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International Urogynecology Journal 5/2017
International Urogynecology Journal

Ausgabe 5/2017


Inhaltsverzeichnis (24 Artikel)

08.04.2017 | Editorial

Journal updates from the managing editor
Lindsay MacMurray

13.10.2016 | Review Article

Carcinogenic potential of polypropylene mid-urethral slings: what do we know so far?
Eugene Adel, Robert Shapiro, Stanley Zaslau

17.09.2016 | Review Article

Paravaginal defect: anatomy, clinical findings, and imaging
Louise T. S. Arenholt, Bodil Ginnerup Pedersen, Karin Glavind, Marianne Glavind-Kristensen, John O. L. DeLancey

14.03.2017 | Review Article

Deconstructing the genitourinary syndrome of menopause
Pedro Vieira-Baptista, Claudia Marchitelli, Hope K. Haefner, Gilbert Donders, Faustino Pérez-López

02.02.2017 | Clinical Opinion

Laser therapy as a treatment modality for genitourinary syndrome of menopause: a critical appraisal of evidence
Angamuthu Arunkalaivanan, Hervinder Kaur, Oseka Onuma

20.03.2017 | Special Contribution

Clinical epidemiological insights into urinary incontinence
Vatché A. Minassian, Tony Bazi, Walter F. Stewart

Open Access 07.11.2016 | Original Article

Coital incontinence: a factor for deteriorated health-related quality of life and sexual function in women with urodynamic stress urinary incontinence
Magdalena Emilia Grzybowska, Dariusz Grzegorz Wydra

08.11.2016 | Original Article

Urethral pressure reflectometry in women with pelvic organ prolapse: a study of reproducibility
Yasmine Khayyami, Gunnar Lose, Niels Klarskov

13.10.2016 | Original Article

Methodology for a vaginal and urinary microbiome study in women with mixed urinary incontinence
Yuko M. Komesu, Holly E. Richter, Darrell L. Dinwiddie, Nazema Y. Siddiqui, Vivian W. Sung, Emily S. Lukacz, Beri Ridgeway, Lily A. Arya, Halina M. Zyczynski, Rebecca G. Rogers, Marie Gantz

06.10.2016 | Original Article

Suprapubic versus transurethral bladder drainage following reconstructive pelvic surgery: a comparison of patient satisfaction and quality of life
Michelle M. Takase-Sanchez, Jennifer C. Thompson, Douglass S. Hale, Michael H. Heit

04.10.2016 | Original Article

Age-related alterations in female obturator internus muscle
Mark S. Cook, Laura Bou-Malham, Mary C. Esparza, Marianna Alperin

17.10.2016 | Original Article

Variability in practice patterns in stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse: results of an IUGA survey
Dorothy Kammerer-Doak, Kamil Svabik, Tony Bazi

17.10.2016 | Original Article

Incidence of pelvic organ prolapse repair subsequent to hysterectomy: a comparison between radical hysterectomy and total abdominal hysterectomy
Rune Lykke, Jan Blaakær, Bent Ottesen, Helga Gimbel

20.10.2016 | Original Article

The relationship between age and pelvic organ prolapse bother
Casey L. Kinman, Courtney A. Lemieux, Anubhav Agrawal, Jeremy T. Gaskins, Kate V. Meriwether, Sean L. Francis

28.10.2016 | Original Article

Is hysterectomy or prior reconstructive surgery associated with unsuccessful initial trial of pessary fitting in women with symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse?
Zoltan Nemeth, Nelli Farkas, Balint Farkas

14.11.2016 | Original Article

Trans-abdominal ultrasound shear wave elastographyfor quantitative assessment of female bladder neck elasticity
David Sheyn, Yasmine Ahmed, Nami Azar, Sherif El-Nashar, Adonis Hijaz, Sangeeta Mahajan

16.12.2016 | Original Article

Risk factors for urinary incontinence among postmenopausal Mexican women
Mary K. Townsend, Martín Lajous, Raúl Hernán Medina-Campos, Andres Catzin-Kuhlmann, Ruy López-Ridaura, Megan S. Rice

14.11.2016 | Original Article

Changes in intraocular pressure and tear secretion in patients given 5 mg solifenacin for the treatment of overactive bladder
Ali Riza Turkoglu, Neslihan Parmak Yener, Soner Coban, Muhammet Guzelsoy, Murat Demirbas, Hakan Demirci

20.12.2016 | Original Article

Detrusor pressures in urodynamic studies during voiding in women
Satoru Kira, Takahiko Mitsui, Hideki Kobayashi, Yaburu Haneda, Norifumi Sawada, Masayuki Takeda

10.12.2016 | IUJ Video

Transvaginal uterosacral ligament hysteropexy: a video tutorial
Rodolfo Milani, Matteo Frigerio, Federico Spelzini, Stefano Manodoro

17.02.2017 | IUJ Video

Thigh exploration for excision of a transobturator sling
Alana M. Murphy, Howard B. Goldman

06.01.2017 | Images in Urogynecology

Transvaginal excision of complete vaginal septum with hysterectomy in a nulliparous woman with uterus didelphys
Peter L. Dwyer, Debjyoti Karmakar

01.02.2017 | Urogynecology Digest

Urogynecology digest
Presented by Cara Ninivaggio
Cara S. Ninivaggio

10.03.2017 | Letter to the Editor

Origin of the midurethral sling operation
Peter E. P. Petros

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