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Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

Ausgabe 7/2023

Inhalt (10 Artikel)

Original Article

Comparison of Effects of Liuzijue Exercise and Conventional Respiratory Training on Patients after Cardiac Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Qiao-li Zhang, Min Ge, Cheng Chen, Fu-dong Fan, Yan Jin, Ning Zhang, Lei Wang

Original Article

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness in Recovery from Colorectal Cancer

Andrew McCombie, Jennifer Jordan, Roger Mulder, Kishion Dee, Ee Lin Ong, Fernanda Fernandez Zimmermann, Chris Frampton, Frank Frizelle

Original Article

Anti-obesity and Gut Microbiota Modulation Effect of Astragalus Polysaccharides Combined with Berberine on High-Fat Diet-Fed Obese Mice

Shi-jun Yue, Wen-xiao Wang, Lei Zhang, Juan Liu, Wu-wen Feng, Huan Gao, Yu-ping Tang, Dan Yan

Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine

Astragaloside IV for Heart Failure: Preclinical Evidence and Possible Mechanisms, A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Xing-xing Li, Dong Li, Xiao-yun Cui, Kun Zhou, Jing Liu, Jin-jin Lu, Yang Wu, Qian Lin, Yan Li


Anti-inflammatory Therapy Progress in Major Adverse Cardiac Events after PCI: Chinese and Western Medicine

Xue-yu Ren, Ying-fei Li, Hui-qing Liu, Hui Lin, Qian Lin, Yang Wu, Jie Wan, Jin-jin Lu, Jing Liu, Xiao-yun Cui


Methamphetamine: Mechanism of Action and Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment for Its Addiction

Rui Zeng, Hong-yu Pu, Xin-yue Zhang, Meng-lin Yao, Qin Sun