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Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 7/2017
Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology

Ausgabe 7/2017


Inhaltsverzeichnis (26 Artikel)

26.12.2016 | Review – Cancer Research

Influence of vitamin D signaling on hormone receptor status and HER2 expression in breast cancer
Xi Zhang, Nadia Harbeck, Udo Jeschke, Sophie Doisneau-Sixou

01.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

Prognostic significance of interferon regulating factor 4 (IRF4) in node-negative breast cancer
Anne-Sophie Heimes, K. Madjar, K. Edlund, M. J. Battista, K. Almstedt, S. Gebhard, S. Foersch, J. Rahnenführer, W. Brenner, A. Hasenburg, J. G. Hengstler, M. Schmidt

Open Access 03.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

COL1A1, PRPF40A, and UCP2 correlate with hypoxia markers in non-small cell lung cancer
Urszula Oleksiewicz, Triantafillos Liloglou, Kalliopi-Maria Tasopoulou, Nikoleta Daskoulidou, John R. Gosney, John K. Field, George Xinarianos

06.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

Curcumin induces G2/M arrest, apoptosis, NF-κB inhibition, and expression of differentiation genes in thyroid carcinoma cells
Suzan Schwertheim, Frederik Wein, Klaus Lennartz, Karl Worm, Kurt Werner Schmid, Sien-Yi Sheu-Grabellus

22.04.2017 | Erratum

Erratum to: Curcumin induces G2/M arrest, apoptosis, NF-κB inhibition, and expression of differentiation genes in thyroid carcinoma cells
Suzan Schwertheim, Frederik Wein, Klaus Lennartz, Karl Worm, Kurt Werner Schmid, Sien-Yi Sheu-Grabellus

10.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

Prostate transitional zone volume-based nomogram for predicting prostate cancer and high progression prostate cancer in a real-world population
Yanqing Wang, Shaowei Xie, Xun Shangguan, Jiahua Pan, Yinjie Zhu, Zhixiang Xin, Fan Xu, Xiaoguang Shao, Liancheng Fan, Jianjun Sha, Qiang Liu, Baijun Dong, Wei Xue

13.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

Factors influencing adherence in CML and ways to improvement: Results of a patient-driven survey of 2546 patients in 63 countries
Jan Geissler, Giora Sharf, Felice Bombaci, Mina Daban, Jan De Jong, Tony Gavin, Jana Pelouchova, Euzebiusz Dziwinski, Joerg Hasford, Verena Sophia Hoffmann

13.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

The extracellular domain of E cadherin linked to invasiveness in colorectal cancer: a new resistance and relapses monitoring serum-bio marker?
Niki Christou, Aurélie Perraud, Sabrina Blondy, Marie-Odile Jauberteau, Serge Battu, Muriel Mathonnet

13.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

Role of BMI and hormone therapy in melanoma risk: a case–control study
Vincenzo De Giorgi, Alessia Gori, Imma Savarese, Antonietta D’Errico, Federica Scarfì, Federica Papi, Vincenza Maio, Piero Covarelli, Daniela Massi, Sara Gandini

17.03.2017 | Original Article – Cancer Research

Non-reproducible sequence artifacts in FFPE tissue: an experience report
Richard Ofner, Cathrin Ritter, Selma Ugurel, Lorenzo Cerroni, Mathias Stiller, Thomas Bogenrieder, Flavio Solca, David Schrama, Jürgen C. Becker

12.04.2017 | Review – Clinical Oncology

Everolimus as first line therapy for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: current knowledge and future perspectives
Marco Gallo, Pasqualino Malandrino, Giuseppe Fanciulli, Francesca Rota, Antongiulio Faggiano, Annamaria Colao, On behalf of NIKE Group

Open Access 21.02.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Nilotinib first-line therapy in patients with Philadelphia chromosome-negative/BCR-ABL-positive chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase: ENEST1st sub-analysis
Andreas Hochhaus, Franҫois-Xavier Mahon, Philipp le Coutre, Ljubomir Petrov, Jeroen J. W. M. Janssen, Nicholas C. P. Cross, Delphine Rea, Fausto Castagnetti, Andrzej Hellmann, Gianantonio Rosti, Norbert Gattermann, Maria Liz Paciello Coronel, Maria Asuncion Echeveste Gutierrez, Valentin Garcia-Gutierrez, Beatrice Vincenzi, Luca Dezzani, Francis J. Giles

27.02.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Impact of the prognostic nutritional index on the recovery and long-term oncologic outcome of patients with colorectal cancer
Gyoung Tae Noh, Jeonghee Han, Min Soo Cho, Hyuk Hur, Byung Soh Min, Kang Young Lee, Nam Kyu Kim

