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Skeletal Radiology

Skeletal Radiology 4/2019

Ausgabe 4/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 21 Artikel )

07.01.2019 | Perspective | Ausgabe 4/2019

Revisiting tract seeding and compartmental anatomy for percutaneous image-guided musculoskeletal biopsies

Leanne L. Seeger

04.10.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

The current status of MRI in the pre-operative assessment of intramedullary conventional appendicular osteosarcoma

Asif Saifuddin, Ban Sharif, Craig Gerrand, Jeremy Whelan

19.10.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2019 Open Access

Thalidomide and neurotrophism

Judith R. Soper, S. Fiona Bonar, Dudley J. O’Sullivan, Janet McCredie, Hans-Georg Willert

07.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Correlation of bone marrow cellularity and metabolic activity in healthy volunteers with simultaneous PET/MR imaging

Takeshi Fukuda, Mingqian Huang, Anuradha Janardhanan, Mark E. Schweitzer, Chuan Huang

10.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Quantification of shoulder muscle intramuscular fatty infiltration on T1-weighted MRI: a viable alternative to the Goutallier classification system

Derik L. Davis, Thomas Kesler, Mohit N. Gilotra, Ranyah Almardawi, Syed A. Hasan, Rao P. Gullapalli, Jiachen Zhuo

11.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Anterior capsular abnormality: another important MRI finding for the diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

Jina Park, Yoon-Hee Choi, Jee Won Chai, Seung Woo Cha, Joo Hee Lim, Chris Hyunchul Jo, Dong Hyun Kim

11.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Magnetic resonance imaging of the craniovertebral junction in early rheumatoid arthritis

Marina Carotti, Fausto Salaffi, Marco Di Carlo, Francesco Sessa, Andrea Giovagnoni

11.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Ultrasound-guided injection for the diagnosis and treatment of posteromedial knee friction syndrome

F. Joseph Simeone, Arvin Kheterpal, Connie Y. Chang, William E. Palmer, Miriam A. Bredella, Ambrose J. Huang, Martin Torriani

17.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

A pilot study assessing T1-weighted muscle MRI in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Luca Diamanti, Enrico Alfonsi, Ottavia Eleonora Ferraro, Cristina Cereda, Orietta Pansarasa, Stefano Bastianello, Anna Pichiecchio

17.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Platelet-rich plasma vs. steroid injections for hamstring injury—is there really a choice?

Peter Yong Soo Park, Chunyan Cai, Pritish Bawa, Manickam Kumaravel

21.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Cone-beam CT measurements of distal tibio-fibular syndesmosis in asymptomatic uninjured ankles: does weight-bearing matter?

Delaram Shakoor, Greg M. Osgood, Michael Brehler, Wojciech B. Zbijewski, Cesar de Cesar Netto, Babar Shafiq, Jakrapong Orapin, Gaurav K. Thawait, Lew C. Shon, Shadpour Demehri

22.09.2018 | Scientific Article | Ausgabe 4/2019

Normal meniscal dimensions at different patient ages—MRI evaluation

Maria A. Bedoya, Christian A. Barrera, Nancy A. Chauvin, Jorge Delgado, Diego Jaramillo, Victor M. Ho-Fung

20.10.2018 | Technical Report | Ausgabe 4/2019

Initial experience with dual-energy computed tomography-guided bone biopsies of bone lesions that are occult on monoenergetic CT

Michael C. Burke, Ankur Garg, Jonathan M. Youngner, Swati D. Deshmukh, Imran M. Omar

12.06.2018 | Technical Report | Ausgabe 4/2019

Modified technique for imaging the wrist and elbow in obese and claustrophobic patients using a non-open standard MRI scanner

Nishant Gupta, Ian Karol, Yogesh Kumar, Brian Rapillo, Neetu Soni, Daichi Hayashi

31.10.2018 | Test Yourself: Question | Ausgabe 4/2019

Worsening right hip pain

Jafar A. Hussain, Sayed Ali, Nicholas Montecalvo, Joseph N. Panaro, Omer A. Awan

05.09.2018 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2019

Calcified leiomyoma of the deltoid: pathophysiology and imaging review

Fauniel Rowland, Catherine Call, Bilal Mujtaba, Behrang Amini, Wei-Lien Wang

10.09.2018 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2019

Extremity gossypiboma mimicking sarcoma: case report and review

Varun Puvanesarajah, Laura M. Fayad, Sandesh S. Rao, Edward F. McCarthy, Carol D. Morris

18.09.2018 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2019

Desmoplastic fibroblastoma mimicking tenosynovial giant cell tumor encasing a tendon of the foot

Sang Min Lee, Doo Hoe Ha, Seung Hun Kang, Se-Wha Kim, Young Rak Choi

29.10.2018 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2019

Mesenchymal hamartoma of the chest wall in a 10-year-old girl mimicking malignancy: a case report

Tomoko Tanaka, Shigehisa Fumino, Toshiharu Shirai, Eiichi Konishi, Tatsuro Tajiri

05.11.2018 | Test Yourself: Answer | Ausgabe 4/2019

Worsening right hip pain

Jafar A. Hussain, Sayed Ali, Nicholas Montecalvo, Joseph N. Panaro, Omer A. Awan

29.01.2019 | BROWSER'S NOTES | Ausgabe 4/2019

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