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Journal of Medicine and the Person 2/2013
Journal of Medicine and the Person

Ausgabe 2/2013


Inhaltsverzeichnis (10 Artikel)

01.08.2013 | Editorial

More on value(s)
Lodovico Balducci

01.08.2013 | Editorial

Muscular wasting, sarcopenia and cachexia: a trouble for the patients, a challenge for the doctors. The role of the person in this dramatic scenario
Evasio Pasini

01.08.2013 | Original Article

Spirituality as an essential element of person-centered compassionate care: a pilot training program for clinicians
Christina M. Puchalski, Raya Kheirbek, Ann Doucette, Toby Martin, Y. Tony Yang

01.08.2013 | Original Article

Clinical pathways leading healthcare reform: transformational strategies for oncology and beyond
Mark G. Schippits, Kim M. Schippits

01.08.2013 | Original Article

Critical reflections on value in medicine
Elizabeth B. Pathak, Sarah Wieten, Benjamin Djulbegovic

01.08.2013 | Original Article

Financial distress in cancer patients
Jonas A. de Souza, Yu-Ning Wong

01.08.2013 | Original Article

Usefulness of subacute care for older patients discharged from acute care hospitals: a prospective observational study in Crema
Gianfrancesco Fiorini, Luigi Ablondi, Roberto Sfogliarini, Sergio Inzoli, Stefania Pandini, Achille Danzi, Luca G. Merlino

01.08.2013 | Witnesses and Leaders

Interview with Jerome E. Groopman and Pamela Hartzband
Andrea Mariani, Jerome E. Groopman, Pamela Hartzband

01.08.2013 | Issues in International Public Health

The eradication of Guinea Worm Disease: a possible global public health achievement
Filippo Ciantia, Thomas Odong, Nars Oyoo-Odoch

01.08.2013 | Hospitals

The University Hospital Tübingen
Hanna Schöllkopf, Ambrogio Monti