28.02.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Effect of a patient-tailored integrative medicine program on gastro-intestinal concerns and quality of life in patients with breast and gynecologic cancer
Ilanit Shalom-Sharabi, Noah Samuels, Ofer Lavie, Efraim Lev, Lital Keinan-Boker, Elad Schiff, Eran Ben-Arye

Open Access 28.02.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Genomic characteristics of trastuzumab-resistant Her2-positive metastatic breast cancer
Mateus de Oliveira Taveira, Sheida Nabavi, Yuker Wang, Peter Tonellato, Francisco J. Esteva, Lewis C. Cantley, Gerburg M. Wulf

28.02.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

The value of the Prognostic Nutritional Index (PNI) in predicting outcomes and guiding the treatment strategy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) patients receiving intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with or without chemotherapy
Jingjing Miao, Weiwei Xiao, Lin Wang, Fei Han, Haijun Wu, Xiaowu Deng, Xiang Guo, Chong Zhao

01.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Accuracy of pre-operative hysteroscopic guided biopsy for predicting final pathology in uterine malignancies
Fabio Martinelli, Antonino Ditto, Giorgio Bogani, Mauro Signorelli, Valentina Chiappa, Domenica Lorusso, Edward Haeusler, Francesco Raspagliesi

03.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Efficacy, safety and feasibility of antifungal prophylaxis with posaconazole tablet in paediatric patients after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Michaela Döring, Karin Melanie Cabanillas Stanchi, Manon Queudeville, Judith Feucht, Franziska Blaeschke, Patrick Schlegel, Tobias Feuchtinger, Peter Lang, Ingo Müller, Rupert Handgretinger, Werner J. Heinz

03.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Role of stereotactic body radiation therapy for lung metastases from radio-resistant primary tumours
Davide Franceschini, Luca Cozzi, Fiorenza De Rose, Piera Navarria, Ciro Franzese, Tiziana Comito, Cristina Iftode, Angelo Tozzi, Lucia Di Brina, Anna Maria Ascolese, Elena Clerici, Giuseppe D’Agostino, Antonella Fogliata, Marta Scorsetti

08.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Moderate hypofractionated radiotherapy with volumetric modulated arc therapy and simultaneous integrated boost for pelvic irradiation in prostate cancer
C. Franzese, A. Fogliata, G. R. D’Agostino, L. Di Brina, T. Comito, P. Navarria, L. Cozzi, M. Scorsetti

08.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Systematic review and meta-analysis of standard-dose imatinib vs. high-dose imatinib and second generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors for chronic myeloid leukemia
Verena S. Hoffmann, Joerg Hasford, Michael Deininger, Jorge Cortes, Michele Baccarani, Rüdiger Hehlmann

09.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Retinal toxicity after cisplatin-based chemotherapy in patients with germ cell cancer
Simon Dulz, Niels H. Asselborn, Klaus-Peter Dieckmann, Cord Matthies, Walter Wagner, Jens Weidmann, Christoph Seidel, Christoph Oing, Lars A. Berger, Winfried Alsdorf, Blanche Mankichian, Christian Meyer, Malte W. Vetterlein, Philipp Gild, Tim A. Ludwig, Armin Soave, Philipp Schriefer, Andreas Becker, Sascha A. Ahyai, Karin Oechsle, Carsten Bokemeyer, Lars Wagenfeld, Margit Fisch, Michael Hartmann, Felix K-H. Chun, Luis A. Kluth

11.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Multivariate analysis of risk factors for patients with stage 4 neuroblastoma who were older than 18 months at diagnosis: a report from a single institute in Shanghai, China
Jiaoyang Cai, Ci Pan, Yanjing Tang, Jing Chen, Min Zhou, Benshang Li, Huiliang Xue, Shuhong Shen, Yijin Gao, AnAn Zhang, Jingyan Tang

13.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

Incidence and outcomes of acute kidney injury in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation
Xiaohong Chen, Xiaoqiang Ding, Bo Shen, Jie Teng, Jianzhou Zou, Ting Wang, Jian Zhou, Nan Chen, Boheng Zhang

17.03.2017 | Original Article – Clinical Oncology

The effect of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: a matched pair analysis
Nora Schweitzer, Tim Weber, Martha M. Kirstein, Mareike Fischer, Anna-Maria Kratzel, Tanja Reineke-Plaaß, Frank Lehner, Michael P. Manns, Arndt Vogel

17.05.2017 | Letter to the Editor

Polymyalgia rheumatica in a melanoma patient due to nivolumab treatment
Kiyotaka Nakamagoe, Tetuya Moriyama, Hiroshi Maruyama, Masahiro Yokosawa, Tadashi Hara, Shinya Tanaka, Manabu Fujimoto, Akira Tamaoka

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