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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 5/2015

Inhalt (16 Artikel)

Review Article

Ultrasound in medical education: listening to the echoes of the past to shape a vision for the future

N. Lane, S. Lahham, L. Joseph, D. P. Bahner, J. C. Fox

Review Article

Clinician-performed ultrasound in hemodynamic and cardiac assessment: a synopsis of current indications and limitations

N. Kelly, R. Esteve, T. J. Papadimos, R. P. Sharpe, S. A. Keeney, R. DeQuevedo, M. Portner, D. P. Bahner, S. P. Stawicki

Review Article

Clinician-performed abdominal sonography

E. Dickman, M. O. Tessaro, A. C. Arroyo, L. E. Haines, J. P. Marshall

Original Article

Trauma registry comparison: six-year results in trauma care in Southern Finland and Germany

T. Brinck, L. Handolin, T. Paffrath, R. Lefering

Original Article

Helmet use in bicycle trauma patients: a population-based study

E. Zibung, L. Riddez, C. Nordenvall

Original Article

Does lesser trochanter implication affect hip flexion strength in proximal femur fracture?

A. Aprato, R. Lo Baido, A. Crosio, R. Matteotti, E. Grosso, A. Massè

Original Article

Loop versus end colostomy reversal: has anything changed?

B. R. Bruns, J. DuBose, J. Pasley, T. Kheirbek, K. Chouliaras, A. Riggle, M. K. Frank, H. A. Phelan, D. Holena, K. Inaba, J. Diaz, T. M. Scalea

Original Article

Non-iatrogenic civilian vascular trauma in a well-defined geographical region in Finland

R. Pöyhönen, V. Suominen, I. Uurto, J. Salenius

Original Article

Abdominal injuries involving bicycle handlebars in 219 children: results of 8-year follow-up

L.-N. Dai, C.-D. Chen, X.-K. Lin, Y.-B. Wang, L.-G. Xia, P. Liu, X.-M. Chen, Z.-R. Li

Original Article

Bone healing of critical size defects of the rat femur after the application of bone marrow aspirate and two different rh-BMP7 concentrations

F. Högel, S. Hoffmann, S. Hungerer, E. Fleischacker, T. Ullamann, O. B. Betz, P. Augat

Original Article

5-HT2a receptor antagonism reduces burn-induced macromolecular efflux in rats

J. F. Hernekamp, H. Klein, K. Schmidt, U. Kneser, T. Kremer

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ESTES News 5.2015

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