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Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Ausgabe 1/2023

Inhalt (17 Artikel)

Special Article

Guidelines to the Practice of Anesthesia: Revised Edition 2023

Gregory Dobson, Anthony Chau, Justine Denomme, Giuseppe Fuda, Conor McDonnell, Ian McIntyre, Andrew D. Milne, Robert Milkovich, Kathryn Sparrow, Yongjun Wang, Christopher Young

Reports of Original Investigations

Association of sedation and anesthesia on cognitive outcomes in very premature infants: a retrospective observational study

Joanna J. Moser, David P. Archer, Andrew M. Walker, Tiffany K. Rice, Deborah Dewey, Abhay K. Lodha, Debbie L. McAllister

Reports of Original Investigations

Assessment of the reliability of virtual preanesthetic airway evaluation compared to traditional in-person airway evaluation: a prospective observational study

Mars Y. Zhao, James Macaskill, William McKay, Peter Hedlin, Erin Barbour-Tuck, Mary E. Walker, Jonathan Gamble

Reports of Original Investigations

Strategies to prevent long-term opioid use following trauma: a Canadian practice survey

Mélanie Bérubé, Caroline Côté, Lynne Moore, Alexis F. Turgeon, Étienne L. Belzile, Andréane Richard-Denis, Craig M. Dale, Gregory Berry, Manon Choinière, Gabrielle M. Pagé, Line Guénette, Sébastien Dupuis, Lorraine Tremblay, Valérie Turcotte, Marc-Olivier Martel, Claude-Édouard Chatillon, Kadija Perreault, François Lauzier

Reports of Original Investigations

Use of injections for chronic pain from 2010 to 2019 in Ontario, Canada

Karim S. Ladha, Sophie Kitchen, Sarah Miles, Hance Clarke, Tara Gomes

Reports of Original Investigations

Comparison of the efficacy of costoclavicular space brachial plexus blockade with 0.5% versus 0.375% ropivacaine: a randomized, double-blind, single-centre, noninferiority clinical trial

Shuang Wang, Haihong Fang, Jun Qin, Weifeng Liu, Wei Wang, Youming Pei, Ying Chen, Chunshui Lin

Reports of Original Investigations

Performance of administrative database frailty instruments in predicting clinical outcomes and cost for patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation: a historical cohort study

Zhe Li, Harindra C. Wijeysundera, Rodrigo Bagur, Davy Cheng, Janet Martin, Bob Kiaii, Feng Qiu, Jiming Fang, Ava John-Baptiste

Reports of Original Investigations

In-hospital cardiac arrest rhythm analysis by anesthesiologists: a diagnostic performance study

Jordan Bailly, Clement Derkenne, Florian Roquet, Maximilien Cruc, Alexandre Bergis, Anne Lelong, Clement Hoffmann, Antoine Lamblin

Reports of Original Investigations

Occupational therapist-guided cognitive interventions in critically ill patients: a feasibility randomized controlled trial

Kirsten Deemer, Brittany Myhre, Stephanie Oviatt, Michelle Parsons, Mallory Watson, Karolina Zjadewicz, Andrea Soo, Kirsten Fiest, Juan Posadas-Calleja

Review Article/Brief Review

Echocardiography findings in amniotic fluid embolism: a systematic review of the literature

Daniel Wiseman, Camille Simard, Stephen S. Yang, Maral Koolian, Haim A. Abenhaim, Jed Lipes


A novel “double-dye” technique to determine the injectate spread of bolus versus continuous infusion in erector spinae plane block in cadavers

Glenio B. Mizubuti, Gregory Klar, Anthony M.-H. Ho, Rachel Phelan, Maia Idzikowski, Logan Bale, Rodrigo Moreira e Lima, Lais Helena Navarro e Lima

Case Reports / Case Series

Genitofemoral peripheral nerve stimulator implantation for refractory groin pain: a case report

Elad Dana, Himanshu Gupta, Rahul Pathak, James S. Khan


Awake malignant hyperthermia: report of a case to help prevent crises in operating rooms

Natalia Puerto, Kazuyoshi Aoyama, Tara Der, Igor Luginbuehl, Cengiz Karsli, Reinhard Zeller, Christian Zaarour


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on anesthesiology residents in Canada: a nationwide survey

Fabricio Batistella Zasso, Laura Liu, Naveed Siddiqui, Evan Wild, Faraj Massouh, Kong Eric You-Ten

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