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2016

Oncotype-DX recurrence score distribution in breast cancer patients with BRCA1/2 mutations

R. Lewin, A. Sulkes, T. Shochat, D. Tsoref, S. Rizel, N. Liebermann, D. Hendler, V. Neiman, I. Ben-Aharon, E. Friedman, S. Paluch-Shimon, D. Margel, I. Kedar, R. Yerushalmi

01.06.2016 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2016

Survival and disease-free benefits with mastectomy versus breast conservation therapy for early breast cancer: a meta-analysis

Yan Chen, Lei Jiang, Bo Gao, Zhi-yuan Cheng, Jiaxin Jin, Ke-hu Yang

01.06.2016 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2016 Open Access

A single-center, randomized, parallel controlled study comparing the efficacy and safety aspects of three anthracycline-based regimens as neoadjuvant chemotherapy in primary breast cancer

Yijun Zhou, Tao Ouyang, Yuntao Xie, Tianfeng Wang, Zhaoqing Fan, Yingjian He, Aiping Lu, Yiqiang Liu, Jinfeng Li

01.06.2016 | Clinical Trial | Ausgabe 3/2016

Long-term cardiovascular outcomes and overall survival of early-stage breast cancer patients with early discontinuation of trastuzumab: a population-based study

Inna Y. Gong, Sunil Verma, Andrew T. Yan, Dennis T. Ko, Craig C. Earle, George A. Tomlinson, Maureen E. Trudeau, Murray D. Krahn, Monika K. Krzyzanowska, Christine B. Brezden-Masley, Scott Gavura, Stuart Peacock, Kelvin K. W. Chan

24.05.2016 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2016

Body mass index and risk of luminal, HER2-overexpressing, and triple negative breast cancer

Lu Chen, Linda S. Cook, Mei-Tzu C. Tang, Peggy L. Porter, Deirdre A. Hill, Charles L. Wiggins, Christopher I. Li

25.05.2016 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2016

Lymphovascular invasion is an independent predictor of survival in breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Ying L. Liu, Anurag Saraf, Shing M. Lee, Xiaobo Zhong, Hanina Hibshoosh, Kevin Kalinsky, Eileen P. Connolly

28.05.2016 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2016

Long-term consequences of ovarian ablation for premenopausal breast cancer

Janice S. Kwon, Gary Pansegrau, Melica Nourmoussavi, Geoffrey Hammond, Mark S. Carey

01.06.2016 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2016

Racial disparities in individual breast cancer outcomes by hormone-receptor subtype, area-level socio-economic status and healthcare resources

Tomi Akinyemiju, Justin Xavier Moore, Akinyemi I. Ojesina, John W. Waterbor, Sean F. Altekruse

01.06.2016 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2016

Time trends in incidence rates and survival of newly diagnosed stage IV breast cancer by tumor histology: a population-based analysis

Antonio Di Meglio, Rachel A. Freedman, Nancy U. Lin, William T. Barry, Otto Metzger-Filho, Nancy L. Keating, Tari A. King, Mario Roberto Sertoli, Francesco Boccardo, Eric P. Winer, Ines Vaz-Luis

01.06.2016 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2016

Associations between metabolic syndrome, breast cancer recurrence, and the 21-gene recurrence score assay

Jeanette Muniz, Kelley M. Kidwell, N. Lynn Henry

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