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Clinical Autonomic Research

Ausgabe 4/2023

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Open Access Editorial

Orthostatic hypertension—too much of a good thing

Italo Biaggioni, Jens Jordan


All orthostatic hypotension is neurogenic

Italo Biaggioni

Open Access Research Article

Exaggerated blood pressure response to standing in young-to-middle-age subjects: prevalence and factors involved

Paolo Palatini, Lucio Mos, Marcello Rattazzi, Andrea Ermolao, Francesca Battista, Olga Vriz, Mattia Canevari, Francesca Saladini

Open Access Research Article

Effects of daily artificial gravity training on orthostatic tolerance following 60-day strict head-down tilt bedrest

J.-N. Hoenemann, S. Moestl, A. E. van Herwaarden, A. Diedrich, E. Mulder, T. Frett, G. Petrat, W. Pustowalow, M. Arz, K. Heusser, S. Lee, J. Jordan, J. Tank, F. Hoffmann

Open Access Research Article

Associations between physical activity and autonomic function during deep breathing test: the Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study (SCAPIS)

Ensieh Memarian, Isabella Kharraziha, Viktor Hamrefors, Pyotr G. Platonov, Örjan Ekblom, Anders Gottsäter, Gunnar Engström

Open Access Research Article

Early-onset hereditary isolated non-neurogenic orthostatic hypotension in a Swedish family

Jan Fagius, Joakim Klar, Niklas Dahl

Open Access Research Article

Exploring the prevalence of undetected bradyarrhythmia in dementia with Lewy bodies

Isak Heyman, Torbjörn Persson, Mattias Haglund, Elisabet Londos

Research Article

Low- and high-frequency spinal cord stimulation and arterial blood pressure in patients with chronic pain and hypertension: a retrospective study

Kimia Memar, Sunita N. Varghese, Austin G. Morrison, Davina A. Clonch, Christopher M. Lam, Seth W. Holwerda

Research Article

Cancer in pathologically confirmed multiple system atrophy

William P. Cheshire, Shunsuke Koga, Philip W. Tipton, Hiroaki Sekiya, Owen A. Ross, Ryan J. Uitti, Keith A. Josephs, Dennis W. Dickson

Open Access Research Article

Cognitive functioning in postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome among different body positions: a prospective pilot study (POTSKog study)

Andrea Maier, Lena Schopen, Joana C. Thiel, Katharina Müller, Bruno Fimm, Jörg B. Schulz

Open Access Research Article

Poor health-related quality of life in postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome in comparison with a sex- and age-matched normative population

Marie-Claire Seeley, Celine Gallagher, Eric Ong, Amy Langdon, Jonathan Chieng, Danielle Bailey, Annabelle Dennis, Nikki McCaffrey, Dennis H. Lau

Research Article

Augmented ocular vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

Keun-Tae Kim, Sun-Uk Lee, Jung-Bin Kim, Jeong-Yoon Choi, Byung-Jo Kim, Ji-Soo Kim

Review Article

Autonomic control of ventricular function in health and disease: current state of the art

Valerie Y. H. van Weperen, Crystal M. Ripplinger, Marmar Vaseghi

Review Article

Quality of life in individuals with primary hyperhidrosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mattias A. S. Henning, Farnam Barati, Gregor B. E. Jemec

Letter to the Editor

Higher sympathetic transduction is independently associated with greater very short-term diastolic blood pressure variability in young healthy males and females

Myles W. O’Brien, Massimo Nardone, Monique Foster, Yasmine Coovadia, Charlotte W. Usselman, Chloe E. Taylor, Philip J. Millar, Derek S. Kimmerly

Letter to the Editor

Heart rate variability between hormone phases of the menstrual and oral contraceptive pill cycles of young women

Emily F. Blake, Lauren E. Eagan, Sushant M. Ranadive

Open Access Letter to the Editor

A case of recurring perioperative circulatory arrest: mind the autonomic nervous system

Ulrich Limper, Dorothee Keipke, Lars Lindenbeck, Friederike Lanz, Claudia Kramer, Axel Meissner, Frank Wappler, Thorsten Annecke

Letter to the Editor

A case showing how hyperventilation may decrease blood pressure in neurogenic orthostatic hypotension

J. Gert van Dijk, Boriana S. Gagaouzova, Marc J. van Houwelingen, Robert H. A. M. Reijntjes, Fabian I. Kerkhof, Ineke A. van Rossum, Roland D. Thijs