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Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive Care Medicine 3/1997

Ausgabe 3/1997

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.03.1997 | EDITORIAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Gastric emptying in the critically ill – the way forward?

P. Frost, N. Edwards, D. Bihari

01.03.1997 | EDITORIAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Feeding the critically ill – should we do better?

R. D. Griffiths

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

A model of gastric emptying using paracetamol absorption in intensive care patients

M. M. Tarling, C. C. Toner, P. S. Withington, M. K. Baxter, R. Whelpton, D. R. Goldhill

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

A study of problems associated with the delivery of enteral feed in critically ill patients in five ICUs in the UK

S. Adam, S. Batson

01.03.1997 | REVIEW | Ausgabe 3/1997

Critical care management of severe pre-eclampsia

D. M. Linton, J. Anthony

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Comparison of commonly used clinical indicators of hypovolaemia with gastrointestinal tonometry

C. Hamilton-Davies, M. G. Mythen, J. B. Salmon, D. Jacobson, A. Shukla, A. R. Webb

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Influence of enoximone on systemic and splanchnic oxygen utilization and endotoxin release following cardiopulmonary bypass

H. M. Loick, T. Möllhoff, E. Berendes, D. Hammel, H. Van Aken

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Comparison of norepinephrine and dobutamine to epinephrine for hemodynamics, lactate metabolism, and gastric tonometric variables in septic shock: a prospective, randomized study

B. Levy, P.-E. Bollaert, C. Charpentier, L. Nace, G. Audibert, P. Bauer, P. Nabet, A. Larcan

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Emergency aortic valve replacement for critical aortic stenosis

A lifesaving treatment for patients with cardiogenic shock and multiple organ failure
G. Christ, M. Zehetgruber, G. Mundigler, F. Coraim, G. Laufer, E. Wolner, G. Maurer, P. Siostrzonek

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Cytokine removal and cardiovascular hemodynamics in septic patients with continuous venovenous hemofiltration

P. Heering, S. Morgera, F. J. Schmitz, G. Schmitz, R. Willers, H. P. Schultheiss, B. E. Strauer, B. Grabensee

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

How reliable is the predictive value of SEP (somatosensory evoked potentials) patterns in severe brain damage with special regard to the bilateral loss of cortical responses?

B. Pohlmann-Eden, K. Dingethal, H.-J. Bender, W. Koelfen

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Aiding fluid prescription for the dysnatremias

H. J. Adrogué, N. E. Madias

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Mortality discrimination in acute myocardial infarction: comparison between APACHE III and SAPS II prognosis systems

A. Reina, G. Vázquez, E. Aguayo, I. Bravo, M. Colmenero, M. Bravo, PAEEC Group

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Epidemiology of invasive mycosis in ICU patients: a prospective multicenter study in 435 non-neutropenic patients

M. G. Petri, J. König, H. P. Moecke, H. J. Gramm, H. Barkow, P. Kujath, R. Dennhart, H. Schäfer, N. Meyer, P. Kalmar, P. Thülig, J. Müller, H. Lode, Paul-Ehrlich Society for Chemotherapy, Divisions of Mycology, Pneumonia Research

01.03.1997 | ORIGINAL | Ausgabe 3/1997

Quality of life 6 months after intensive care: results of a prospective multicenter study using a generic health status scale and a satisfaction scale

D. Hurel, P. Loirat, F. Saulnier, F. Nicolas, F. Brivet

01.03.1997 | ESICM STATEMENT | Ausgabe 3/1997

Informed consent for research purposes in intensive care patients in Europe – part I

An official statement of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
F. Lemaire, L. Blanch, S. L. Cohen, C. Sprung, Working Group on Ethics

01.03.1997 | BRIEF REPORT | Ausgabe 3/1997

ARDS caused by herpes simplex virus pneumonia in a patient with Crohn's disease: a case report

A. François-Dufresne, J. Garbino, B. Ricou, W. Wunderli

01.03.1997 | BRIEF REPORT | Ausgabe 3/1997

Replacement fluids in plasmapheresis: cross-over comparative study

P. Le Conte, F. Nicolas, C. Adjou, J. M. N'Guyen, E. Billaud, P. Moreau

01.03.1997 | BRIEF REPORT | Ausgabe 3/1997

Fatal hyponatraemic brain oedema due to common gastroenteritis with accidental water intoxication

E. Sjöblom, J. Höjer, U. Ludwigs, R. Pirskanen

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