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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2016

Inhalt (22 Artikel)

Open Access Review Article

Nuclear medicine imaging of posttraumatic osteomyelitis

G. A. M. Govaert, A. W. J. M. Glaudemans

Review Article

The role of biofilm on orthopaedic implants: the “Holy Grail” of post-traumatic infection management?

C. Mauffrey, B. Herbert, H. Young, M. L. Wilson, M. Hake, P. F. Stahel

Open Access Review Article

The use of Reamer–irrigator–aspirator in the management of long bone osteomyelitis: an update

T. H. Tosounidis, G. M. Calori, P. V. Giannoudis

Open Access Recommendation

Recommendations on hip fractures

K. Wendt, D. Heim, C. Josten, R. Kdolsky, H.-J. Oestern, H. Palm, J. B. Sintenie, R. Komadina, C. Copuroglu

Review Article

Road accident rates: strategies and programmes for improving road traffic safety

K. Goniewicz, M. Goniewicz, W. Pawłowski, P. Fiedor

Review Article

Is Achenbach’s syndrome a surgical emergency? A systematic review

A. Kordzadeh, P. L. Caine, A. Jonas, K. M. Rhodes, Y. P. Panayiotopolous

Original Article

Unconscious trauma patients: outcome differences between southern Finland and Germany—lesson learned from trauma-registry comparisons

T. Brinck, R. Raj, M. B. Skrifvars, R. Kivisaari, J. Siironen, R. Lefering, L. Handolin

Original Article

Risk factors for sepsis in Korean trauma patients

J.-H. Park, S.-H. Choi, Y.-H. Yoon, S.-J. Park, J.-Y. Kim, H.-J. Cho

Original Article

Are retrievable vena cava filters placed in trauma patients really retrievable?

W. R. Leeper, P. B. Murphy, K. N. Vogt, T. J. Leeper, S. W. Kribs, D. K. Gray, N. G. Parry

Original Article

Hyperbilirubinemia as a predictive factor in acute appendicitis

T. Eren, E. Tombalak, I. A. Ozemir, M. Leblebici, S. Ziyade, O. Ekinci, O. Alimoglu

Original Article

Health status and return to work in trauma patients at 3 and 6 months post-discharge: an Australian major trauma centre study

M. M. Dinh, K. Cornwall, K. J. Bein, B. J. Gabbe, B. A. Tomes, R. Ivers

Original Article

Insulin-dependent diabetes and serious trauma

D. Z. Liou, M. B. Singer, G. Barmparas, M. Y. Harada, J. Mirocha, M. Bukur, A. Salim, E. J. Ley

Original Article

Severe Trauma in Estonia: 256 consecutive cases analysed and the impact on outcomes comparing two regions

S. Saar, I. Merioja, T. Lustenberger, U. Lepner, T. Asser, T. Metsvaht, M. L. Ilmoja, L. Kukk, J. Starkopf, P. Talving

Original Article

Simple scoring system for prediction of mortality in Fournier’s gangrene

A. Erdoğan, İ. Aydoğan, K. Şenol, E. M. Üçkan, Ş. Ersöz, M. Tez

Original Article

The impact of increased plasma ratios in massively transfused trauma patients: a prospective analysis

E. Bui, K. Inaba, A. Ebadat, E. Karamanos, S. Byerly, O. Okoye, I. Shulman, P. Rhee, D. Demetriades

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