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European Radiology

European Radiology 7/2018

Ausgabe 7/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 50 Artikel )

05.02.2018 | Interventional | Ausgabe 7/2018

Endovascular interventional modalities for haemorrhage control in abnormal placental implantation deliveries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Yousef Shahin, Chun Lap Pang

07.02.2018 | Interventional | Ausgabe 7/2018

Ablation of colorectal liver metastasis: Interaction of ablation margins and RAS mutation profiling on local tumour progression-free survival

Marco Calandri, Suguru Yamashita, Carlo Gazzera, Paolo Fonio, Andrea Veltri, Sara Bustreo, Rahul A. Sheth, Steven M. Yevich, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey, Bruno C. Odisio

09.02.2018 | Interventional | Ausgabe 7/2018

What are the predictors of clinical success after percutaneous vertebroplasty for osteoporotic vertebral fractures?

Elsa Denoix, Flore Viry, Agnes Ostertag, Caroline Parlier-Cuau, Jean-Denis Laredo, Martine Cohen-Solal, Valérie Bousson, Thomas Funck-Brentano

10.04.2018 | Computed Tomography | Ausgabe 7/2018

Dose reduction in abdominal CT: The road to submillisievert imaging

Alexander A. Fingerle, Peter B. Noël

05.02.2018 | Computed Tomography | Ausgabe 7/2018

Dual-energy CT: a phantom comparison of different platforms for abdominal imaging

Thorsten Sellerer, Peter B. Noël, Manuel Patino, Anushri Parakh, Sebastian Ehn, Sascha Zeiter, Jasmin A. Holz, Johannes Hammel, Alexander A. Fingerle, Franz Pfeiffer, David Maintz, Ernst J. Rummeny, Daniela Muenzel, Dushyant V. Sahani

07.02.2018 | Computed Tomography | Ausgabe 7/2018

Using coronary CT angiography for guiding invasive coronary angiography: potential role to reduce intraprocedural radiation exposure

Christophe T. Arendt, Patricia Tischendorf, Julian L. Wichmann, Michael Messerli, Lucas Jörg, Niklas Ehl, Robin F. Gohmann, Simon Wildermuth, Thomas J. Vogl, Ralf W. Bauer

09.02.2018 | Computed Tomography | Ausgabe 7/2018

Determination of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) from fractional renal accumulation of iodinated contrast material: a convenient and rapid single-kidney CT-GFR technique

XiaoDong Yuan, Wei Tang, WenWei Shi, Libao Yu, Jing Zhang, Qing Yuan, Shan You, Ning Wu, Guokun Ao, Tingting Ma

15.02.2018 | Computed Tomography | Ausgabe 7/2018

Radiomic signature as a diagnostic factor for histologic subtype classification of non-small cell lung cancer

Xinzhong Zhu, Di Dong, Zhendong Chen, Mengjie Fang, Liwen Zhang, Jiangdian Song, Dongdong Yu, Yali Zang, Zhenyu Liu, Jingyun Shi, Jie Tian

13.04.2018 | Magnetic Resonance | Ausgabe 7/2018

Now is the time to start routinely using chemical shift imaging in the spine

Mark E. Schweitzer

05.02.2018 | Magnetic Resonance | Ausgabe 7/2018

Intravoxel incoherent motion magnetic resonance imaging for differentiating metastatic and non-metastatic lymph nodes in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Dailin Rong, Yize Mao, Wanming Hu, Shuhang Xu, Jun Wang, Haoqiang He, Shengping Li, Rong Zhang

05.02.2018 | Magnetic Resonance | Ausgabe 7/2018

Are pancreatic IPMN volumes measured on MRI images more reproducible than diameters? An assessment in a large single-institution cohort

Pallavi Pandey, Ankur Pandey, Farnaz Najmi Varzaneh, Mounes Aliyari Ghasabeh, Daniel Fouladi, Pegah Khoshpouri, Nannan Shao, Manijeh Zarghampour, Ralph H. Hruban, Marcia Canto, Anne Marie O’Broin-Lennon, Ihab R. Kamel

05.02.2018 | Magnetic Resonance | Ausgabe 7/2018

Pre-treatment magnetic resonance-based texture features as potential imaging biomarkers for predicting event free survival in anal cancer treated by chemoradiotherapy

Arnaud Hocquelet, Thibaut Auriac, Cynthia Perier, Clarisse Dromain, Marie Meyer, Jean-Baptiste Pinaquy, Alban Denys, Hervé Trillaud, Baudouin Denis De Senneville, Véronique Vendrely

