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Journal of Urban Health 2/2017
Journal of Urban Health

Ausgabe 2/2017


Inhaltsverzeichnis (18 Artikel)


Impact of the China Healthy Cities Initiative on Urban Environment
Dahai Yue, Shiman Ruan, Jin Xu, Weiming Zhu, Luyu Zhang, Gang Cheng, Qingyue Meng


Residential Surrounding Greenness, Self-Rated Health and Interrelations with Aspects of Neighborhood Environment and Social Relations
Ester Orban, Robynne Sutcliffe, Nico Dragano, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Susanne Moebus


The Role of Social Influences on Pro-Environment Behaviors in the San Diego Region
Mica Estrada, P. Wesley Schultz, Nilmini Silva-Send, Michel A. Boudrias


FEAST: Empowering Community Residents to Use Technology to Assess and Advocate for Healthy Food Environments
Jylana L. Sheats, Sandra J. Winter, Priscilla Padilla Romero, Abby C. King


Validation of a Google Street View-Based Neighborhood Disorder Observational Scale
Miriam Marco, Enrique Gracia, Manuel Martín-Fernández, Antonio López-Quílez


Impact of Urban Neighborhood Disadvantage on Late Stage Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Virginia
Pam Baker DeGuzman, Wendy F. Cohn, Fabian Camacho, Brandy L. Edwards, Vanessa N. Sturz, Anneke T. Schroen


The Urban Dental Index: a Method for Measuring and Mapping Dental Health Disparities across Urban Areas
Emily Coles, Estie Kruger, Abed Aktam Anjrini, Marc Tennant


Unhealthful Food-and-Beverage Advertising in Subway Stations: Targeted Marketing, Vulnerable Groups, Dietary Intake, and Poor Health
Sean C. Lucan, Andrew R. Maroko, Omar C. Sanon, Clyde B. Schechter


Does Employment-Related Resilience Affect the Relationship between Childhood Adversity, Community Violence, and Depression?
Seth L. Welles, Falguni Patel, Mariana Chilton


Local Residential Segregation Matters: Stronger Association of Census Tract Compared to Conventional City-Level Measures with Fatal and Non-Fatal Assaults (Total and Firearm Related), Using the Index of Concentration at the Extremes (ICE) for Racial, Economic, and Racialized Economic Segregation, Massachusetts (US), 1995–2010
Nancy Krieger, Justin M. Feldman, Pamela D. Waterman, Jarvis T. Chen, Brent A. Coull, David Hemenway

10.03.2017 | Brief Report

Anticipated Negative Police-Youth Encounters and Depressive Symptoms among Pregnant African American Women: A Brief Report
Fleda Mask Jackson, Sherman A. James, Tracy Curry Owens, Alpha F. Bryan


Gender Norms and Age-Disparate Sexual Relationships as Predictors of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Violence, and Risky Sex among Adolescent Gang Members
Liesl A. Nydegger, Wayne DiFranceisco, Katherine Quinn, Julia Dickson-Gomez


Assessing Spatial Relationships Between Rates of Crime and Rates of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in Chicago, 2012
Phillip Marotta


The Impact of Single-Container Malt Liquor Sales Restrictions on Urban Crime
Patricia McKee, Darin J. Erickson, Traci Toomey, Toben Nelson, Elyse Levine Less, Spruha Joshi, Rhonda Jones-Webb


Examining Fatal Opioid Overdoses in Marion County, Indiana
Bradley Ray, Kenna Quinet, Timothy Dickinson, Dennis P. Watson, Alfarena Ballew

21.02.2017 | Erratum

Erratum to: Examining Fatal Opioid Overdoses in Marion County, Indiana
Bradley Ray, Kenna Quinet, Timothy Dickinson, Dennis P. Watson, Alfarena Ballew


Awareness of Paid Sick Leave among New York City Restaurant Workers
Emma K. Tsui, Madeline Duffy, Sherry Baron


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