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International Journal of Public Health

International Journal of Public Health 5/2019

Ausgabe 5/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 22 Artikel )

28.05.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 5/2019

Health literacy: Contradicting 50 years of research?

Julia Dratva

22.05.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 5/2019

Challenges for research, policy and practice in the field of Roma health

Daniela Filakovska Bobakova

10.05.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 5/2019

Roma health: Do we know enough?

Jitse P. van Dijk

28.02.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

The influence of built, natural and social environment on physical activity among adults and elderly in southern Brazil: a population-based study

Jenifer Lopes Borchardt, Renata Gomes Paulitsch, Samuel Carvalho Dumith

09.02.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

Associations between psychological factors and accelerometer-measured physical activity in urban Asian adults

Andre Matthias Müller, Chuen Seng Tan, Anne H. Y. Chu, Rob Martinus van Dam, Falk Müller-Riemenschneider

01.04.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

A novel approach to increase physical activity in older adults in the community using citizen science: a mixed-methods study

Anja Frei, Kaba Dalla Lana, Thomas Radtke, Emily Stone, Nevil Knöpfli, Milo A. Puhan

13.02.2019 | Review | Ausgabe 5/2019

What is the role of smartphones on physical activity promotion? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Natan Feter, Tiago Silva dos Santos, Eduardo Lucia Caputo, Marcelo Cozzensa da Silva

24.12.2018 | Review | Ausgabe 5/2019 Open Access

It takes a village: a realist synthesis of social pediatrics program

Ingrid Tyler, Judith Lynam, Patricia O’Campo, Heather Manson, Meghan Lynch, Behnoosh Dashti, Nicole Turner, Andrea Feller, Elizabeth Lee Ford-Jones, Sue Makin, Christine Loock

22.05.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

The invisible wounds of five decades of armed conflict: inequalities in mental health and their determinants in Colombia

Jorge Cuartas Ricaurte, Laura Liévano Karim, María Alejandra Martínez Botero, Philipp Hessel

07.05.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

Reducing socioeconomic inequalities in life expectancy among municipalities: the Brazilian experience

Antonio Fernando Boing, S. V. Subramanian, Alexandra Crispim Boing

25.03.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

Do self-reported data accurately measure health inequalities in risk factors for cardiovascular disease?

Irina Kislaya, Julian Perelman, Hanna Tolonen, Baltazar Nunes

29.04.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

A comparison of health expectancies over 10 years: implications for elderly service needs in Hong Kong

Ruby Yu, Jason Leung, C. M. Lum, T. W. Auyeung, Jenny S. W. Lee, Ruby Lee, Jean Woo

30.04.2019 | Review | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effects of unintended pregnancy on maternal healthcare services utilization in low- and lower-middle-income countries: systematic review and meta-analysis

Md Nuruzzaman Khan, Melissa L. Harris, Desalegn Markos Shifti, Alexander Suuk Laar, Deborah Loxton

03.01.2019 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2019

What does ‘Keep Watch’ mean to migrant parents? Examining differences in supervision, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and water familiarisation

Malena Della Bona, Gemma Crawford, Lauren Nimmo, Justine E. Leavy

28.05.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

The mental health effects of visa insecurity for refugees and people seeking asylum: a latent class analysis

Elizabeth A. Newnham, April Pearman, Stephanie Olinga-Shannon, Angela Nickerson

21.05.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

Spatial variations and macroeconomic determinants of life expectancy and mortality rate in China: a county-level study based on spatial analysis models

Shaobin Wang, Zhoupeng Ren

07.03.2019 | Original article | Ausgabe 5/2019

Worldwide trends in suicide mortality from 1990 to 2015 with a focus on the global recession time frame

Gianfranco Alicandro, Matteo Malvezzi, Silvano Gallus, Carlo La Vecchia, Eva Negri, Paola Bertuccio

12.12.2018 | Hints & Kinks | Ausgabe 5/2019 Open Access

Grounding evidence in experience to support people-centered health services

Anna Dion, Lawrence Joseph, Vania Jimenez, Alessandro Carini Gutierrez, Amal Ben Ameur, Emilie Robert, Neil Andersson

30.05.2019 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 5/2019

Why don’t segregated Roma do more for their health? A complex question

Jan Brož, Marisa A. Nunes

30.05.2019 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 5/2019

What Roma nonadherence is likely and what drives it? Reply to Broz and Nunes

Andrej Belak, Andrea Madarasova Geckova, Jitse P. van Dijk, Sijmen A. Reijneveld

11.06.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 5/2019

Correction to: The impact of low education and poor health on unemployment varies by work life stage

Sander K. R. van Zon, Sijmen A. Reijneveld, Carlos F. Mendes de Leon, Ute Bültmann

23.07.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 5/2019

Correction to: The education gradient in cancer screening participation: a consistent phenomenon across Europe?

Barbara Willems, Piet Bracke

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