05.02.2018 | Magnetic Resonance | Ausgabe 7/2018

Liver fibrosis: stretched exponential model outperforms mono-exponential and bi-exponential models of diffusion-weighted MRI

Nieun Seo, Yong Eun Chung, Yung Nyun Park, Eunju Kim, Jinwoo Hwang, Myeong-Jin Kim

15.02.2018 | Magnetic Resonance | Ausgabe 7/2018

Utility of MRI for cervical spine clearance in blunt trauma patients after a negative CT

Ajay Malhotra, David Durand, Xiao Wu, Bertie Geng, Khalid Abbed, Diego B. Nunez, Pina Sanelli

05.02.2018 | Ultrasound | Ausgabe 7/2018

Shear-wave elastography can evaluate annulus fibrosus alteration in adolescent scoliosis

Tristan Langlais, Claudio Vergari, Raphael Pietton, Jean Dubousset, Wafa Skalli, Raphael Vialle

30.01.2018 | Radiological Education | Ausgabe 7/2018

Contrast-enhanced cadaver-specific computed tomography in gross anatomy teaching

Daniel Paech, Kerstin Klopries, Sara Doll, Ralph Nawrotzki, Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, Frederik L. Giesel, Thomas Kuner

09.02.2018 | Contrast Media | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Post-contrast acute kidney injury – Part 1: Definition, clinical features, incidence, role of contrast medium and risk factors

Recommendations for updated ESUR Contrast Medium Safety Committee guidelines
Aart J. van der Molen, Peter Reimer, Ilona A. Dekkers, Georg Bongartz, Marie-France Bellin, Michele Bertolotto, Olivier Clement, Gertraud Heinz-Peer, Fulvio Stacul, Judith A. W. Webb, Henrik S. Thomsen

07.02.2018 | Contrast Media | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Post-contrast acute kidney injury. Part 2: risk stratification, role of hydration and other prophylactic measures, patients taking metformin and chronic dialysis patients

Recommendations for updated ESUR Contrast Medium Safety Committee guidelines
Aart J. van der Molen, Peter Reimer, Ilona A. Dekkers, Georg Bongartz, Marie-France Bellin, Michele Bertolotto, Olivier Clement, Gertraud Heinz-Peer, Fulvio Stacul, Judith A. W. Webb, Henrik S. Thomsen

30.01.2018 | Musculoskeletal | Ausgabe 7/2018

Early percutaneous vertebroplasty helps motorsport professionals to resume competition soon after vertebral fracture

Nicolas Amoretti

30.04.2018 | Musculoskeletal | Ausgabe 7/2018

Editorial comment: the future of compositional MRI for cartilage

Thomas M. Link

30.01.2018 | Musculoskeletal | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Detection of early cartilage damage: feasibility and potential of gagCEST imaging at 7T

Sander Brinkhof, Razmara Nizak, Vitaliy Khlebnikov, Jeanine J. Prompers, Dennis W.J. Klomp, Daniel B.F. Saris

08.02.2018 | Musculoskeletal | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Normalized STEAM-based diffusion tensor imaging provides a robust assessment of muscle tears in football players: preliminary results of a new approach to evaluate muscle injuries

Chiara Giraudo, Stanislav Motyka, Michael Weber, Manuela Karner, Christoph Resinger, Thorsten Feiweier, Siegfried Trattnig, Wolfgang Bogner

15.02.2018 | Musculoskeletal | Ausgabe 7/2018

ADC as a useful diagnostic tool for differentiating benign and malignant vertebral bone marrow lesions and compression fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Chong Hyun Suh, Seong Jong Yun, Wook Jin, Sun Hwa Lee, So Young Park, Chang-Woo Ryu

09.02.2018 | Neuro | Ausgabe 7/2018

Magnetic resonance post-contrast vascular hyperintensities at 3 T: a new highly sensitive sign of vascular occlusion in acute ischaemic stroke

Loïc Duron, Julien Savatovsky, Michael Obadia, Marie Astrid Metten, Pascal Roux, Raphael Blanc, Jean-Claude Sadik, Sarah Dhundass, Augustin Lecler

30.04.2018 | Head and Neck | Ausgabe 7/2018

The imaging of the dizzy patient: computed tomography versus magnetic resonance imaging

Georgios Kontorinis

21.03.2018 | Head and Neck | Ausgabe 7/2018

In vivo imaging of saccular hydrops in humans reflects sensorineural hearing loss rather than Meniere’s disease symptoms

Arnaud Attyé, Michael Eliezer, Maud Medici, Irène Tropres, Georges Dumas, Alexandre Krainik, Sébastien Schmerber

