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Ausgabe 2/2023

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Open Access Case report

Case Report: Simultaneously Induced Neutropenia and Hemolysis After a Single Metamizole Dose

Raphael Allgaier, Arne Kandulski, Karsten Gülow, Lars Maier, Martina Müller, Hauke Christian Tews

Open Access Original Research Article

A Phase I Study to Investigate the Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Napabucasin Combined with Sorafenib in Japanese Patients with Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Takuji Okusaka, Manabu Morimoto, Yuichiro Eguchi, Shinichiro Nakamura, Shuichi Iino, Rie Kageyama

Open Access Original Research Article

Efficacy of Baricitinib in Patients with Refractory Adult-Onset Still’s Disease

Ziyi Sun, Rongqi Li, Yingai Wang, Feng Han, Wei Wei, Xin Li

Open Access Original Research Article

Pharmacokinetics and Bioequivalence of Abiraterone Acetate Tablets in Healthy Chinese Volunteers: An Open, Randomized, Single-Dose, Three-Period, Three-Sequence Crossover Study

Zhao-xin Wu, Chen-jing Wang, Ping Shi, Yan-ping Liu, Ting Li, Fei-fei Sun, Yao Fu, Xiao-meng Gao, Ya-ping Ma, Yu Cao

Open Access Original Research Article

Safety and Effectiveness of Rasburicase in the Control of Hyperuricemia in Pediatric Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Acute Leukemia: An Open-Label, Single-Arm, Multi-center, Interventional Study

Tianyou Wang, Xiaofan Zhu, Yumei Chen, Shuhong Shen, Yongmin Tang, Jingying Zhang, Yingyi He, Hui Zhang, Ju Gao, Jianpei Fang, Rong Liu, Xiaoyan Wu, Jinchuan Sun, Minlu Zhang

Open Access Original Research Article

Development of a Biosimilar of Agalsidase Beta for the Treatment of Fabry Disease: Preclinical Evaluation

André B. P. van Kuilenburg, Carla E. M. Hollak, Ana Travella, Melisa Jacobs, Lucas D. Gentilini, René Leen, Karen M. M. Ghauharali-van der Vlugt, Femke S. Beers Stet, Susan M. I. Goorden, Sanne van der Veen, Marcelo Criscuolo, Mariana Papouchado

Open Access Original Research Article

Single-Centre Real-World Study on Drug Survival and Effectiveness of Brodalumab for Treatment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Cathrine Dawn Büttner Elgaard, Lars Iversen, Kasper Fjellhaugen Hjuler

Open Access Original Research Article

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine Reduces Cervical Carcinogenesis by Promoting Apoptosis

Wenping Guo, Wang Jing

Open Access Original Research Article

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Controlled Phase I Study Comparing the Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Immunogenicity of SCT510 to Bevacizumab (Avastin®) in Healthy Chinese Males

Jing Wu, Guolan Wu, Liangzhi Xie, Duo Lv, Chang Xu, Huili Zhou, Lihua Wu, Jingjing Zhang, Jianzhong Shentu

Open Access Original Research Article

Bioavailability of Cariban® Capsules: A Modified-Release Fixed-Dose Combination of Doxylamine and Pyridoxine to Relieve Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy

Paula Saz-Leal, Laura Zamorano-Domínguez, Jesús Frías, Pedro Guerra, Marc Saura-Valls, Ramón Roca-Juanes, Joaquín Nebot-Troyano, Eva García-Aguilar, Tatiana Vilchez, Katia Urso