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Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Ausgabe 10/2022

Inhalt (18 Artikel)


Best foot forward: now is the time for Canadian ethical guidance on prospective interventional trials of antemortem interventions in organ donation

Nicholas Murphy, Charles Weijer, Jennifer Chandler, Frédérick D’Aragon, Andrew Healey, Matthew J. Weiss, Marat Slessarev

Reports of Original Investigations

Novel external oblique muscle plane block for blockade of the lateral abdominal wall: a pilot study on volunteers

Yuichi Ohgoshi, Izumi Kawagoe, Aki Ando, Maria Ikegami, Sayako Hanai, Koichiro Ichimura

Reports of Original Investigations

A novel ultrasound software system for lumbar level identification in obstetric patients

Jorden Hetherington, Janette Brohan, Robert Rohling, Vit Gunka, Purang Abolmaesumi, Arianne Albert, Anthony Chau

Reports of Original Investigations

Enhancing knowledge, skills, and comfort in providing anesthesia assistance during obstetric general anesthesia for operating room nurses: a prospective observational study

Robert ffrench-O’Carroll, Zahid Sunderani, Roanne Preston, Ulrike Mayer, Arianne Albert, Anthony Chau

Reports of Original Investigations

White blood cell count trajectory and mortality in septic shock: a historical cohort study

Emily Rimmer, Allan Garland, Anand Kumar, Steve Doucette, Brett L. Houston, Chantalle E. Menard, Murdoch Leeies, Alexis F. Turgeon, Salah Mahmud, Donald S. Houston, Ryan Zarychanski

Open Access Reports of Original Investigations

New approach to assessing and addressing moral distress in intensive care unit personnel: a case study

Peter M. Dodek, Kim Jameson, Jacques M. Chevalier

Open Access Reports of Original Investigations

Impact of restricted visitation policies during COVID-19 on critically ill adults, their families, critical care clinicians, and decision-makers: a qualitative interview study

Kirsten M. Fiest, Karla D. Krewulak, Natalia Jaworska, Krista L. Spence, Sara J. Mizen, Sean M. Bagshaw, Karen E. A. Burns, Deborah J. Cook, Robert A. Fowler, Kendiss Olafson, Scott B. Patten, Oleksa G. Rewa, Bram Rochwerg, Sean Spence, Andrew West, Henry T. Stelfox, Jeanna Parsons Leigh

Reports of Original Investigations

Evaluation of an advanced critical care echocardiography program: a mixed methods study

Ghislaine Douflé, Martin Urner, Laura Dragoi, Aditi Jain, Ryan Brydges, Dominique Piquette

Review Article/Brief Review

The potential link between obstructive sleep apnea and postoperative neurocognitive disorders: current knowledge and possible mechanisms

Michael J. Devinney, Keith W. VanDusen, Jad M. Kfouri, Pallavi Avasarala, Andrew R. Spector, Joseph P. Mathew, Miles Berger


General anesthesia for Cesarean delivery in a parturient critically ill with COVID-19: a case report

Bradley Kaminski, William Turner, Misha Virdee, Michael Szpejda, Wendy L. Whittle, Mrinalini Balki


A retrospective review of pregnant patients critically ill with COVID-19 in a tertiary referral centre

Maha Al Mandhari, Onion G. Ubaldo, Laveena Munshi, Anand Lakhani, Wendy Whittle, Stephen E. Lapinsky


Hemidiaphragmatic paresis associated with interscalene nerve block

Xin-Tao Li, Tian Tian, Fu-Shan Xue

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