30.01.2018 | Head and Neck | Ausgabe 7/2018

Standard diffusion-weighted, diffusion kurtosis and intravoxel incoherent motion MR imaging of sinonasal malignancies: correlations with Ki-67 proliferation status

Zebin Xiao, Yufeng Zhong, Zuohua Tang, Jinwei Qiang, Wen Qian, Rong Wang, Jie Wang, Lingjie Wu, Wenlin Tang, Zhongshuai Zhang

31.01.2018 | Head and Neck | Ausgabe 7/2018

Accuracy and effectiveness of ultrasound-guided core-needle biopsy in the diagnosis of focal lesions in the salivary glands

Jose Luis del Cura, Gloria Coronado, Rosa Zabala, Igone Korta, Ignacio López

30.01.2018 | Paediatric | Ausgabe 7/2018

PET/CT predicts bone marrow involvement in paediatric non-Hodgkin lymphoma and may preclude the need for bone marrow biopsy in selected patients

Suyun Chen, Shaoyan Wang, Kejun He, Chao Ma, Hongliang Fu, Hui Wang

19.02.2018 | Paediatric | Ausgabe 7/2018

Visual grading analysis of digital neonatal chest phantom X-ray images: Impact of detector type, dose and image processing on image quality

M. H. Smet, L. Breysem, E. Mussen, H. Bosmans, N. W. Marshall, L. Cockmartin

05.02.2018 | Oncology | Ausgabe 7/2018

Genotype prediction of ATRX mutation in lower-grade gliomas using an MRI radiomics signature

Yiming Li, Xing Liu, Zenghui Qian, Zhiyan Sun, Kaibin Xu, Kai Wang, Xing Fan, Zhong Zhang, Shaowu Li, Yinyan Wang, Tao Jiang

07.02.2018 | Oncology | Ausgabe 7/2018

Dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (D-CEUS) for the early prediction of bevacizumab efficacy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

Michele Amadori, Domenico Barone, Emanuela Scarpi, Devil Oboldi, Elena Amadori, Gianfranco Bandi, Alice Rossi, Fabio Ferroni, Angela Ragazzini, Andrea Casadei Gardini, Giovanni Luca Frassineti, Giampaolo Gavelli, Alessandro Passardi

09.02.2018 | Oncology | Ausgabe 7/2018

RFA versus robotic partial nephrectomy for T1a renal cell carcinoma: a propensity score-matched comparison of mid-term outcome

Byung Kwan Park, In Hyuck Gong, Min Yong Kang, Hyun Hwan Sung, Hwang Gyun Jeon, Byong Chang Jeong, Seong Soo Jeon, Hyun Moo Lee, Seong Il Seo

29.01.2018 | Breast | Ausgabe 7/2018

Contrast-enhanced MRI after neoadjuvant chemotherapy of breast cancer: lesion-to-background parenchymal signal enhancement ratio for discriminating pathological complete response from minimal residual tumour

Soo-Yeon Kim, Nariya Cho, Sung Ui Shin, Han-Byoel Lee, Wonshik Han, In Ae Park, Bo Ra Kwon, Soo Yeon Kim, Su Hyun Lee, Jung Min Chang, Woo Kyung Moon

07.02.2018 | Breast | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Dedicated computer-aided detection software for automated 3D breast ultrasound; an efficient tool for the radiologist in supplemental screening of women with dense breasts

Jan C. M. van Zelst, Tao Tan, Paola Clauser, Angels Domingo, Monique D. Dorrius, Daniel Drieling, Michael Golatta, Francisca Gras, Mathijn de Jong, Ruud Pijnappel, Matthieu J. C. M. Rutten, Nico Karssemeijer, Ritse M. Mann

04.05.2018 | Urogenital | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Structured reporting of pelvic MRI leads to better treatment planning of uterine leiomyomas

Evis Sala, Susan Freeman

15.12.2017 | Urogenital | Ausgabe 7/2018

Structured vs narrative reporting of pelvic MRI for fibroids: clarity and impact on treatment planning

Andrea Franconeri, Jieming Fang, Benjamin Carney, Almamoon Justaniah, Laura Miller, Hye-Chun Hur, Louise P. King, Roa Alammari, Salomao Faintuch, Koenraad J. Mortele, Olga R. Brook

15.02.2018 | Hepatobiliary-Pancreas | Ausgabe 7/2018

Glypican-1 circulating exosomes: a promising clue to individualize surveillance of pancreatic cysts?

