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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 1/2019

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Focus on non-union of fractures

Ingo Marzi

Open Access Original Article

Diagnosis and management of long-bone nonunions: a nationwide survey

Sezai Özkan, Peter A. Nolte, Michel P. J. van den Bekerom, Frank W. Bloemers

Original Article

The Non-Union Scoring System: an interobserver reliability study

M. van Basten Batenburg, I. B. Houben, T. J. Blokhuis

Original Article

Prognostic potential of markers of bone turnover in delayed-healing tibial diaphyseal fractures

Malhar Kumar, Dnyaneshwar Shelke, Saumil Shah

Position Paper

Streamlining pre- and intra-hospital care for patients with severe trauma: a white paper from the European Critical Care Foundation

Dan Longrois, Marc Maegele, Hugues Bersini, George Crooks, Ives Hubloue, Ann Nowé, Peter C. Rimensberger, Marc Sabbe, Jonathan Tilsed, Jef Vandemeulebroucke, Werner Verhelst, Jean-Louis Vincent

Review Article

Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture in pediatric age: review of the literature

F. Marzona, N. Parri, A. Nocerino, M. Giacalone, E. Valentini, S. Masi, L. Bussolin

Original Article

Associated thoracic injury in patients with a clavicle fracture: a retrospective analysis of 1461 polytrauma patients

J. J. E. M. van Laarhoven, F. Hietbrink, S. Ferree, A. C. Gunning, R. M. Houwert, E. M. M. Verleisdonk, L. P. H. Leenen

Open Access Original Article

Antegrade intramedullary Kirschner-wire fixation of displaced metacarpal shaft fractures

E. M. van Bussel, R. M. Houwert, T. J. M. Kootstra, M. van Heijl, D. Van der Velde, Ph. Wittich, J. Keizer

Original Article

The treatment of perilunate ligament injuries in multiply injured patients

K. V. Brown, D. Tsekes, C. G. Gorgoni, L. Di Mascio

Original Article

Injury severity in polytrauma patients is underestimated using the injury severity score: a single-center correlation study in air rescue

C. Schröter, F. Urbanek, C. Frömke, M. Winkelmann, P. Mommsen, C. Krettek, C. Zeckey

Original Article

Which pre-hospital triage parameters indicate a need for immediate evaluation and treatment of severely injured patients in the resuscitation area?

K. O. Jensen, R. Heyard, D. Schmitt, L. Mica, C. Ossendorf, H. P. Simmen, G. A. Wanner, C. M. L. Werner, L. Held, K. Sprengel

Open Access Original Article

Treating open lower limb fractures successfully; thoughts and current practice on therapy and centralization in The Netherlands

K. Oflazoglu, J. M. Hoogendoorn, P. van der Zwaal, E. T. Walbeehm, W. A. van Enst, H. R. Holtslag, D. Hofstee, P. Plantinga, M. Elzinga, H. Rakhorst

Original Article

Improvement of outcomes in patients with pelvic fractures and hemodynamic instability after the establishment of a Korean regional trauma center

Ji Young Jang, Hongjin Shim, Hye Youn Kwon, Hoejeong Chung, Pil Young Jung, Seongyup Kim, Hoon Ryu, Keum Seok Bae

Original Article

Trauma-induced coagulopathy upon emergency room arrival: still a significant problem despite increased awareness and management?

Matthias Fröhlich, Manuel Mutschler, Michael Caspers, Ulrike Nienaber, Vera Jäcker, Arne Driessen, Bertil Bouillon, Marc Maegele

Original Article

Antibiotics and open fractures of the lower extremity: less is more

B. Bankhead-Kendall, T. Gutierrez, J. Murry, D. Holland, V. Agrawal, K. Almahmoud, C. Pearcy, M. S. Truitt

Open Access Original Article

Outcomes of operative and nonoperative treatment of 3- and 4-part proximal humeral fractures in elderly: a 10-year retrospective cohort study

Marieke E. Brouwer, Inge H. F. Reininga, Mostafa El Moumni, Klaus W. Wendt

Original Article

Preparing Japanese surgeons for potential mass casualty situations will require innovative and systematic programs

H. Uchino, V. Y. Kong, J. L. Bruce, G. V. Oosthuizen, W. Bekker, G. L. Laing, D. L. Clarke

Original Article

Civilian cerebral gunshot wounds in rural South African patients are associated with significantly higher mortality rates than in urban patients

V. Y. Kong, J. L. Bruce, B. Sartorius, G. L. Laing, J. Odendaal, P. Brysiewicz, D. L. Clarke

Original Article

Prevalence of cocaine and derivatives in blood and urine samples of trauma patients and correlation with injury severity: a prospective observational study

K. D. Oliveira, G. P. Fraga, E. C. E. Baracat, A. M. Morcillo, R. Lanaro, J. L. Costa, E. M. Capitani, F. Bucaretchi, A. I. Ferreira Filho, V. C. Gimenes, R. C. S. de Azevedo

Original Article

Serum thiol levels and thiol/disulphide homeostasis in gunshot injuries

Hasan Buyukaslan, Umut Gulacti, Mehmet Tahir Gökdemir, Ramazan Giden, Hakim Celik, Özcan Erel, Erman Mustafa Dörterler


Erratum to: Simple scoring system for prediction of mortality in Fournier’s gangrene

A. Erdoğan, İ. Aydoğan, K. Şenol, E. M. Üçkan, Ş. Ersöz, M. Tez

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