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CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology

CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology 9/2016

Ausgabe 9/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 24 Artikel )

01.09.2016 | In Memoriam | Ausgabe 9/2016


Frederick S. Keller, John A. Kaufman

21.06.2016 | Review | Ausgabe 9/2016

Image-Guided Spinal Ablation: A Review

Georgia Tsoumakidou, Guillaume Koch, Jean Caudrelier, Julien Garnon, Roberto Luigi Cazzato, Faramarz Edalat, Afshin Gangi

07.07.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

General Anesthesia Versus Conscious Sedation in Acute Stroke Treatment: The Importance of Head Immobilization

H. Janssen, G. Buchholz, M. Killer, L. Ertl, H. Brückmann, J. Lutz

12.07.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Safety and Efficacy of Occlusion of Large Extra-Prostatic Anastomoses During Prostatic Artery Embolization for Symptomatic BPH

Gregory Amouyal, Pierre Chague, Olivier Pellerin, Helena Pereira, Costantino Del Giudice, Carole Dean, Nicolas Thiounn, Marc Sapoval

05.05.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Transarterial Embolization of Anomalous Systemic Arterial Supply to Normal Basal Segments of the Lung

Sen Jiang, Dong Yu, Bing Jie

25.05.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Combined Endovascular Treatment with Distal Radial Artery Coil Embolization and Angioplasty in Steal Syndrome Associated with Forearm Dialysis Fistula

Fahri Tercan, Ali Koçyiğit, Bünyamin Güney

26.05.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy in Paget–Schroetter Syndrome

Jussi M. Kärkkäinen, Henrik Nuutinen, Teemu Riekkinen, Eero Sihvo, Johanna Turtiainen, Petri Saari, Kimmo Mäkinen, Hannu Manninen

13.07.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

TACE Combined with Implantation of Irradiation Stent Versus TACE Combine with Bare Stent for HCC Complicated by IVCTT

Qing-hui Yang, Wen Zhang, Qing-xin Liu, Ling-xiao Liu, Lin-lin Wu, Jian-hua Wang, Zhi-ping Yan, Jian-jun Luo

01.09.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Multicenter Prospective Clinical Series Evaluating Radiofrequency Ablation in the Treatment of Painful Spine Metastases

Sandeep Bagla, Dawood Sayed, John Smirniotopoulos, Jayson Brower, J. Neal Rutledge, Bradley Dick, James Carlisle, Ilya Lekht, Bassem Georgy

25.05.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Safety and Efficacy of Percutaneous Biliary Covered Stent Placement in Patients with Malignant Biliary Hilar Obstruction; Correlation with Liver Function

Hyeran Hyun, Sun Young Choi, Kyung Ah Kim, Soo Bin Ko

01.06.2016 | Clinical Investigation | Ausgabe 9/2016

Diffusion-Weighted MRI Assessment of Adjacent Disc Degeneration After Thoracolumbar Vertebral Fractures

David C. Noriega, Stefano Marcia, Francisco Ardura, Israel Sanchez Lite, Mariangela Marras, Luca Saba

05.04.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 9/2016

18F-FDOPA PET/CT-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of Liver Metastases from Neuroendocrine Tumours: Technical Note on a Preliminary Experience

Roberto Luigi Cazzato, Julien Garnon, Nitin Ramamurthy, Georgia Tsoumakidou, Alessio Imperiale, Izzie Jacques Namer, Philippe Bachellier, Jean Caudrelier, Pramod Rao, Guillaume Koch, Afshin Gangi

19.04.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 9/2016 Open Access

The Use of Laser Guidance Reduces Fluoroscopy Time for C-Arm Cone-Beam Computed Tomography-Guided Biopsies

Maarten W. Kroes, Marco J. L. van Strijen, Sicco J. Braak, Yvonne L. Hoogeveen, Frank de Lange, Leo J. Schultze Kool

05.04.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 9/2016

Combined Endoscopic-Radiological Rendezvous for Distal Tail Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula (POPF)

Pierleone Lucatelli, Beatrice Sacconi, Fabrizio Cereatti, Renato Argirò, Mario Corona, Mario Bezzi, Fabrizio Fanelli, Fausto Fiocca, Luca Saba, Carlo Catalano

05.04.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 9/2016

Percutaneous CT and Fluoroscopy-Guided Screw Fixation of Pathological Fractures in the Shoulder Girdle: Technical Report of 3 Cases

Julien Garnon, Guillaume Koch, Nitin Ramamurthy, Jean Caudrelier, Pramod Rao, Georgia Tsoumakidou, Roberto Luigi Cazzato, Afshin Gangi

29.06.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 9/2016

Splenic Pregnancy: A New Minimally Invasive Approach to Treatment

Eyal Klang, Nicholas Keddel, Yael Inbar, Uri Rimon, Michal Amitai

10.05.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 9/2016

Percutaneous Direct Puncture Embolization with N-butyl-cyanoacrylate for High-flow Priapism

Hiroyuki Tokue, Kei Shibuya, Hiroyuki Ueno, Azusa Tokue, Yoshito Tsushima

16.05.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 9/2016

Arteriolymphatic Fistula: An Unusual Cause of Spontaneous Swelling in the Left Supraclavicular Region

Ashok Mithra Karuppiah Viswanathan, Aparna Irodi, Shyamkumar N. Keshava, Joseph Aneez, Gunasekaran Karthik

05.05.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 9/2016

Ga-68 DOTATOC PET/CT-Guided Biopsy and Cryoablation with Autoradiography of Biopsy Specimen for Treatment of Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia

Majid Maybody, Ravinder K. Grewal, John H. Healey, Cristina R. Antonescu, Louise Fanchon, Sinchun Hwang, Jorge A. Carrasquillo, Assen Kirov, Azeez Farooki

05.04.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 9/2016

Traumatic Pseudoaneurysm of the Inferior Mesenteric Artery Branch: A Rare Cause of Lower GI Bleeding and Treatment with Selective Coil Embolization

Krishnan Nagarajan, Swamiappan Elango, Laroiya Ishita, Dasarathan Shanmugam

06.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 9/2016

Endovascular Repair of a Type 1a Endoleak After Ch-EVAR with a b-EVAR

W. Van den Eynde, A. Van Breussegem, B. Joos, K. Keirse, J. Verbist, P. Peeters

01.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 9/2016

Bring Back ‘Permanent’ Filters

Leo P. Lawler

02.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 9/2016

Regarding “Radioembolization: Is Prophylactic Embolization of Hepaticoenteric Arteries Necessary? A Systematic Review”

Zhongzhi Jia, David M. Sella MD, Weiping Wang MD

20.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 9/2016

Accessory Left Gastric Artery from Left Hepatic Artery is a Potential Risk for Radioembolization Complications

Marnix G. E. H. Lam, Alicia S. Borggreve, Anadeijda J. E. M. C. Landman, Coco M. J. Vissers, Charlotte D. De Jong, Evelyn M. Monninkhof, Jip F. Prince

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