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Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 11/2018

Ausgabe 11/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 33 Artikel )

03.09.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

The role of OCT-A in retinal disease management

Francisco J. Rodríguez, Giovanni Staurenghi, Richard Gale, On behalf of the Vision Academy Steering Committee

10.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Half-time photodynamic therapy in treatment of chronic central serous chorioretinopathy

Vladimir Sheptulin, Konstantine Purtskhvanidze, Johann Roider

09.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Inner retinal thickening in newly diagnosed choroidal neovascularization

Ilkay Kilic Muftuoglu, Tiezhu Lin, William R. Freeman

30.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effects of mesenchymal stem cells and their exosomes on the healing of large and refractory macular holes

Xiaomin Zhang, Juping Liu, Bo Yu, Feifei Ma, Xinjun Ren, Xiaorong Li

08.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Deep learning-based detection and classification of geographic atrophy using a deep convolutional neural network classifier

Maximilian Treder, Jost Lennart Lauermann, Nicole Eter

10.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Incidence and risk factors for neovascular age-related macular degeneration in the fellow eye

Toke Bek, Sidsel Ehlers Klug

23.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Vitrectomy with and without encircling band for pseudophakic retinal detachment with inferior breaks: VIPER Study Report No. 3

Sabine Baumgarten, Petra Schiller, Martin Hellmich, Peter Walter, Hansjürgen Agostini, Bernd Junker, Horst Helbig, Albrecht Lommatzsch, Babac Mazinani, on behalf of the VIPER Study Group

29.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Optical coherence tomography angiography for screening of hydroxychloroquine-induced retinal alterations

Mehmet Bulut, Melih Akıdan, Onursal Gözkaya, Muhammet Kazım Erol, Ayşe Cengiz, Hasan Fatih Çay

31.08.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Fibrotic pillar leads to focal choroidal excavation in Best vitelliform dystrophy

Vinod Kumar, Karthik Chatra

01.09.2018 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 11/2018

Variable response of subretinal hyperreflective material to anti-vascular endothelial growth factor classified with optical coherence tomography angiography

Maiko Maruyama-Inoue, Shimpei Sato, Shin Yamane, Kazuaki Kadonosono

03.09.2018 | Basic Science | Ausgabe 11/2018

Detection of intrinsic cholinergic system in the human lacrimal drainage system: evidence and potential implications

Mohammad Javed Ali, Mareile Glóckner, Martin Schicht, Lars Bräuer, Friedrich Paulsen

05.09.2018 | Basic Science | Ausgabe 11/2018

Pathological changes of the nasolacrimal duct in rabbit models of chronic dacryocystitis: correlation with lacrimal endoscopic findings

Rong Liu, Hongxun Li, Tao Ai, Weikun Hu, Ban Luo, Nan Xiang

13.09.2018 | Basic Science | Ausgabe 11/2018

A new immunodeficient retinal dystrophic rat model for transplantation studies using human-derived cells

Biju B. Thomas, Danhong Zhu, Tai-Chi Lin, Young Chang Kim, Magdalene J. Seiler, Juan Carlos Martinez-Camarillo, Bin Lin, Yousuf Shad, David R. Hinton, Mark S. Humayun

06.08.2018 | Cornea | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Clinical diversity in patients with Schnyder corneal dystrophy—a novel and known UBIAD1 pathogenic variants

Anna Sarosiak, Monika Udziela, Aneta Ścieżyńska, Dominika Oziębło, Anna Wawrzynowska, Jacek P. Szaflik, Monika Ołdak

02.08.2018 | Cornea | Ausgabe 11/2018

Negative impact of dextran in organ culture media for pre-stripped tissue preservation on DMEK (Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty) outcome

Alaadin Abdin, Loay Daas, Max Pattmöller, Shady Suffo, Achim Langenbucher, Berthold Seitz

01.09.2018 | Cornea | Ausgabe 11/2018

Therapeutic contact lenses vs. tight bandage patching and pain following pterygium excision: a prospective randomized controlled study

Daphna Prat, Ofira Zloto, Elad Ben Artsi, Guy J. Ben Simon

10.08.2018 | Genetics | Ausgabe 11/2018

The characteristics of digenic familial exudative vitreoretinopathy

Yian Li, Jie Peng, Jiakai Li, Qi Zhang, Jing Li, Xiang Zhang, Ping Fei, Kaiqin She, Peiquan Zhao

30.08.2018 | Genetics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Mild aniridia phenotype: an under-recognized diagnosis of a severe inherited ocular disease

Claudia Yahalom, Anat Blumenfeld, Karen Hendler, Orly Wussuki-Lior, Michal Macarov, Mordechai Shohat, Samer Khateb

