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Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 9/2016

Ausgabe 9/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.09.2016 | Historical Memories | Ausgabe 9/2016

Thanks for your accompanying in the journey of integrative medicine

—Strength and confidence from the predecessors of Chinese medical association
Ke-ji Chen 陈可冀

04.05.2016 | Feature Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Exploring traditional chinese medicine by a novel therapeutic concept of network target

Shao Li 李 梢

01.09.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Long-term clinical effect of Tangyiping Granules (糖异平颗粒) on patients with impaired glucose tolerance

Yan-qin Huang 黄延芹, Qing-feng Yang 杨清峰, Hua Wang 王 华, Yun-sheng Xu 徐云生, Wei Peng 彭 伟, Yue-hua Jiang 姜月华

01.09.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Effects of Hedan Tablet (荷丹片) on lipid profile, proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 and high-density lipoprotein subfractions in patients with hyperlipidemia: A primary study

Rui-xia Xu 徐瑞霞, Na-qiong Wu 吴娜琼, Sha Li 李 莎, Yan Zhang 张 彦, Xiao-lin Li 李小林, Yuan-lin Guo 郭远林, Cheng-gang Zhu 朱成刚, Geng Liu 刘 庚, Qian Dong 董 倩, Jian-jun Li 李建军

01.09.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Effects of Shen-Fu Injection (参附注射液) on apoptosis of regulatory T lymphocytes in spleen during post-resuscitation immune dysfunction in a porcine model of cardiac arrest

Wei Gu 顾 伟, Qian Zhang 张 茜, Chun-sheng Li 李春盛

01.09.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Protective effects of Radix Astragali injection on multiple organs of rats with obstructive jaundice

Zhe-wei Fei 费哲为, Xi-ping Zhang 张喜平, Jie Zhang 张 杰, Xin-mei Huang 黄鑫梅, Di-jiong Wu 吴迪炯, Hong-hao Bi 毕洪浩

09.07.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Huoxue Anxin Recipe (活血安心方) promotes myocardium angiogenesis of acute myocardial infarction rats by up-regulating miR-210 and vascular endothelial growth factor

Jie Wang 王 阶, Yun Zhang 张 云, Yong-mei Liu 刘咏梅, Li-li Guo 郭丽丽, Ping Wu 吴 萍, Yu Dong 董 宇, Guang-jun Wu 吴广均

01.09.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Evaluation of in vitro enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant properites of leaf extract from Alpinia Purpurata (Vieill.) K. Schum.

Chinthamony Arul Raj, Paramasivam Ragavendran, Dominic Sophia, Thangarajan Starlin, Muthian Ahalliya Rathi, Velliyur Kanniappan Gopalakrishnan

01.09.2016 | Acupuncture Research | Ausgabe 9/2016

Non-invasive treatment to grade 1 essential hypertension by percutaneous laser and electric pulse to acupoint with music: A randomized controlled trial

Hong-rui Zhan 詹鸿锐, Zhong-si Hong 洪仲思, Yi-shen Chen 陈奕伸, Hai-yu Hong 洪海裕, Ze-bin Weng 翁泽滨, Zhang-bin Yang 杨璋斌, Jing-li Shi 师晶丽, Zhong-ben Chen 陈仲本

01.09.2016 | Acupuncture Research | Ausgabe 9/2016

Electroacupuncture attenuates spinal nerve ligation-induced microglial activation mediated by p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase

Yi Liang 梁 宜, Jun-ying Du 杜俊英, Yu-jie Qiu 邱宇洁, Jun-fan Fang 房军帆, Jin Liu 刘 晋, Jian-qiao Fang 方剑乔

01.09.2016 | Panel Discussion | Ausgabe 9/2016

Standardization and future directions in pattern identification research: International brainstorming session

Jeeyoun Jung, Bongki Park, Ju Ah Lee, Sooseong You, Terje Alraek, Zhao-Xiang Bian 卞兆祥, Stephen Birch, Tae-Hun Kim, Hao Xu 徐 浩, Chris Zaslawski, Byoung-Kab Kang, Myeong Soo Lee

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