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Techniques in Coloproctology

Techniques in Coloproctology 2/2006

Ausgabe 2/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.06.2006 | REVIEW | Ausgabe 2/2006

Complex perirectal sepsis: clinical classification and imaging

A. P. Zbar, N. C. Armitage

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

Do internal anal sphincter defects decrease the success rate of anal sphincter repair?

M. Oberwalder, A. Dinnewitzer, M. K. Baig, J. J. Nogueras, E. G. Weiss, J. Efron, A. M. Vernava III, S. D. Wexner

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

CT-guided percutaneous pelvic abscess drainage in Crohn’s disease

R. Golfieri, A. Cappelli, E. Giampalma, F. Rizzello, P. Gionchetti, S. Laureti, G. Poggioli, M. Campieri

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

Lomas-Cooperman technique for rectal prolapse in the elderly patient

J. E. Mansilla, G. C. Bannura, J. P. Contreras, A. E. Barrera, C. L. Melo, D. C. Soto

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

Prospective randomized crossover trial comparing fibre with lactulose in the treatment of idiopathic chronic constipation

H. M. Quah, B. S. Ooi, F. Seow-Choen, K. K. Sng, K. S. Ho

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

The healing of colon anastomosis covered with fibrin glue after early postoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy

I. Kanellos, E. Christoforidis, D. Kanellos, M. G. Pramateftakis, L. Sakkas, D. Betsis

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

Video-assisted sacral nerve stimulation

F. H. Hetzer, D. Hahnloser, P. A. Clavien, N. Demartines

01.06.2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Ausgabe 2/2006

Puborectal sling interposition for the treatment of rectovaginal fistulas

D. M. J. Oom, M. P. Gosselink, V. R. M. Van Dijl, D. D. E. Zimmerman, W. R. Schouten

01.06.2006 | TECHNICAL NOTE | Ausgabe 2/2006

The skin bridge loop colostomy

C. S. Milner, C. Sutton, D. Hemingway

01.06.2006 | CASE REPORT | Ausgabe 2/2006

Omentum as a cover for abdominal wall loss

E. W. Chuwa, F. Seow-Choen

01.06.2006 | CASE REPORT | Ausgabe 2/2006

Familial rectal carcinoid: report of two first-degree relatives with rectal carcinoid and review of the literature

M. V. Katdare, A. Fichera, T. M. Heimann

01.06.2006 | TRICK OF THE TRADE | Ausgabe 2/2006

Self-adjusting your headlamp: a tip

M. A. Lipska, R. R. Brouwer, B. R. Parry, I. P. Bissett, J. O. Wagener, A. E. Merrie

01.06.2006 | CORRESPONDENCE | Ausgabe 2/2006


01.06.2006 | PELVIPERINEOLOGY | Ausgabe 2/2006

Pelvic floor digest

Section Editor: Giuseppe Dodi

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 2/2006

Commented Summaries

Section Editor: Luigi Basso

01.06.2006 | THE LAST IMAGES | Ausgabe 2/2006

Radical laparoscopic resection of the splenic flexure for cancer

C. A. Sartori, B. Franzato, A. Dal Pozzo, M. Balduino

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