15.08.2018 | Glaucoma | Ausgabe 11/2018

Dimensions of the ciliary muscles of Brücke, Müller and Iwanoff and their associations with axial length and glaucoma

Ying Mao, Hai Xia Bai, Bin Li, Xiao Lin Xu, Fei Gao, Zhi Bao Zhang, Jost B. Jonas

02.08.2018 | Glaucoma | Ausgabe 11/2018

Low iris and anterior chamber volume is associated with deepening after laser peripheral iridotomy in primary angle closure suspects

Hamed Esfandiari, Mohammad Pakravan, Nassim Amouhashemi, Mehdi Yaseri, Pooya Torkian, Khosrow Jadidi, Nils A Loewen

21.08.2018 | Glaucoma | Ausgabe 11/2018

A cost minimisation analysis comparing iStent accompanying cataract surgery and selective laser trabeculoplasty versus topical glaucoma medications in a public healthcare setting in New Zealand

Kelvin Ngan, Ewan Fraser, Sophie Buller, Alex Buller

31.08.2018 | Glaucoma | Ausgabe 11/2018

Baerveldt surgery outcomes: anterior chamber insertion versus vitreous cavity insertion

Naoki Tojo, Atsushi Hayashi, Tomoko Consolvo-Ueda, Shuichiro Yanagisawa

27.08.2018 | Medical Ophthalmology | Ausgabe 11/2018

Early morpho-functional changes in patients treated with hydroxychloroquine: a prospective cohort study

Giulio Ruberto, Carlo Bruttini, Carmine Tinelli, Lorenzo Cavagna, Alessandro Bianchi, Giovanni Milano

25.08.2018 | Medical Ophthalmology | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Short-term effects of low-concentration atropine eye drops on pupil size and accommodation in young adult subjects

Hakan Kaymak, Andreas Fricke, Yvonne Mauritz, Anne Löwinger, Karsten Klabe, Detlev Breyer, Achim Lagenbucher, Berthold Seitz, Frank Schaeffel

01.08.2018 | Neurophthalmology | Ausgabe 11/2018

Möbius syndrome: clinico-radiologic correlation

Namju Kim, Jae Hyoung Kim, Ji-Soo Kim, Jeong-Min Hwang

30.06.2018 | Oncology | Ausgabe 11/2018

Retrospective analysis of primarily treated group D retinoblastoma

Hayyam Kiratli, İrem Koç, Onur Inam, Ali Varan, Canan Akyüz

16.06.2018 | Pediatrics | Ausgabe 11/2018

25-gauge lens-sparing vitrectomy with dissection of retrolental adhesions on the peripheral retina for familial exudative vitreoretinopathy in infants

Jin Ma, Yin Hu, Lin Lu, Xiaohu Ding

06.07.2018 | Pediatrics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Intravitreal bevacizumab treatment reduces ocular blood flow in retinopathy of prematurity: a four-case report

Tadashi Matsumoto, Takashi Itokawa, Tomoaki Shiba, Masahiko Tomita, Kotaro Hine, Norio Mizukaki, Hitoshi Yoda, Yuichi Hori

24.07.2018 | Refractive Surgery | Ausgabe 11/2018

Conjunctival MUC5AC+ goblet cell index: relationship with corneal nerves and dry eye

Cecilia Chao, Blanka Golebiowski, Fiona Stapleton, Xiangtian Zhou, Shihao Chen, Michele C. Madigan

29.07.2018 | Refractive Surgery | Ausgabe 11/2018

Enhancement of refractive outcomes of small-incision lenticule extraction via tear-film control

Il Hwan Koh, Kyoung Yul Seo, Seong Bae Park, Hun Yang, InSik Kim, Sang Min Nam

02.08.2018 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 11/2018

Safety and long-term efficacy of repeated dexamethasone intravitreal implant for the treatment of cystoid macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion with and without a switch to anti-VEGF agents: a 3-year experience

Dan Călugăru, Mihai Călugăru

06.08.2018 | Letter to the Editor (by invitation) | Ausgabe 11/2018

Response to safety and long-term efficacy of repeated dexamethasone intravitreal implant for the treatment of cystoid macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion with and without a switch to anti-VEGF agents: a 3-year experience

Julie Blanc, Laurent Kodjikian, Alain Bron, Catherine Creuzot-Garcher

27.08.2018 | Book Review | Ausgabe 11/2018

Femtosecond Laser Surgery in Ophthalmology (2017) by Dick et al. 262 pp., 310 illustrations, Hardback, €154.99/$159.99 ISBN: 9781626232365 Thieme Publishers New York/Stuttgart

Randolf A. Widder

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