Pedro Moutinho-Ribeiro, Sonia Melo, Guilherme Macedo

26.01.2018 | Hepatobiliary-Pancreas | Ausgabe 7/2018

Peritoneal and pleural fluids may appear hyperintense on hepatobiliary phase using hepatobiliary MR contrast agents

Maria Ciolina, Michele Di Martino, Onorina Bruno, Romain Pommier, Valérie Vilgrain, Maxime Ronot

30.01.2018 | Hepatobiliary-Pancreas | Ausgabe 7/2018

Prediction of post-TACE necrosis of hepatocellular carcinoma usingvolumetric enhancement on MRI and volumetric oil deposition on CT, with pathological correlation

Farnaz Najmi Varzaneh, Ankur Pandey, Mounes Aliyari Ghasabeh, Nannan Shao, Pegah Khoshpouri, Pallavi Pandey, Manijeh Zarghampour, Daniel Fouladi, Robert Liddell, Robert Albert Anders, Ihab R. Kamel

30.01.2018 | Hepatobiliary-Pancreas | Ausgabe 7/2018

Staging liver fibrosis with DWI: is there an added value for diffusion kurtosis imaging?

Li Yang, Shengxiang Rao, Wentao Wang, Caizhong Chen, Ying Ding, Chun Yang, Robert Grimm, Xu Yan, Caixia Fu, Mengsu Zeng

05.02.2018 | Hepatobiliary-Pancreas | Ausgabe 7/2018

Imaging prediction of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis using computed tomography texture analysis

Shotaro Naganawa, Kenichiro Enooku, Ryosuke Tateishi, Hiroyuki Akai, Koichiro Yasaka, Junji Shibahara, Tetsuo Ushiku, Osamu Abe, Kuni Ohtomo, Shigeru Kiryu

15.02.2018 | Gastrointestinal | Ausgabe 7/2018

Could IVIM and ADC help in predicting the KRAS status in patients with rectal cancer?

Yanyan Xu, Qiaoyu Xu, Hongliang Sun, Tongxi Liu, Kaining Shi, Wu Wang

05.01.2018 | Cardiac | Ausgabe 7/2018

Anatomy of the retro-oesophageal major aortopulmonary collateral arteries in patients with pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect: results from preoperative CTA

Qianjun Jia, Jianzheng Cen, Jinglei Li, Jian Zhuang, Hui Liu, Qun Zhang, Xiaoqing Liu, Meiping Huang, Changhong Liang

30.01.2018 | Cardiac | Ausgabe 7/2018

DNA double-strand breaks in blood lymphocytes induced by two-day 99mTc-MIBI myocardial perfusion scintigraphy

Matthias Rief, Lisa Hartmann, Dominik Geisel, Felicitas Richter, Winfried Brenner, Marc Dewey

30.01.2018 | Cardiac | Ausgabe 7/2018 Open Access

Leveraging the coronary calcium scan beyond the coronary calcium score

Daniel Bos, Maarten J. G. Leening

30.01.2018 | Cardiac | Ausgabe 7/2018

Accelerated real-time cardiac MRI using iterative sparse SENSE reconstruction: comparing performance in patients with sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation

Bradley D. Allen, Maria L. Carr, Michael Markl, Michael O. Zenge, Michaela Schmidt, Mariappan S. Nadar, Bruce Spottiswoode, Jeremy D. Collins, James C. Carr

05.02.2018 | Cardiac | Ausgabe 7/2018

High-pitch low-voltage CT coronary artery calcium scoring with tin filtration: accuracy and radiation dose reduction

Georg Apfaltrer, Moritz H. Albrecht, U. Joseph Schoepf, Taylor M. Duguay, Carlo N. De Cecco, John W. Nance, Domenico De Santis, Paul Apfaltrer, Marwen H. Eid, Chelsea D. Eason, Zachary M. Thompson, Maximilian J. Bauer, Akos Varga-Szemes, Brian E. Jacobs, Erich Sorantin, Christian Tesche

08.02.2018 | Cardiac | Ausgabe 7/2018

Subclinical changes in MRI-determined right ventricular volumes and function in subjects with prediabetes and diabetes

Hannah Patscheider, Roberto Lorbeer, Sigrid Auweter, Anina Schafnitzel, Christian Bayerl, Adrian Curta, Wolfgang Rathmann, Margit Heier, Christa Meisinger, Annette Peters, Fabian Bamberg, Holger Hetterich

13.02.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 7/2018

Correction to: Baseline and annual repeat rounds of screening: implications for optimal regimens of screening

Claudia I. Henschke, Mary Salvatore, Matthew Cham, Charles A. Powell, Larry DiFabrizio, Raja Flores, Andrew Kaufman, Corey Eber, Rowena Yip, David F. Yankelevitz, International Early Lung Cancer Action Program Investigators

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